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Maulana Malik Ibrahim Mini Gaman
Code: Magick13

Carried for promoting one's career or rank; helps to attract windfalls; causes enemies to fear User; builds-up a powerful presence in the User.
Tumbak Kuning Magickal Power
Code: Magick16

Object small and cute. Carried for general protection and for advancing one's career; builds-up attractive powers; attracts luck.
Gada Besi Kuning
Code: Magick20

Carry this object to promote business affairs; also for advancing career and getting promotions.
Money Attraction Hizib Oil
Code: Magick21

A very unique oil! Especially appropriate for traders, business and sales persons; attracts customers and clients; helps to bond business partners; attracts luck from the four points of the compass.
Penglarisan Power
Code: Magick54

Place this talisman above the door to your store and shop and watch your sales soar! Receive financial blessings from Heaven now!
Employment Talismanic Power
Code: Magick56

This talisman helps one to acquire a job by instilling the right mind-frame; also helps one to win over business competitors, win tenders, promotes career, builds-up charisma and attractiveness, etc.
Petuk Bamboo Amulet
Code: Magick72

Amulet worn for successful business and sales. Also for attracting an ideal soul-mate; harmony in the home; success in endeavors, etc.
Jalbul Arzaq Belt
Code: Magick74

Specially magnetized belt for calling forth luck. Promotes business; increases sales; especially appropriate for salespersons, mediators, traders, etc.
Money Power Leather Wallet
Code: Magick78

This empowered and consecrated magick wallet facilitates the effects of good karma in the form of "luck." It promotes business; helps wearer to be respected and honored by others; also helps to pay off debts quickly.
Pelarisan Magickal Power
Code: Magick104

There are three spirit familiars experts in their field that are associated with this talisman. The purpose of this power is to boost or promote one's business. Suitable for placing in shops, offices, etc. Within 7 days you will see the difference.
Money Attractor Khodam
Code: Magick127
Just carry this talisman or place it in a safe place in your home or shop and you will always find yourself financially secure and acquiring a greater amount of sales and improved prosperity. The form of this item may differ from stock to stock.
Nur Qudrat Semesta
Code: Magick165
Just carry the talismanic object and you will attract riches and prosperity; improve business, trade, commerce; talisman originally developed by the walis (Saints).
Ajian Penyedoting Bondo Bandu
Code: Magick174

This item provides a magickal power to retrieve or acquire treasure, gold, money, antiques, or relics through occult or ordinary means. Either the secret mantra of King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman) or the Queen of Sheba (Ratu Bulqis) may be used according to need. The package contains empowered oil to increase psychic energy level and mystical force!
Penglarisan Permata Seribu
Code: Magick185

This item gives you the power to quickly sell your goods; attract luck; gain prosperity, respect, and sympathy from others.
Paku Kabejan Joyo Ati
Code: Magick226
Talismanic nail for attracting luck and blessings from all points of the compass; for attracting clients/customers; for increasing prosperity; ward-off negative energies/bad vibes and malevolent entities. Just hammer the empowered nail at your place of business.
Khodamic Money Talisman
Code: Magick249
Magickal talismanic item that helps the user to prosper, attract luck, improve finances and business, acquire lots of clients/customers, increase sales, etc. You just need to memorize one short mantric prayer to conjure the khodamic-spirit to assist you. The talisman is to be carried in one's pocket, purse, or stored safely in any appropriate place.
Haekal Tujuh Oil
Code: Magick253
This is a magickal money oil for promoting businesses and improving financial affairs. It also helps the user to achieve and to attaint that which is desired and to quickly advance his/her career or acquire promotion in rank. The divine power bestowed upon the oil, if it pleases God, protects the user from the attacks of human, animal and spirit agencies. It helps to ensure save traveling by land, sea, or air.
Mt. Kawi Dewa Daru Wealth Power
Code: Magick277

