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Ladhuni Ghoib Magickal Power
Code: Magick15

The talisman radiates powerful energies! Its purpose is to awaken the sixth sense (intuition, instinct, etc) in the User. Also helps User to develop clairvoyance and to communicate with spirits and detect culprits of thefts.
Rogho Sukmo Jalma Talisman
Code: Magick24

When properly used the power in this talisman will give the User the power to strongly influence the minds of others to do whatever is desired. Very powerful stuff! Use with care and for positive purposes only--remember the karmic consequences! May be used positively to collect debts; improve business negotiations, etc.
Aji Panglimun Talisman
Code: Magick30

10 spirit familiars associated with this talisman--all programmed to confound the eye-sight of those that seek to do the User harm. User will appear invisible in their eyes!
Pahit Lidah
Code: Magick44

Acquire the power called Sabda Siddhi by the Hindu Yogis-whatever you say comes true! Dangerous in the wrong hands. Be careful not to misuse the power. Dare to increase the power by licking a red-hot iron!
Azamah Aslimi Belt
Code: Magick73

One of the strangest power belts in our collection. If it pleases God, this belt when worn, will leave an illusory replica of one's physical image, in one's home. Used for various purposes. The wearer will always appear radiant and attractive; increases one's charisma; promotes business; confounds enemies; peace at work.
Third-Eye Activator Oil
Code: Magick96

This magickal oil that unfolds the Third-Eye is the creation of experts in the field of "Ilmu Hikmah" or Islamic occultism. Use it to penetrate the invisible worlds with your inner senses. It activates the ESP powers. Communicate with invisible beings. You may prove this to yourself. We apologize, but this oil should not be used frivolously. Those with coronary problems should not attempt its use.
Sedulur Papat Magickal Power
Code: Magick105

In Javanese metaphysics, man has 4 spirit brothers called "Sedulur Papat." This magickal power invokes their charismatic force. The User will acquire a powerful overwhelming presence. People would acquiesce to the User's request. The User will instantly feel the energy of the Sedulur Papat. The power may be transferred to an object or to another person-even at a distance.
Penembusan Magickal Power
Code: Magick107

Penetrate the spirit realms with the Penembusan Magickal Power. Helps develop clairvoyance. See the hidden forces associated with occult objects and power spots. Easy, fast, and safe.
Sedulur Papat
Code: Magick136

Made from special materials, this power will open-up your six-sense and help you meet with your twin brothers or "Sedulur Papat." Acquire inner strength and invulnerability; power shout; psychic protection; luck; healing; charisma; etc. Fasting and lengthy recitation of prayers unnecessary. For followers of all all religions.
Mustika Brojoningrat Power
Code: Magick140

With this power you will be able to easily master all sorts of magickal abilities that will make you a powerful occult practitioner. Powers will develop automatically . Personal jinn-familiar attached to help you solve your problems.
Ilmu Ghoib Hajad Bumi Power
Code: Magick141

Unfold your six-sense; communicate with spirits; unfold remote-viewing capabilities; acquire self-defensive powers, magickally; absorb the power of your spirit twin brothers; detect the presence of negative energies--psychic attacks, black magick, etc.; power punch; psychic protection; unfold a strong personality; increase luck; improve business; attract the opposite sex; influence others; extricate and direct your twin double; invoke spirits; establish harmony in the home. Personal jinn familiar attached to help you solve your problems.
Islam and non-islam versions available.
Ajian Tapak Bergetar Power
Code: Magick142

Acquire mystic powers to detect : the energy within objects; diseases; hidden treasures; an individual's magickal force level; etc. Power extremely palpable.
Ilmu Daya Cipta Mega Millenium Power
Code: Magick147

Increase your metaphysical powers by consuming this especially charged talismanic capsule. Lots of exercises to master unusual abilities!
Sajadah Makrifat
Code: Magick167

Magick carpet for prayers, meditation, and angelic invocation. Consecrated power develops the chakras, and unfolds psychic powers; etc.
Tasbih Khodam
Code: Magick170

Power similar to Sajadah Makrifat (magick167) but in the form of a rosary--for prayers, meditation, and angelic invocation. Consecrated power develops the chakras, and unfolds psychic powers; etc.
Sokhibul Ghoib Talisman
Code: Magick172

Magickal power to see and communicate with spirit beings; increase psychic sensitivity, evocation; astral projection; precognition, and to see the past; etc.
Ajian Candolokano
Code: Magick173

Magickal power helps you to see a thief in a vessel of water, piece of paper, or thumbnail.
Mustika Jabal Syifa'
Code: Magick193

Syech Abdul Qodir Jaelani's amulet for healing chronic illnesses or cases given up by medical doctors.
Genie Oil
Code: Magick213

The power of this genie oil, with the help of a magickal square and a mantra, conjures a genie that would be visible on the surface of a plate of water. The genie may be communicated with and may be requested to aid the operator in certain things such as acquiring information, forecasting, etc.
Ketabiban Prana Syurga
Code: Magick216

This essential hyper-metaphysical power turns you into a healer of alternative medicine. Heal major and minor health problems metaphysically! Rare occult power.
Ajian Sapta Wasesa with Tasbih
Code: Magick219

Rare occult power from the saints and adepts! Recite mantric verses 3, 5, or more rounds of the tasbih/rosary to instantly acquire some of the powers. Helps to induce clairvoyance; meet the saints (spirit teachers) metaphysically and study under them; meet khodams, and visit their magickal realms; attraction; luck; etc.
Kunci Wachid Ghoib Pribadi
Code: Magick222

The key to successful acquisition of magickal powers! If you have tried acquiring occult/magickal powers and failed, conduct first the ritual and transfer of power of this item.
Ijazah Ilmu Sastra Berdaya
Code: Magick224

