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Sexual Organ Enlargement Oil
Code: Tradrem01

Oil blend of "Minyak Lintah," "Minyak Bulus," (see article) and other essential ingredients for enlarging the size of the penis and help cure impotence. The oil may also be used by women for increasing breast-size. Due to the natural ingredients, the oil may have an unpleasant smell. Approx. 250cc/bottle.
Empedu Lutung Hair Growth Oil  OUT-OF-STOCK
Code: Traderem02

This oil (extracted from monkey-gall) is traditionally used for stimulating hair-growth on face, chest, head, etc. Now you may grow a moustache or beard! Use with care!
Gurah Capsules
Code: Traderem03
Herbal capsules for men, women, and children; for healing the common cold, coughs, TBC, indigestion, addiction, gastricitis, asthma, migraines, headaches polyps, sinusitis, breathing problems, stress, allergy, etc. It is good for detoxification and especially effective for mucus and phlegm removal from the throat making it appropriate for singers, public speakers, teachers and orators. It improves the clarity and strength of the voice, it also nourishes the brain and builds-up confidence. The healing power of the herbal capsules works to diminish cancerous tissue in the heart, brain, womb, breast, etc. 3 capsules are to be taken daily before retiring for sleep. 30 capsules/bottle.
Sirih Legit Capsules
Code: Traderem04
Herbal capsules for women--helps to remove vaginal mucus, bad odors, and other problems related to the female organ. The power of the herbs regenerates the structure and function of the vagina to the state of youth. The herbal capsules are formulated with natural ingredients, the composition of which is kept highly secret and acquired from ancient sources of the Javanese and Maduranese herbalists. 5 capsules to be taken before retiring for sleep. 30 capsules/bottle.
Tangkur Lanang Capsules
Code: Traderem05
Herbal capsules for men--helps
to cure impotence. The capsules also strengthens kidneys functions and promotes blood circulation--it acts as a general tonic for the body. 3 capsules to be taken after the morning meal and 3 capsules before retiring for sleep or an hour before coitus. 30 capsules/bottle.
Asmaul Husna Capsules
Code: Traderem06
Herbal capsules for men, women and children; for healing loss of appetite, impotence, insufficient blood, rheumatism, low/high blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes, kidney-stones, asthma, gastricitis, prostrate problems, allergy, whooping coughs, tumor, liver problems, etc. Excellent for detoxification of the blood. 3 capsules to be taken before sleep--children half portion. 30 capsules/bottle.
Karomah Jawi Capsules
Code: Traderem07
Herbal capsules for men, women, and children; for promoting blood circulation; for balancing the processes of metabolism; for normalizing the functions of the body; for strengthening the immunity-system. The healing power detoxifies the body. Helps to heal stroke, diabetes, high/low blood-pressure, fever, liver problems, insufficient blood, flu, allergies, impotence, whooping coughs, cardiac problems, rheumatism, loss of appetite, etc. Removes kidney-stones and body-odor. Lowers cholesterol. 3 capsules to be taken before sleep--children half portion. 30 capsules/bottle.

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