This magickal item comes straight from the famed sacred site and power spot in East Java--"Gunung Kawi" or "Mt. Kawi." This is the site that devotees congregate on auspicious days to receive magickal power and monetary/prosperity blessings from Heaven through the agency of the angelic presences in the area. This magickal item, among its contents, is a seed (considered as a power- and sacred-object) from the sacred Dewa Daru tree (Equina Uniflora) in front of the gravesites of the eminent 19th century personages buried there--Eyang Djoego, alias Taw Low She and Eyang RM. Iman Soedjono, alias Djie Low She. Many would sit beneath the Dewa Daru tree for hours hoping for the leaves and the fruits to fall on their heads/body so as to acquire blessings--these fallen objects are very carefully preserved for their talismanic value. Now you may receive the Mt. Kawi monetary/prosperity blessing no matter where you reside in the world. Not only is this magickal item an empowerment--the rare Dewa Daru (Shian Tho) seed of this site is also a powerful charm that attracts benevolent forces and intelligences to help the user prosper financially--results may be seen within 90 days or less! Also within the package is a bottle of water taken from the holy springs of Mt. Kawi--this holy water as well as the sacred seed have been ritualistically empowered for added power! The initiation-ritual of this magical item is so simple a child could do it (additional prayers are provided for muslims)--all may benefit from this item regardless of religion, creed, sex, etc. Because of the scarcity of the Dewa Daru fruit (thus, the seed), stock of this magickal item is limited.
Lucky Power-Stone
Code: Magick289

Now reverse your bad luck in games with this Lucky-Power Stone! This empowered item helps you to win games of chance, lotteries, quizzes, contests, races, etc. It neutralizes the negative energies in you and makes you lucky in everything that you do--if Allah be pleased! No difficult rituals or chanting involved--simple instructions that even a layman could follow!
Magickal Namru Stone
Code: Magick293

A wonderful magickal stone that helps you to foresee lucky numbers (3-days fasting required); conjure regional genies/nature spirits (Javanese mantra); and heal possessed individuals--the stone would have to be immersed in a glass of water and a short Javanese/Islamic mantra chanted. The water should be administered to the patient.
Magickal Shell
Code: Magick322
This is a unique, un-hollowed shell--it moves easily without friction on a glassy surface smeared with lime juice. It's magickal power lies in improving business and finances. It has been metaphysically empowered to enhance its innate virtues. So long as you carry this object with you, if Allah wills it, your business will improve without any obstacles and problems.
Magickal Coin
Code: Magick323
Magickal coin with a high spirit-intelligence that may inspire and guide the user in regards to improving finances through dreams, hunches, feeling, etc. Those who are psychic enough may also communicate directly with the spirit-intelligence. Improve your luck within days of carrying this magickal item. This coin is believed to be unique in that if it is lost unintentionally it will magickally return to the owner by itself. A Javanese magickal item.
Magickal Debt-Payment Solution
Code: Magick326
This magikal item is especially empowered to help you pay-off your debts. Even large amounts can be cleared in a matter of days/weeks. Our solution differs from other magickal solutions such as making pacts with dark entities. Our method requires no unusual sacrifice and carries no risk. A Javanese magickal item.
Magickal Amulet of Progress
Code: Magick365
Especially empowered for attracting luck from unknown sources; helps the User to progress financially, to prosper, and to acquire abundance; also for advancements in career and for promotions. The power causes others to respect and honor the User. On the metaphysical side, it increases psychic sensitivity and calms the mind. The item is small and may be kept in one's wallet, purse, or carried in a pouch in a pocket.
The Golden Prosperity Amulet
Code: Magick370
This magickal item helps to improve your luck; neutralize bad energies that attract unwanted conditions and situations in your life; it aids you in your endeavours, business and in your financial affairs. Its power can help you get promotions and advance your career; it increases your popularity, your charisma and make you well-known and liked. The energies of this item establish domestic harmony. By possessing this magickal item you will not experience pain, suffering and poverty--so long as you cooperate in improving your life through personal efforts.