The initiation of the hidden magickal secrets of the ancient occultists! Magickal purification of curses; instant genie-aid; invulnerability of the gods; charisma; personal magnetism; authoritative bearing; attractive-powers; clairvoyance; generating hypermetaphysical energy; love-potion; invulnerability; power-punch; implants (Ilmu Susuk); the pouch of Aladdin.
Wahyu Jayaningrat
Code: Magick229
A versatile power transmitted to you through a talismanic capsule! Induces clairvoyance; gives the ability to magickally retrieve treasures; helps you to neutralize the magickal power of your opponents. The power protects you on land, air and sea; buids-up invulnerability against sharp weapons and fiery arms. Also attract those whom you desire! Produce healing water; awaken and contact the spirit beings associated with you since your birth: your "Qareen," Holy Guardian Angel, your "sedulur papat" (4 spirit brothers) by just chanting two words!
Tapak Khodam Guru Sejati
Code: Magick230
The source of all magickal powers--the power of your Higher Being--the True Teacher! With this item you will learn how to tap the powers of your Higher Self and the psychic aspect of your being--a talismanic capsule awakens your ability to do so. Some virtues of the powers that will be made available to you : you will know things hidden; you will be assisted by spirit beings even without asking them for help; your words would be creative and manifest in physical reality; masters and saints would visit you in dreams and visions to teach you; healing powers would be yours to exercise. These are just a few of the many powers that you will come to possess.
Etheric-Spirit Vision Stone
Code: Magick231
The power of this stone will raise your vibrations and temporary induce in your psyche the ability to see etheric beings. Best applied while in haunted places, cemetries, sacred/power spots, or amidst Nature's surroundings.
Magickal Dowsing Instrument
Code: Magick241

A unique dowsing instrument for detecting the location of water, minerals, treasure, etc. Made out of copper with the embossed words "Allah" on one side, and "Muhammad" on the other.
Rogo Sukmo
Code: Magick244

This item (a talismanic head-band and its methodology) assists and trains one to astral project--to travel in spirit. It is similar to an item formerly offered but was discontinued--this item comes from a different adept-producer. No fasting required. This item is semi-charged with power. An initial 7-day ritual of simple chanting is required to fully empower this talismanic head-band, after which the item may be used any time required.
Tarik Sukmo
Code: Magick245

This empowerment  item of the Javanese Shamanistic Tradition helps the User to acquire mediumistic powers. It requires no fasting or long rituals. After the initiation and some training you will have the power to invoke or conjure spirits/khodams/entities or the spirits of living human beings to communicate, influence or do some healing upon them. This item is not to be misused or abused as it could result in negative consequences.
Clairvoyance Training-Ritual
Code: Magick246
Those having trouble unfolding the clairvoyant-faculty may practice this safe and sure method. As a result of the training, one's psychic powers would improve and one would find it easy to see, contact, and communicate with the beings of the higher dimensions as well as detecting the energy in an object or site. The higher worlds would unveil for one's investigation and exploration. The kit contains a bottle of empowered oil to be applied to the eyelids/eyebrows. This training-ritual begins with a 11-day preparation in which certain short prayers are recited for 11x each. After the 11-days, a period of a mandatory 41-day practice/training (consisting of intensive chanting of simple prayers) is required; this is followed by a 3-day fasting.
Psychic-Perception Empowerment
Code: Magick248
Metaphysical empowerment for acquiring psychic-perception. Penetrate the invisible realms; detect thieves and lost objects; perceive spirits, jinns, elementals, goblins, spooks, ghosts, etc--even those associated with certain objects. Talisman to be carried and tiny, empowered ball-bearings to be swallowed for power-transference.
Tenaga Dalam Ladhuni Ghaib
Code: Magick267
The Tenaga Dalam Ladhuni Ghaib is an empowerment item (something to consume) for a powerful aura/presence; psychic sensitivity; communicative ability with spirits; ESP, etc. A method for spirit/khodam contact is included.
Manggala Shakti Oil
Code: Magick284

One of the most amazing and multi-purpose oil--the Manggala Shakti. This rare and costly formulated oil-blend has been empowered through strenuous rituals and disciplines. Its virtues: when ingested with rain water after being chanted over with a prayer-chant it confers protection, happiness, magickal powers/abilities, a holy aura, and angelic bodyguards--all with the permission and blessings of the Divine One. If you possess any talisman, keris or power-object that seems to have lost its power, just anoint the object with the oil and it will regain its former degree of force. The oil is also a good media for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. Anoint some of the oil to the center of your forehead as you pray or metaphysically create your desire for manifestation--you will find, with Allah's permission,  that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creation would manifest successfully. Should you anoint yourself with the oil during exercises related to "Tenaga Dalam," "Chi-Kung," meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. you will find the outcome of these exercises in youself to improve in quality, power, and strength. Apply the oil to your clothings and the members of your body and invulnerability would be conferred upon you. You will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, bombs, guns, blades, etc. You will possess charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, etc. Just a drop of the oil in your bathtub or in a bucket of water for a shower would cleanse you of negative energies and "curses." Use this oil to make talismans--they would be extra powerful! Comes in a vial approx. 3 cc.
Nurul Asror Tasbih
Code: Magick286

A magickal tasbeeh or counter-beads (100 beads) empowered using the special methods of the Islamic saints and sufi adepts--the powers and virtues of this tasbeeh are made available through the Mercy and Grace of Allah. Esoteric prayers and hypermetaphysical forces were employed in the ritualistic empowerment of this item among which are the prayers of "Asmaul Husna," "Asror Al Fatihah Syeifi Khusus," "Jaljalut Khodami," "Sholawat Ismu' A'dhom," "Sirr Nurbuat," "Asma' Suryaniyah," "Asho Musa," "Al Qomar," "Ashabul Kahfi," "Sapu Jagad Mubarrok," and "Aji Sholawat batin Nur Muhammad." This particular magickal tasbeeh has the following virtues by the Grace of God: it adds power to one's prayers (as it heps attune one to spiritual forces); healing; banishment of negative forces; magickal strength/magickal martial-art powers (Tenaga Dalam); empowers one to conjure psychic forces/entities and retrieve magickal objects (pusaka) hidden in nature; magickal powers of opponents would not function in the presence of the one carrying the tasbeeh; charisma and an authoritative bearing; adds psychic energy to the user and self-confidence; immunity to disasters and major ailments; divine assistance to solve one's problems; ease in earning a living--luck, prosperity; improves psychic sensitivity, intuition, and ESP; psychic guidance, warnings, inspiration, etc; enemies of the user of the tasbeeh would feel uneasy or psychologically tortured; personal magnetism and charm; visitations of magickal/spiritual beings; divine protection and that of a thousand angels; magickal protection during the attack of aggressors; divine radiance of Nur Muhammad--the power may be used in conjunction with the key-prayer for various purposes depending on one's intent; magickal knowledge may be psychically transmitted by the khodams of saints to the user. The key-prayer is to be recited after every prayer of the day--it is short and simple
1001 Nights Magickal Power Pearl
Code: Magick291
Processed with powerful and elaborate rituals of the Al-Hikmah tradition as handed-down by muslim saints, this magickal empowered pearl (mother-of-pearl) is a dream come true for shamans, metaphysical practitioners, occultists, and ceremonial magicians. After the 15--30 day initiation-ritual (requires approximately an hour's work per night), the powers and virtues of this pearl may be activated (through chanting-rituals) and applied immediately--the chants are short and simple, and not difficult to do. Instructions are given for muslims and non-muslims! Virtues and powers of this item include acquiring a troop of khodams (spirit-servants) that may be commanded; the power to befriend jinns from all parts of the world; a high degree of clairvoyance; astral projection--transcend time and space; attract wealth and riches; "Ajian Rowo Rontek"--wounds and broken bones heal quickly and miraculously; invulnerability to fire-arms and protection against electrocution; love-fascination; power-hypnotism and telepathic mind-control; walk on water/speed-running; power-purification of bad-luck, curses, negative energies, etc.; Skin-beauty maintenance and healing; prosperity, career-advancement, success in endeavors, etc. This item provides you with the power to transfer magickal virtues to others!
Runaways-Vision Stone
Code: Magick292