Magickal Sales Booster
Code: Magick380
Need a magickal boost on the sales of your goods and commodities? If you have a shop this is the item that you have been looking for! The power of this item attracts customers to your place of business and they will have the urge to purchase whatever is offered. Your sales will soar!

Power of Advancement
Code: Magick381
A special talisman that aids in various ways to improve the user's life. It's virtues: helps to attrack luck; popularity; attraction of the opposite sex; invulnerability; helps in business negotiations, interviews, public speaking, social interaction; protection against accidents, calamities, black magick, psychic attacks, evil entities, robbery, molestation; advancement in office, career--worldly success.

Talismanic Luck Attractor
Code: Magick382

Especially empowered item to bring blessings and increase one's luck-potential. The talisman helps to remove bad energies/forces in and around the user. It opens the door to opportunities at all points of the compass even should the user be currently down, jobless or without income. The power of this item is divine and comes from the one Source-there are no side effects.

Magickal Sale-Power
Code: Magick389
This magickal empowered item helps you to sell properties, houses, cars, etc. easily. Potential customers would be affected by the power and become passionate over that which you are selling. The item is easy to use--simply place it at the property or car that you have for sale. May be used over and over.

Wealth Power Amulet
Code: Magick424

A sacred power to help you acquire wealth magickally! This power never fails and works in just a matter of days without any risks or danger to yourself or to anyone else. Prove this to yourself now! As an added bonus, the item may also be used as a tool to conjure regional spirits of wealth! A magickal method is given, however, it is offered merely as an occult curio. Stock is limited.

Golden Khodamic Nails
Code: Magick427

Acquire wealth with the aid of magickal, khodamic, spiritual forces! The power is activated without any fasting or difficult rituals. With the grace and mercy of Allah, seekers of prosperity, opulence and abundance can now tap into the powerful forces of this package to improve their financial status. With the Golden Khodamic Nails and its companion, the high-class magickal, khodamic tasbih, your aspirations for financial freedom would be fulfilled. This powerful item is especially suitable for those who have repeatedly failed in their businesses and seek to break through the veil of bad-luck and unite with the true magickal source of cosmic supply. With the use of this item your personal assets would increase and you will enjoy life here and the hereafter--you will be assisted by a thousand angelic khodams. This item is the highest in its class--you will receive ten empowered nails including one unique talismanic item to install at your place of business/trade--these would create a powerful magnetic center that attracts spiritual light-beings and lucky forces from all over the cosmos. Included in the package is an empowered tasbih for you to carry with you so that wherever you go the forces of light follows you to help you improve your life.

Javanese Treasure Vase
Code: Magick428
A well-known Tibetan power-object and concept now available in a remarkable Javanese design! This powerful and magnificent Javanese Treasure Vase is filled with occult treasures from all over Java! Its occult strength and power are incredible and intense. This object with talismanic-energies and khodamic spirit-forces and intelligences blesses the home and family where it is installed with wealth; prosperity; financial/business success; windfalls; abundance; protection; advancement in career; high intellectual attainment; creativity; charisma; personal magnetism; respect; honor; sympathy from peers, superiors and inferiors; social-advancement; psychic sensitivity; health, spirit-guidance, and 1001 other virtues that cannot be described, but the family who possesses this unique item will discover the many great blessings that this item confers. The vase functions as a spiritual focus for many angelic, spiritual beings. This carefully-designed vase contains talismanic and natural occult items of high pranic energies including stones; lucky bamboo/rottan-stem; magickal oils; seeds and plant matter; metals, wood, etc . It is filled with the soil from the burial ground of famous Javanese kings, occult adepts and saints, including the soil and relics of wealthy and powerful persons. Empowered and enchanted water from over 7 springs of sacred sites are among the many sacred treasures in the vase. The metaphysical energies and vibrations related to wealth, prosperity and other virtues have been carefully sealed into the vase and its contents. Angelic/cosmic forces and intelligences were invoked during the long chanting rituals conducted for the empowerment and consecration of the contents of the item, and again on the vase as a whole. Specific magickal hours were observed in the empowerment of the vase. This vase has khodamic spirit-intelligences associated with it; the powers of the Divine Names of Allah were also imbued upon this attractive vase. Not only does this item blesses a single individual, but the whole family of the Keeper of the vase--this item can be later handed down to one's chosen child and grandchild for generations and generations to come ensuring a strong and powerful line of descendants. No rituals, chanting, or fasting required for this item--it is easy to use with no difficult maintenance necessary. There are no restrictions or observances. The vase may be kept and preserved by any worthy Keeper regardless of gender, age, religion, beliefs, race, etc. Not many of these vases can be made or stocked (some items in the vase can only be acquired on a certain day each year)--get yours now before it runs out. The vase comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large--the larger the vase the greater the power. The size determines the volume of the contents.

Wealth Genie
Code: Magick429

A powerful genie to help you out with improving your business and financial affairs. It helps you to acquire wealth, to be prosperous and to have abundance. If your business is facing  a financial crisis or problems of bankruptcy, if you ever find yourself deep in debt
, this genie will also help you out of your problems. The Wealth Genie is a specialist in this field of finances and can help to inspire you with ways in making money; it certainly helps to influence people to your advantage and to arrange for you to be offered opportunities and to help you have favourable outcomes in deals and negotiations. The genie works under divine command--your prayers of need are submitted to the Supreme Being and the genie is assigned the task of helping you out. The genie would be your constant companion and you may sense its presence regularly--you may even see it under the right conditions. The genie associates itself with an object that it regards as "home." Usage is simple and the prayer-ritual is not too time-consuming. Suitable even for novices of the occult. Stock is limited.

House of Wealth
Code: Magick446
A magickal means of attracting wealth and prosperity--the power and observance of this spell requires that your house be renovated every 2 to 5 years and the furniture moved to a new position once in 3 months. This is a 7-day ritual that requires some preparation-it invokes the power of what the Javanese call "Sedulur Papat"-or 4 brothers. Your house will be transformed into a cosmic-magnet attracting beneficent forces of luck and prosperity! This is not for the novice-it is for the serious occult, shamanic practitioner.

Power of the Crone's Undergarment
Code: Magick447
A magickally empowered item by a Javanese shaman. For improving business and sales. Just install somewhere in your shop, stall, restaurant, office, place of business, etc. It will attract lots of consumers and clients. The item when installed at an appropriate building/site can also attract and induce swallows to build their costly "birds-nest." Carry the item for a commanding presence, charisma, attractiveness--acquire sympathy/sexual favors from the opposite sex!

Dakini's Power Stone--Small
Code: Magick462
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now.

Dakini's Power Stone--Large
Code: Magick463
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now. Larger and more powerful than Magick462.

The Lucky Bill
Code: Magick469
A talismanic bill that attracts luck--it has an unusual property: if the bill is unintentionally left some place it can return in a magickal manner to your pocket, wallet, purse, handbag, etc. The genies of the item ensure that you have the necessary aid to be successful in your endeavors and to have help from unexpected sources. You will always have money to spare. Your finances would improve. Some chanting required, however, it is an easy item to use. This is a Javanese occult, genie item that basically functions automatically and without the problem of fussing over too many details.

Javanese Guman Tong
Code: Magick477
In Thai occultism, the Guman Tong is a spirit being appearing as a boy (sometimes as a girl); he aids his Keeper and Master in matters of finances, wealth and prosperity. He is of great aid to those who have shops and stalls by whispering to people to stop by and purchase items. In times of great need the Guman Tong can also help acquire money in a magickal manner to relieve suffering. This Javanese Guman Tong is of the same class of being as its Thai counterpart and has the same characteristics and abilities. Its eyes are round and its mouth is small. It is agile and smart. The Guman Tong is not to be confused with the Javanese "Tuyul" which is an inferior class of being. This is a package containing the Javanese conjuration formula, empowered items and consumables. The ritual requires intensive chanting and some preparation. This is a rare Javanese shamanic occult item not for the novice.