This magickal stone helps one to see in dreams/visions the whereabouts and conditions of runaways--children, spouses, relatives, etc. that have run away from home--eventhough they may be in a different country. A day's fasting is required to conduct the ritual--also chanting a short mantra is involved.
Magickal Namru Stone
Code: Magick293

A wonderful magickal stone that helps you to foresee lucky numbers (3-days fasting required); conjure regional genies/nature spirits (Javanese mantra); and heal possessed individuals--the stone would have to be immersed in a glass of water and a short Javanese/Islamic mantra chanted. The water should be administered to the patient.
Magickal Turban
Code:  Magick296

Empowered cloth with magickal diagrams/verses--for tying into a turban around one's head. This magickal cloth possessess divine and angelic energies. It helps improve one's magickal studies and activities. The main virtue of this item is that it helps the user to absorb (be empowered by) positive metaphysical energies/forces that would be of much benefit to him or her--this item is especialy appropriate for those who are muslims and are treading the al-hikmah path.  The power of the magickal turban may be directed by the user according to his or her will. Among its virtues: magickal protection; luck; spiritual blessings; personal magnetism; fulfilled prayers; helps to tame wild animals; invulnerability; healing, etc.  This item may be passed on to one's children. Magickal diagrams/inscriptions are done by hand. Item should be worn daily especially during prayers, meditation, and magickal operations.
Magickal Projection of Image
Code: Magick324
Acquire the ability to project your physical image to others no matter where they may be. The subject will suddenly see you as though you were really in his/her presence, physically speaking. Depending on your purpose this power may instill longing in lovers, spouse or cause people to freak out. A Javanese magickal item
Projection of Dreams
Code: Magick325
Acquire the ability to send sensual dreams to the opposite sex whenever you want. The subject will dream of being amorous with you which in waking reality, will result in the subject longing for your presence. A Javanese magickal item.
Julfior Ilham Stone
Code: Magick329
This enchanted stone has a khodamic-spirit that can help you to acquire any information that you require and reveal them to you in your dreams.
Hypnotizing Love-Power
Code: Magick331
This empowerment item is a combination of a love-spell with a hypnotizing power. A single touch will cause a positive reaction in the subject. The subject will be overwhelmed by your presence--s/he will do whatever is requested.
Stone of Magickal Offence
Code: Magick332
This stone is empowered with the power to cause pain in enemies, trouble-makers, negative and tyrannical characters, etc. If the stone is rubbed while the subject is visualized, the latter will feel some pain in his body. If the stone is brought close to a fire, the subject will feel unbearable heat; if the stone is turned in circles the subject will be in a state of mental confusion and might get dizzy. Many other methods can be used to strike the offender. This empowered stone is scarce and sought for by many psychics, shamans, and occult practitioners! Beware--misusing this stone might have dire karmic consequences! We offer this item as a curio only. Under certain situations it may be permissible to use it for the greater good.
Magickal Soul-Call
Code: Magick333
You just need to close your eyes and chant the mantra and you will be able to evoke the soul of a subject living in a remote area, and you will be able to communicate and influence the subject--this can be done when the subject is sound asleep. In the waking state the subject will follow your suggestions. Power may be used to acquire information, heal the subject, correct disorders, etc.
Cloth of Clairvoyance
Code: Magick334
Just tie the cloth over your eyes and chant the 2-word mantra and you will awaken the ability to scry--not only will you be able to see the astral worlds but also observe distant locations in the physical realm. This item is most helpful to those who are not able to conduct strenuous psychic disciplines. This item is empowered with the secret formula taught in an ancient manuscript and is made in a limited amount.
The Khodams/Genies of the 7 Letters
Code: Magick335
The alphabet of the Hijaiyah consists of 28 letters; each one contains deep secrets as mentioned by spiritual teachers among whom, Imam Khawarazmi Rahimahullahu Taala. Certain seven letters or characters of the Arabic alphabet are referred to as "sawaaqithul faatihah," cause they do not appear in the Al-Fatihah verse. Each one of these characters has its own special khodam/genie and spiritual practice/sadhana--conjure these genies for their assistance. The secrets of the seven letters are revealed. This item is a manuscript of 7-genie formulas.
Puter Giling Magickal Power
Code: Magick350
With this magickal power you may influence your runaway spouse/lover to return you in the shortest time possible. If it pleases Allah, the subject will return swiftly to you to stay permanently. This is a Javanese occult item.
The True Sacred Empowerment
Code: Magick351
A consumable empowered with 99 spiritual forces and magickal energies! Once swallowed the power will blend with your being--with your blood, flesh, bones, etc. Wonderful virtues: invulnerability against sharp weapons, fire, black-magick, psychic attacks, poison, physical attacks, etc. Aggressors rushing to attack you will automatically be deflected by an invisible force and fall unconscious or cough-up blood. Whosoever harms you will be harmed himself. Possess a strong inner-force (Chi/Tenaga Dalam)--fill others with this force making them invulnerable! Empower objects--create healing-water! Immobilize aggressors by simply blowing in their direction! Acquire the power-punch! Have the power to conjure the spirit-intelligences of kerises, talismans, magickal objects, mustikas, etc. Master wild animals; remove rain-clouds; acquire the 6th sense; increase your IQ, attract luck your way; charisma, romance, etc. Acquire treasures from the magickal realms! This is a Javanese occult item.
The Divine Blessing Empowerment
Code: Magick352
By swallowing the empowered magickal consumables you will possess the following: you will be protected against all harm and attack; invulnerability against all sharp weapons; physical strength; self-confidence; courage;  you will acquire inner-strength that allows you to suck the energies of aggressors/opponents; you will be able to deflect charging aggressors at a range of 100 meters; you will acquire the ability to absorb the magickal powers of opponents with a touch; you will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, malicious implants and poison; you will have the ability to heal others--be able to create healing aqua vitae; you will possess the powers of creation--whatever you visualize can come to pass; the empowerment builds your personal magnetism and charisma; you will have the power to remove energies of curses/hexes; you will improve your psychic faculties, intuition and ESP powers--you will acquire clairvoyance and clairaudience--you will be cognizant of a still, small voice that will guide and teach you in your daily life--you will be led to Truth and Salvation. This is a Javanese occult item.
Javanese Soul-Call
Code: Magick359
This is a self-empowerment item--something empowered to swallow
. The power of this item helps you to psychically call persons to you in a remote manner. Runaways, such as children and spouses may be influenced to return; friends and buddies may be influenced to contact you again--practically anyone, so long as you know them well; you may fill the thoughts of the person you desire to feel passion for you and to contact you; with the power within you it is possible to cause confusion in the minds of thieves though they be far way, even to return to the scene of the crime--this can be done by chanting over their foot-prints/tracks; you can also gain sympathy from your boss, superiors or peers by using the power or gain support/agreement from someone essential to your progress whether this be in business or in other aspects of your life. The power is simple to use.
Magickal Shaman Stone
Code: Magick361
The natural energies of the stone-amulet protect the user of negative entities, psychic attacks, black magic, obnoxious entities, etc. It especially protects the user during astral work and shamanic journeys. The energies of the stone increases psychic awareness and unfold the intuition. The stone is a powerful tool for those engaged in spiritual work and metaphysical practices; it helps develop spiritual discernment in the practitioner and attracts guidance from the spiritual realms; it facilitates communication with subtle beings. The Magickal Shaman Stone is a healer of the soul and helps clear the traumas of the past that obstructs soul-development; it balances chaotic forces and unbalanced elements in the lower aspects of the microcosm and removes innate fears that cause psychological problems. The stone has been empowered with the energies of various power-spots and sacred-sites in Bali-Indonesia, including the blessings of their guardian spirits, some of whom are Spiritual Masters. These blessings from sacred sites such as Tanah Lot, Goa Gajah, Kintamani, Gunung Kawi, Ulu Watu, Tirta Empul, Yeh Pulu, etc, would affect and improve every aspect of the User's life which is inclusive of the spiritual and mundane. Carry this magickal stone no matter what your background, race, religion, creed, or sex. Stock is limited.
The Key Magickal Development Empowerment
Code: Magick366
This special empowerment optimizes the magickal powers and all of the Javanese "Ilmu" that you already possess. It helps you to absorb Cosmic power and opens and activates the psychic centers of your energy-body. This is the power-key to accelerate your magickal development and unfold your occult potentials. Acquire a khodam (spirit-helper) and psychic abilities with this power. Rare and powerful item.
The Great Power
Code: Magick369
Special power for improving your life and to neutralize the effects of the negative influences of stars. Attain success and manifest desires; realize the fulfillment of ambitions and aspirations easily and astoundingly. Whatever your desire you may submit your appeal to the Cosmic Intelligence through a simple prayer-ritual done nightly. This self-empowerment item (something to consume) helps you to possess magickal energies and to attune yourself with the Universal Cosmic Intelligence making your prayers much more effective. The power remains permanent within you so long as you maintain it by regular prayers of devotion.