The Wealth-Giving Troll
Code: Magick485
Conjure this powerful Troll-genie for wealth, fabulous riches, prosperity, windfalls, treasures, and abundance! This magickal spirit with fiery eyes, gold in his mouth and diamonds on his body is the guardian of the underworld treasury or bank. This rare magickal conjuration formula comes from Javanese occultism. Some preparation, chanting and austerities are required to conduct the ritual successfully; it might take 1-7 consecutive days to conduct the ritual. Package contains empowered items/consumables. This is not a conjuration-ritual for novices or those with weak hearts.

Magickal Foundation of Wealth and Abundance
Code: Magick490
The power and blessings of wealth and abundance locked into this magickal item! It helps you to attract beneficial forces of luck, helpful spiritual beings from all points of the compass. You will have sufficient resources to live in comfort and even experience abundance--free from physical suffering and stress. You will always receive assistance from unexpected sources and your needs taken care of--even desires are fulfilled. Some chanting is required though it is not difficult. This is a Javanese magickal item.

Sri Dewi Magickal Rice
Code: Magick504
A scarce, magickal pearl blessed by nature-spirits and "Sri Dewi"--a Fairy Queen (an archangel/goddess) of crops, abundance, prosperity, wealth, etc. This mystic item has also been empowered by an occult-adept with spiritual/divine energies and the "signatures" of wealth, riches, treasures, windfalls, luck, and a cornucopia of abundance. The combination of blessings by God, man, and non-physical beings makes this tiny item powerful and effective in attracting to you the basic necessities of life; in helping you live a life of abundance and comfort; and in helping you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. The item is easy to use regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, etc. A real collector's item that can be passed on to your children!

Super Guman Thong Genie
Code: Magick505       Photos of Genies
A higher-class genie in the form of a child! A very efficient, high-strength worker and servitor--especially proficient in matters of improving finances/business affairs; prosperity; wealth; payment of debts; increase in sales of department stores, shops, restaurants, business establishments, etc. The genie works under divine command--your prayers of need are submitted to the Supreme Being and the genie is assigned the task of helping you out. The genie would be your constant companion and you may sense its presence regularly--you may even see it under the right conditions. The genie associates itself with an object that it regards as "home." Usage is simple and the prayer-ritual is not too time-consuming. Suitable even for novices of the occult. This is a Javanese item. Stock is limited.

Magickal Prosperity Oil
Code: Magick540

An easy to use magickal item for prosperity, improving finances/business/sales, winning tenders, luck, acquire a job, career advancement. Just carry the item in your pocket or install it in your shop, office, store, kiosk, etc. Simple chanting required.

The Legendary Gumanthong
Code: Magick543
           Photos of Genies
The legendary boy-spirit that brings luck, prosperity and wealth to its master/mistress. No matter what business or trade you may be involved in, this boy-spirit will help your sales and finances to improve. Have a good relationship with this boy-spirit and you will always be assisted to attain abundance and never suffer from want or poverty. The spirit may follow you around to influence people to enrich and benefit you in every way. Win the favors of superiors, business associates, the opposite sex, clients, etc. Now you have a power to deal with difficult people and have them turn to your point-of-view. A 7-day ritual-chanting is required but it is not difficult to do. Stock is limited, so get yours now before the adept-producer decides to cease producing this occult curio.

The Lucky Buffalo
Code: Magick549

This Lucky Buffalo charm has a genie associated with it--the spirit intelligence and power of this item will help you to overcome your financial problems. You will have luck from all points of the compass. Your business would improve and your sales would soar. Unlike most genie items, this one is easy to use, though it does require some simple chanting. This magickal item may be carried or stored somewhere in your home, shop, store, kiosk, restaurant, office, etc.