The Ancient Power of the Pendekars
Code: Magick375
The power of magickal defence! This is an empowerment for Pendekars--master martial artists! Add a magickal dimension of ancient power to your moves, strikes, blows and to your very presence. The power long kept secret by local Javanese occult Pencak Silat practitioners. You may use the power for various mundane purposes such as magickally protecting someone or a site against harm; increasing luck; healing; purification, etc. This is a Javanese occult item.

Powers of the Magickal Crystal-Cave
Code: Magick378

Magickal powers of the ancient wizards! Have the hidden mysteries of the magickal worlds unveiled unto you and acquire mystical abilities with the empowerment and practice of the secret prayers/chants of this item--have the powers and forces of the cosmos working for you! Magickally and miraculously invite the forces of luck and abundance into your life. Acquire a troop of khodamic forces to aid you in your occult work as a metaphysical practitioner. This magickal empowerment will help you to attain a higher degree of perfection in your spiritual work. Possess the powers of clairvoyance, invulnerability, hypnotism, etc. To have creditors postpone the collection of the payment of debts or to collect from debtors easily. Remove negative energies/forces from someone's force-field/energy-body that attracts unwanted circumstances and conditions into the person's life! Empower others with all sorts of powers!

Powers of the Magickal Amethyst-Cave
Code: Magick384

More powers and secrets of the ancient wizards and Islamic mystics to possess! Do amazing things with the aid of the empowerment of this magickal item. Acquire unusual occult abilities with the discipline and practices of the hidden spiritual teachers! In this package you will learn how to acquire the following abilities and powers: the power-punch; the distant-punch; reflex self-defense; enhanced psychic-sensitivity, various forms of ESP; the ability to neutralize and ward-off black magick and psychic attacks back to their sender; the power to open the doors of luck; improve the I.Q.; attract and bind a lover; influence others remotely; manifest hidden/buried treasures magickally; locate or have lost objects returned to you; "pencak stroom"-manifest any martial-arts style; astral travel; the power to retrieve magickal objects from Nature, from the etheric worlds or that which is hidden physically; manifest wealth, prosperity, financial improvement; the power to make "seed-money" that replenishes and multiplies magickally by itself; learn how to transfer "virtue" to others; spiritual purification and life-regeneration; gain hypnotic/telepathic powers; improve sales/business.

Invocation of the Cimande-Lineage Masters
Code: Magick385
This item is a magickally-empowered piece of special incense. It helps the Pencak-Silat practitioner to attune and to come into psychic/spiritual contact with the lineage-masters of the Cimande Pencak Silat and cause them to watch over your activities and training. This item welcomes the Cimande-lineage masters into your life! Practice the invocation-ritual before your actual Pencak-Silat work-out to enhance and speed-up your progress. When burnt in one's home, it also causes a spirit-tiger to watch over the premises. Supply is limited.

The Magickal Tasbih
Code: Magick394

When held and used in the hands, this tasbih emanates cool vibes and energies. With the divine power that permeates the beads, the tasbih helps its user to be free of debts and struggles in life. It removes sadness and negative thinking and attracts luck and abundance that assists the user to prosper and become wealthy. It attracts windfalls and unexpected monetary aid from all points of the compass. What might seem impossible could happen or manifest in an unusual manner! The power of the tasbih inspires its user with magickal knowledge, understanding and creativity. It can be used to heal others suffering from problems of a medical and a non-medical cause. Its amazing power builds-up a force-filed that protects its user against psychic attacks, black magick, negative implants, etc. The powers of this magickal item function according to the user's desires, faith and intent.