Wealth Magnet
Code: Magick559

Easy to use magickal item for attracting wealth! No chanting or difficult rituals required. Just carry this talisman in your pocket or in your wallet/purse and the occult power and spirit-intelligence of this item will help improve your finances; attract luck; prosperity; abundance, etc.  

Shopkeeper's Prosperity Oil
Code: Magick561

Magickally empowered oil programmed to help businesses attract customers and clients from all points of the compass! Whatever your business may be, whatever commodities or goods you sell, whatever service you offer, this magickal oil will help you to prosper and your business to grow. The power of the oil also protects your business or shop from black magick, psychic attacks and negative people such as troublesome clients/customers, thieves, etc. The power of the oil is easy to apply and is suitable for physical shops, kiosks, stalls, restaurants, etc. Contents of the oil approx. 3cc.

Skin of the Sacred Buffalo
Code: Magick569

A piece of dried skin from a sacred cow of the Keraton (palace compound of the monarch) in Java, believed to be a bringer of prosperity and blessings. This relic possesses strong pranic energies--it has been empowered with additional metaphysical energies making this a powerful natural artifact. By carrying this magickal item you will attract luck from all points of the compass, financial blessings would flow to you; whatever your profession/trade, you will prosper. This occult item also affords invulnerability against sharp weapons and protection against psychic attacks, black magick, voodoo, etc. This occult artifact is easy to use. Chanting is simple.

Hasafa Mubarok Talisman
Code: Magick571
Magickal talismanic cloth empowered with metaphysical energies resulting in various powers/virtues such as the power of attraction; success in endeavors; pass examinations/acquire jobs easily; prosperity; business success; heal psychic attacks/possessions; helps one to have children; helps prevent the user from being addicted to immoral activities; protects one's car from accidents; increase in intelligence/improvement in mental faculties, etc. The item is easy to use without any chanting or difficult rituals required.

Magickal Power-Bone
Code: Magick572
The power of this magickal animal-bone, metaphysically empowered through long rituals, helps its Keeper in monetary matters. It attracts luck, prosperity, wealth, business success, etc. You will have financial security and have abundance. With the power of this talismanic natural relic you will gain the respect of people and be protected against psychic attacks, black magick, etc. There are 3 genies attached to this object, they will help you to improve your life--a chanting-ritual is required to use this item--it is not difficult. These genies are not commandable but are to be mobilized into activity with the help of the ritual. Stock is limited.

Wealth Khodamic Talisman
Code: Magick573
A magickally empowered talisman with a khodam/spirit-intelligence attached. The combined powers of this talisman and khodam will assist you in financial matters, helping you to be successful in your endeavors, to acquire wealth and abundance. You will always find a means to earn a living, to be financially independent-opportunities will come your way. The khodam will assess your background and help you to improve your financial situation. This item is easy to use with a minimal amount of chanting.

Magickal Stone Vessel
Code: Magick575
A magickally empowered miniature stone water- vessel with two khodams attached, a male and a female. These khodamic genies assist their Keeper to improve in finances matters; to be successful in business, trade, commerce, etc. They enchant others with friendliness and kindness towards their Keeper; friends, peers, and superiors will respect the Keeper of this item. The Keeper will find that his life runs smoothly--whatever he does will be successful. The Keeper will be protected against psychic attacks, black-magick and malicious entities. These genie servants can be especially commanded for more focus on the virtues/purposes already stated. Extensive chanting required to command the genies, otherwise they function automatically.

The Ring of Business Success
Code: Magick582

If it so pleases Allah, this magickal ring can aid your efforts in manifesting your dreams, ambitions and desires. It will help you to prosper, to be successful in business; whatever your trade or business might be, the power of this stone-ring will give a boost to your sales and profit; you will be lucky in all things. This magickally-charged stone-ring may be used/worn by men and women. Wear it on your finger or carry it in your pocket, or hang it on a chain as a pendant. This item is easy to use.