Magickal Mesmerism Power
Code: Magick398

With the help of this magickally-charged stone and empowered consumables you will acquire and master mesmeric or hypnotic powers. Just by gazing and tapping on subjects they would be under your power and you would be able to influence and command them easily just as masters of hypnotism demonstrate on television and shows. The power may be applied in daily life to influence others or used for entertaining people. We caution you not to misuse this power for egoic purposes or to harm another as the negativity that you put out will surely recoil back to you with a stronger force. A certain exercise is given in conjunction with a mantra to enhance your hypnotic-gaze.

Angelic Psychic-Sight
Code: Magick405
The power to perceive clairvoyantly! See all sorts of spirits: jinns, fairies, souls, nature-spirits, astral/etheric forms, familiars of objects, etc. Many have been successful using our method of development and practice--students have penetrated into the astral realms and were amazed! Many practitioners have acquired experiential knowledge and acquired important information from the metaphysical worlds--these have built practitioners' faith in God's omnipotence. This item requires ritualistic chanting during the practice.

Spiritual Invisible Helper
Code: Magick406
Have your own invisible helper from the higher astral worlds! This magickal item has a spiritual helper, an ancestor human spirit associated with it. It causes the spirit to follow you and be your constant companion. The invisible ancestor-spirit will be there to guide, inspire, protect and aid you in many ways. It will know and understand your thoughts and feelings and the background and circumstances of your life. The spirit cannot be commanded but it will function automatically on its own accord to help you fulfill your mission in life, to help fulfill your needs, to inspire you. Invisible helpers are human spirits sworn to serve their human charge--this work helps them to evolve rapidly into the Light. Stock is limited.

Ilmu Haq Trawangan
Code: Magick414
Learn how to develop your second-sight! Know things before they happen; scry into the distance; know what lies in a magickal object or the spirit inhabitants of a certain site; know the hidden causes of effects, events, and incidents; know the level of power a spiritual practitioner possesses; know whether an occult/spiritual establishment or a psychic/occult practitioner is genuine or a fraud. With the unfoldment and growth of your dormant spiritual psychic sight all of the above can be known! It has both muslim and non-muslim versions!

Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo     See Article
Code: Magick415
Conjure and acquire your own personal, angelic, spiritual khodam (genie companion) with this rare magickal item and formula! Regular conjuration formulas require a 11, 21 up to a 41-day practice. The methodology of this item requires only 4-days work and with results comparable to the longer versions. It comes with a talismanic-cloth and is the Ilmu Khodam Level I not mentioned in the article on Ilmu Khodam (at our website)! Intensive chanting, fasting and secret movements are required as in most khodamic formulas. To master this formula you will need to have self-confidence; faith in the Almighty/Heaven; believe in the power of prayer/chanting; sensitivity to psychic energies and the willingness to allow the generated energies to completely possess you-this item is not for novices but for the seasoned occult practitioner used to chanting for hours. After successfully completing this 4-day ritual you will acquire a khodam who would help you to perceive the spirit realms; to see clairvoyantly; to evoke and communicate with spirits; to retrieve magickal objects from the inner planes; to evoke your spirit guide; to transfer spirit-familiars from one object to another; to possess self-defensive movements that emerges automatically during emergencies; to acquire a strong protective force-field; to become a psychic medium and to acquire any sort of power desired; to possess a powerful commanding presence and charisma; to possess the power-punch/distant-punch; to become sensitive to Nature's warnings, omens, etc. You will experience may unusual and paranormal events after completing the rite and acquiring a khodam. Please note that after completing the 4-5 day rite and you are successful in acquiring a khodam, all of the powers and virtues mentioned above you will come to realize and learn intuitively. Though this Ilmu Khodam is designed for muslims, non-muslims may also practice the ritual of this item and acquire good results. This is a long-awaited item--get yours now before the adept-producer decides not to offer this to the public.

Ilmu Khodam Mahameru         See Article
Code: Magick416
This Ilmu Khodam conjures the angelic intelligences and forces represented by the Arabic letters to be one's daily companions! This item is a class higher than Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo. An empowered talismanic cloth accompanies the secret methodology/formula given in this item. After successfully completing this formula and acquiring khodam-companions, you may conduct the various steps/rituals mentioned in the article Ilmu Khodam. The ritual-formula of this item lasts for 7 days and consists of fasting, chanting, and conducting the secret movement. To be successful with this formula the practitioner must possess spiritual qualities such as nobility, compassion, love, sincerity, humility, kindness, etc. The practitioner must also have self-confidence; faith in the Almighty/Heaven; believe in the power of prayer/chanting; sensitivity to psychic energies and the willingness to allow the generated energies to completely possess him/herself--this item is not for novices but for the seasoned occult practitioner. Endurance, patience, perseverance, self-confidence, faith, etc. are likewise required to complete this 7-day course successfully. After completion of this course in a successful manner, you will become a powerful metaphysical practitioner with all sorts of magickal abilities and would be able to help others such as helping troubled couples experiencing conflict; help others to be prosperous and to acquire psychic powers; you will possess the power to construct effective and powerful talismans that can benefit others, or help them to neutralize negative energies; you may heal or be a channeler (psychic medium) for khodams/spirits that can offer people advice, etc. You will experience may unusual and paranormal events after completing the 7-day formula and acquiring khodam-companions. A simple key-chanting is given for you to use khodamic  powers to help others. This Ilmu Khodam item can only be conducted successfully after having undergone the Ilmu Khodam Jolotundo. Though this Ilmu Khodam is designed for muslims, non-muslims may also practice the ritual of this item and acquire good results. This is a long-awaited item--get yours now before the adept-producer decides not to offer this to the public.

Khodamic Stigi-Wood Tasbih
Code: Magick432

With this magickal item your desires and prayers are quickly answered--you will be free from poverty, depression, difficulties, confusion, problems, and suffering. Your social/financial status would improve. The khodamic spiritual intelligence and force of this magickal rosary-item is willing and able to help you attain success in your field of endeavor. This item is suitable for anyone to possess/use regardless of race, religion, age, gender, etc. No fasting is involved; chanting of the prayer verses is not difficult--all of the hard metaphysical, ritualistic work had been done for you! You will pay your debts with ease; acquire the sympathy and affection of those around you; acquire charisma, psychic sensitivity, and develop clairvoyance; influence and attract the opposite sex; astral project with ease; invulnerability against weapons; advancement in career; protection against those who seek to destroy you! This item is a money-magnet! Many other virtues blessed by Heaven! There are no negative side-effects--no risk for the user and his loved ones, or to anyone at all. Just carry this item for general purposes; a 30-day chanting discipline suggested for enhancing and increasing the power. Simple chanting work for directing the magickal force of the tasbih for certain purposes. The power of the tasbih (rosary) lies not only in the magickal force and the khodamic intelligence, but also in the inherent power of the stigi-wood!

Psychic Vision Oil
Code: Magick442
A third-eye oil that helps unfold clairvoyant ability, helps the occult practitioner to see etheric/astral beings, human spirits, jinns, elementals, and nature-spirits that are hidden to physical perception. With the help of this especially prepared oil the practitioner would acquire the ability to perceive psychically with ease so long as the approach and usage are done correctly and during the appropriate hours. Chanting is required. Oil approx. 2cc

Power-Perception of the Kejawenese Adepts.
Code: Magick443
A high-class item from the Javanese adepts of shamanizm and kejawen. This is a third-eye activation powder made from scarce ingredients based on formulas given in an ancient local occult tradition. Just smear it on your brows--some simple chanting required. This will unveil the magickal worlds to your perception.

Stone of the Wali Qutub
Code: Magick445
A high-class metaphysically empowered stone!. If it pleases Allah this stone is almost comparable to the magickal ring of King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman). Though not as potent as the latter, this stone is empowered with various blessings and virtues requested of Allah accessed through the mystical prayers of Syed Abdul Qodir Jaelani--the master of all of the walis (saints). When worn or carried with faith in the Supreme Being, if it pleases Heaven, the stone confers the following upon its user: protection on land, sea and air; courage; the power to overcome adversaries; a commanding presence, charisma, personal magnetism; luck; ease in solving problems and overcoming grave situations; physical-invulnerability to weapons during threats; spiritual/pranic powers; prosperity, abundance, financial stability, advancement in business matters, finances and career; spiritual progress--aid is given by the khodam of this stone for the user to thread the path of purity and righteousness; protection against all forms of black magick, psychic attacks, negative and maleficent spirit entities; helps the user to recover from illnesses and to attain health and vitality; helps the user to be respected and honored in society; opens doorways to opportunities for mundane and spiritual progress, etc. Recitation of certain simple prayers required on a regular basis.

Occult Powers of the Pendekar
Code: Magick450
The empowerment causes rushing, attacking aggressors to be repelled several meters! If it pleases God you will also gain the power to immobilize people or moving vehicles on their tracks! You will possess the power to heal the sick of their medical and non-medical (psychic) ailments--gain this power to serve humanity! You will be a changed person--calm, confident, able to neutralize negative energies within yourself and others! You will be protected against malicious hypnotism and psychic attacks! Intensive chanting required for the initiation rituals and for many days-not suitable for novices. 11-day chanting for the initiation-ritual. 7-day fasting and chanting required for immobilization powers. This is a blend of Islamic and Javanese occultism. A little difficult to do but the powers are worth it and are permanent.

The Power of Saints
Code: Magick454
A rare power-tradition conveyed over the centuries to our modern generation via a series of masters and saints--the occult current/tradition and power of this item is said to have been applied by the early muslim teachers and leaders of Java to overcome the magickal power of those of other traditions and belief-systems who opposed and made themselves the enemies of Islam--it is for this reason that this power is regarded highly by the muslim occult practitioner--even more so than the other magickal occult-currents. Ritual-shower required in the Initiation. This is an empowerment--something to swallow. Maintenance of the power is through regular chanting. Among its virtues: the neutralization of the magickal powers and abilities of enemies and tyrants; enemies or those who are hostile and attack the user of this item in any way will quickly experience the effects of their own "poison"; safety during travels on land, sea, and air; khodamic (spirit) bodyguards that will, with the grace of God, protect the user against all sorts of danger, weapons, and attacks; the ability to display the same sort of magickal powers as one's enemies; helps to strengthen will-power and to fulfill prayers; charisma, an attractive mien, a commanding presence; luck and spiritual aid in daily life; helps the user to acquire courage, calmness, and to be influential; the ability to gain sympathy from superiors, business associates, the opposite sex; overcome bad-luck, negative karmic effects, ancestral family curses; acquire abilities to heal and to ameliorate sicknesses; prosperity, business success, improvement in financial status; acquire the power of the spoken word--whatever you say can come true; helps the user to acquire clairvoyance--just chant the mantra and focus the mind on the subject/object that you wish knowledge of. This item is a blend of Islamic and Javanese occultism.

The Dream Oracle Stone
Code: Magick456
A Javanese power-stone that helps reveal hidden things and the future through dreams. Helps the user to acquire and know winning lotto numbers, winners of sporting events, the outcome of elections, the perpetrator of criminal acts, etc. Some chanting required. The item is easy to use.

Cosmic Light Power
Code: Magick461
This item helps to amplify the power of all of the empowerments of the magickal items that you have been initiated with and had undergone, while simultaneously conferring additional virtues so that all that you desire would manifest in an amazing fashion and quickly no matter whether your desire relates to your worldly ambitions or spiritual/magickal aspirations. Saintly persons of the past used the powers of this empowerment to overcome the wicked, the tyrannical, and the unjust. With this great rare power bestowed upon your being, you would become a different person with many abilities, and you will possess higher magickal skills to serve others for the greater good. Intensive chanting required for this item-this package is for the advanced practitioner who have taken previous empowerments as given in many magickal items offered by Indotalisman.com. This particular item is a blend of Javanese and al-Hikmah occultism. The Cosmic Light Power derives its essence and force from spiritual, divine realms, it is more potent than most magickal powers that have their sources and basis in the astral dimensions. This Comic Light Power was attained, accessed, and processed through spiritual, mystical rituals related to Divine Names and Cosmic Energies, and required intense preparation, purification and inner development on the part of the adept who developed this item. Therefore, in the name of the Most High, he who is empowered and practices this Cosmic Light Power in full faith, sincerity, purity, and devotion to God will find that nothing is impossible and that all can transpire by the grace and mercy of Allah.

Etheric Power Vision
Code: Magick471
Be empowered with this magickal item and acquire powers of extra-sensory vision! See behind closed doors, walls, locked cabinets and objects hidden from view. Acquire etheric and clairvoyant vision! The empowerment-ritual requires a 3-day fast and intensive chanting. This is a Javanese occult item.

The Naga Queen
Code: Magick474
A mysterious and unusual method for acquiring riches--not to be used frivolously. There are safer and easier magickal items for gaining wealth and prosperity--this item could be harmful to the inexperienced occult practitioner. We offer this item simply as a curio item and for educational/entertainment purposes only. In essence, the application of the magickal formula and empowered consumables of this package conjures a Naga Queen--a spirit being that is said to be "half-human half-snake." She appears as a beautiful woman with bare upper body, but with the lower body of a snake. A special room or site for the conjuration is required and is done on a special night. When successfully conjured, the queen requires that the practitioner engages in sexual intimacy with her and at the end of the session she may offer a scale from her body--this object is solid gold and can weigh as much as 2 kg. Fasting and intense chanting required for up to 7 days for a successful conjuration. The conjuration and the session with the Naga Queen can be repeated again at later dates. This is not an easy ritual to conduct--the chanting is intense requiring hours per session. This is a rare and scarce Javanese occult formula--deserves a place in your grimoire.

Hypnotic Touch
Code: Magick483
Acquire the hypnotic touch! Just by touching a subject the latter would obey your commands; or cause subjects to be silent or to fall into a hypnotic asleep. The power may be used to subdue the wicked, the bad, the insane, and the unrighteous; otherwise use for entertainment and educational purposes only! Do not misuse the power for self-aggrandizement as this would result in suffering for oneself. This magickal item is an empowerment though it also requires the practitioner to remain awake for 3 consecutive days/nights without sleep during the initiation. Chanting is required. This is an item for the advanced magickal practitioner. A Javanese occult item.

Power of Invisibility
Code: Magick489
Be invisible to others! This magickal empowerment will help you move here and there without being seen, noticed or regarded by human sight. Use only for positive and constructive purposes. A 3-day fasting, chanting and austerity is required in the initiation ritual. This is a Javanese magickal item--not for novices.

Power of the Source
Code: Magick515

One of the most powerful empowerment items available! Virtues include divine protection, invulnerability, power-punch, physical strength, inner strength, charisma, precognition, personal magnetism, six-sense, attunement with angelic-helpers, etc. Possess the power to "weaken" metal, subdue fire, empower others with invulnerability, "walk" on water, invisibility, generate a phantom duplicate, read minds, enhance senses, acquire spiritual guidance from invisible spiritual masters, etc. There are many more spiritual virtues that would grow in the one empowered with this item--it is impossible to enumerate them all--and it can differ from user to user. This is a Javanese occult item that requires chanting for directing the virtues and powers and their development-this item is suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

Talisman-Construction Kit
Code: Magick518

Now, with this special kit, you may construct talismans, inscribe sigils, characters, letters, magick squares, etc.--all with great power! The kit has empowered consumables to fill you and others with psychic-energy, essentially required for creating dynamic talismans, alive with great force and power! The kit also contains empowered zafaron ink over 7cc in volume--sufficient for creating a great amount of talismans! Companion to the magickal ink are some traditionally-used pens with their own container, all fashioned from natural materials--these are also empowered with metaphysical energies that attract spiritual forces and intelligences to bless your work and productions. With this kit you may construct talismans for many purposes and offer them to your loved ones and friends--additionally empowering them.with psychic-force. The instruction-paper contain some samples of talismanic designs--others may be found in our knowledgepapers (ebooks) and elsewhere. Please note that this magickal item is meant for the intermediate and advance practitioner who is already familiar with the rules and methods for constructing talismans and the prayers/mantras associated with them. You may use this item to construct talismans and sigils of any magickal tradition! Acquire this kit now before the adept-producer decides to withdraw this product!

Power of Sacred, Magickal Javanese Spells
Code: Magick521

One of the most amazing self-empowerment, occult package available from the Javanese magickal tradition. Acquire and develop these powers, skills, abilities, etc.: invulnerability against sharp weapons; immobilize tyrants; devastating love-spell; acquire a boy-genie (gumanthong) to help you prosper; cause opponents to be mute--unable to speak in your presence; overcome the fire-element; overcome metal; acquire occult objects hidden in Nature by fairies; create a money-magnet; have the obedience of others; create haunted-objects for oracle purposes/transform objects such as a staff into a snake; influence others with physical desire for you; lucid-dreams--enter the magickal realms; prosperity with a unique rice-spell; subdue wind, rain and lightning (natural-disasters); charisma/commanding presence of a white tiger; sexual potency; invoke angelic assistance; cause your projects to run smoothly; longevity and youth; ward-off bad luck. The powers and skills of this package require moderate to intense chanting--this item is not suitable for novices. A bonus empowered occult object is included in this package--it is for a general life-blessing--carry it wherever you go.

Nur Insan Kencana Sakti
Code: Magick527
One of the finest collection of amazing, secret Javanese magickal spells and formulas. This self-empowerment item initiates the practitioner into the world of Javanese occultism. Some of the formulas are easy to conduct; others require great effort and physical/mental stamina. Practitioners of all levels will find secret formulas of interest here. A few formulas, because of their "dark-side" applications are offered for "educational purposes only." The spells and formulas include: beautifying the aura; attracting specific persons (love-spells); power-punch; empowering others with Inner-Strength; increasing muscular strength; causing confusion among a "lynching-mob"; clairvoyance; shape-shifting into a tiger; inspiration from higher intelligences; invulnerability; invisibility on command; create a power invulnerability-stone; secret formulas for retrieving sacred/occult, hidden/buried objects; conjure a "tuyul king" and "Ratu Kidul," the fairy queen of the South Java Sea; create "magickal-money"; influence others magickally; the "Deadly Curse" and the "Black Dragon's Curse"; angelic-charisma; cause enemies/bullies/aggressors to tremble in your presence; arouse a woman sexually in a magickal manner; create magickal love-oils; youth, etc. The initiation-ritual itself is easy to do and can be done in less than an hour-chanting is required in the initiation-ritual and in conducting the spells/formulas. Get this package while the adept-producer is still offering it!

Spirit-Board Communicator-Kit
Code: Magick528
Combining the knowledge of both Eastern and Western occultism and magickal practices, the best of both worlds are presented in this Spirit-Board Communicator-Kit! All you need to contact and communicate with spirits and beings of the invisible worlds including spirits associated with magickal items, relics, stones, talismans, kerises, etc. Contact and communicate with Solomonic angels, entities, guardian-spirits of power-spots, Nature-Spirits, the subconscious mind/Higher mind, embodied human-souls, etc. Learn to be a Channel for Divine-Spirits and Cosmic Beings. This package contain empowered consumables to help you unfold psychic-awareness and to establish telepathic contact with beings whom you desire to "talk" to. The Spirit-Board is especially designed to help you contact and communicate with spirits in a simple manner and yet simultaneously protecting the Practitioner from malicious and negative spirits. The Spirit-Board wards-off negative-entities and prevents them from approaching and providing deceptive information or causing obsessive situations. The Spirit-Board attracts, and will only allow positive beings to communicate with you; its mystical energies, acting as an interface, will assist spirits to make a greater impression upon your mind and amplified into intelligible messages that would be indicated by the companion tool of the Spirit-Board. The Communicator-Board is empowered with metaphysical energies that help to ward-off prankish, malicious, and obnoxious spirits so that the possibility of these coming through with ill-intent, are reduced to the minimum. The Spirit-Board with its talismanic-chart and printed psychic-tools are to be used in conjunction with an especially made pendulum for psychic-detection, on or off-site with its unique feature where small samples/signatures acting as etheric-links may be stored in it to establish the right vibes for detecting whatever is desired such as gold, silver, minerals, even runaways. The pendulum and the consumables have been empowered and blessed with magickal and spiritual energies that will help awaken dormant psychic faculties and further facilitate communication between the Practitioner and spirits and attune the former with the omniscient Cosmic Mind. Please note that this is not a toy but a serious tool to be used with responsibility, spiritual-discernment and common sense. It is a helpful tool for ghost-investigation and for channeling spiritual information and teachings. The kit contains a bonus vial of high-energy aromatic oil. Some simple chanting is required for the initiation-ritual and the usage of this striking laminated Spirit-Board Communicator.

Code: Magick530        Photos of Genies
A highly-skilled temple-fairy from a sacred-site in East Java, Indonesia! This fairy can help you improve your psychic-sensitivity, ESP, and assist you to heal others or to solve problems. If you have a spiritual, psychic, magiickal, shamanic, or a metaphysical practice, this is the fairy to acquire as your personal assistant. T\he Temple-Fairy will also help you to develop charm, personal magnetism, a commanding-presence, etc. Wherever you go, the Genie-Princess may follow you around--its presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see it. When this happens you may converse freely with this exquisite-looking fairy. It is possible that you may also meet the genie-fairy in your dreams or when you are in the borderline-state between dreaming and being physically conscious. The genie-fairy princess comes with an object which it associates itself with--and its name is given. This item is easy to use and only requires basic occult skills in visualization, concentration, attunement, relaxation, etc. Stock is limited.

Fairy God-Mother
Code: Magick532
       Photos of Genies
This motherly fairy can help improve your mundane life and help unfold your psychic senses and acquire magickal skills/knowledge--an essential magickal assistant for practitioners of the occult/magickal arts. The Fairy God-Mother may be commanded to assist you in matters of protection; finances, personal-relationships; soul-mate; career; luck, learning magickal/occult arts/skills, etc. The Fairy God-Mother will follow you around to help protect you from harm and to fulfill your needs--its presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see it. When this happens you may converse freely with the Fairy God-Mother. It is possible that you may also meet the genie-fairy in your dreams or when you are in the borderline-state between dreaming and being physically conscious. The Fairy God-Mother comes with an object which it associates itself with--and its name is given. This item is easy to use and only requires basic occult skills in visualization, concentration, attunement, relaxation, etc. Chanting required. Stock is limited.

Genie of Light
Code: Magick534         Photos of Genies
Truth seekers and yogic practitioners will find much assistance with this spiritually-oriented genie. Though this genie can be requested to assist in mundane matters, its main interest, expertise and focus lies in helping the user to progress in his/her spiritual training or sadhana. It can strengthen your body when you need to fast; help to remove psychic disturbances when you meditate; help to remind you of your spiritual sessions; protect you from vicious psychic attacks of envious and jealous peers, etc. Request the genie to assist you in your training, assign it certain tasks, or command it to help manifest your spiritual desires. Simple chanting is required for commanding the genie. Stock is limited.

Temple Genie
Code: Magick558              Photos of Genies
A highly-skilled temple-genie from a sacred-site in East Java, Indonesia! This genie can help you improve your psychic-sensitivity, ESP, and assist you to heal others or to solve problems. If you have a spiritual, psychic, magiickal, shamanic, or a metaphysical practice, this is the genie to acquire as your personal assistant. T\he Temple-Genie will also help you to develop charm, personal magnetism, a commanding-presence, etc. Wherever you go, the Genie may follow you around--its presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see it. When this happens you may converse freely with this handsome-looking genie. It is possible that you may also meet the genie in your dreams or when you are in the borderline-state between dreaming and being physically conscious. The temple-genie comes with an object which it associates itself with--and its name is given. This item is easy to use and only requires basic occult skills in visualization, concentration, attunement, relaxation, etc. Stock is limited.

Shamanic Practitioner's Oil
Code: Magick560

This occultly and highly-charged shamanic magickal oil has the power to assist you to acquire psychic powers and abilities rapidly. It helps to open the Third-Eye and empower your being so that you may be an effective healer and metaphysical/shamanic practitioner. Usage is easy even for a novice, though some chanting and concentration/meditation is required. Contents of the oil approx. 3cc.

The Mystic-Power Oil
Code: Magick567
This Mystic-Power Oil helps the user to acquire extraordinary powers, protection, spirit-aid/guidance, occult success, ESP, etc. This easy to use item is applied as an empowerment and as a training aid. Some simple chanting required. This is a Javanese magickal item, the product of an advanced occult adept.

Talismanic Carpet of the Angels
Code: Magick610
As a very rare offering from the occult adepts here in Java, the Talismanic Carpet of the Angels helps the user to unfold his/her psychic abilities, potentials, skills and inner knowledge; this especially empowered item raises the frequency of the user so that s/he may penetrate the higher dimensions and receive solutions to problems and intuitive occult knowledge from the Higher Self, angelic spirits, mentors and masters. This magickal item is easy to use with a minimum amount of chanting required; the item itself is exquisite in design with various magickal inscriptions. Stock is limited.

Bandana of Clairvoyance
Code: Magick622
Another unique method for developing clairvoyance! Unfold your psychic-sight to the invisible worlds around you-see the beings, the entities aligned with Light--also see and be aware of the maleficent beings that seek to obsess and control humanity. Never be exposed to error through ignorance of the subtle worlds. This occult item, a blend of Javanese and Islamic al-Hikmah, is easy to use, though some simple chanting is required. Constant usage and psychic-practice with this item will eventually unveil the hidden life of Nature all around you. Stock is limited.

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