Javanese Wealth Charm
Code: Magick584

By the Grace of Allah, this magickal charm empowered with spiritual, metaphysical forces and a khodamic being will aid you to improve your business and financial affairs; you will experience prosperity in a short period of time. The item is easy to use with a minimum amount of chanting. There are no negative side-effects.

Javanese Lucky Charm
Code: Magick585

With this charm you will attract luck from all points of the compass; you will be successful and lucky in all of your endeavors; you will be given the necessary aid to attain your goals by the people around you--they will be sympathetic to your cause. The item has a genie that will help improve your finances and help solve the problems that you face daily. Simple chanting is required to command the genie for any specific purpose. There are no negative side-effects.

Semar's Prestige Power
Code: Magick594

This magickal charm with a khodam-spirit attached, will help assure that you achieve and attain a higher social level; if you are involved in business or have a shop, this would improve; if you are involved in a corporation, politics or military, you will rise in office/rank; if you have any goals or dreams, the Semar's Prestige Power will help you achieve it. Once having attained your desires the item will help stabilize your position; hostile parties would fail in their attempts to "overthrow" you. This magickal charm will help you win political offices that you so desire. This item is easy to use. Simple chanting required.

Gumanthong Blessing Spirit
Code: Magick595             
Photos of Genies
A long sought-for item by collector's of magickal curio-powers! This magickal item with a "Gumanthong" or "child spirit-servant," helps to bless the home with harmony, abundance, luck, good fortune, etc. It functions automatically though it can be commanded, through chanting, for specific purposes or desires, by the will of Allah. This item has no side-effects and is safe to be present in your home amidst your family. Like all genie-items, this item can be passed down to your children, and your children's children making it a magickal family heirloom.

Power Lingga of Worldly Advancement
Code: Magick606

With this empowered occult item your desires will easily be fulfilled and many of your worldly problems be solved; this magickal item can help you with the following: prosperity; career advancement; promotions; business improvement; win tenders; be acquitted in court; heal sexual impotency, etc. The Javanese occult item is easy to use with only a minimum amount of chanting.

Magickal Money Pot
Code: Magick613              Photos of Genies
A magickal, empowered money-pot with a khodamic-spirit intelligence that assists its Keeper to attain prosperity, financial improvement, windfalls, luck, abundance, business success, increase in sales, etc. The item has no negative side-effects--it works through divine and angelic agencies, with spiritual prayers and chanting which is a little involved, lasting 7 days--muslim and non-muslim versions given. The nightly ritual might take about an hour to complete. The power or blessings can manifest through the Keeper--through personal effort; it can offer money-making ideas, inspiration, reveal opportunities for monetary improvement, cause people to offer gifts, or cause events to occur that would have a lucky and beneficial effect. The Keeper of this item is advised to sincerely donate often to charity to acquire spiritual merit. The item fits the palm of your hand and can be passed on to your children/grandchildren as a family heirloom.

Naga-Raja Spirit--Earth Lord of Wealth
Code: Magick615             Photos of Genies
This scarce, occult spirit-item will aid you to attain prosperity, wealth, riches, luck, career advancement, and abundance. The spirit is a very high-class "dragon" lord, often referred to as a "wealth deity." Some chanting in Javanese/Arabic is required to use this item, to command the spirit, however, it is not too difficult. This magickal curio can be handed down to your children, grandchildren as a family heirloom. Like all genie/fairy items that we offer, there are no negative side-effects with the usage of this item. The power of this item is simply a support, a tool of the Source, your real aid comes from the Almighty.

The Magickal Leopard Khodam
Code: Magick616             Photos of Genies
A talismanic curio with magickal inscriptions! This magickal item has been empowered with metaphysical energies that are helpful to its Keeper in many ways. Its virtues includes prosperity; luck; attraction; domestic harmony; sympathy from superiors and peers; helps one to acquire jobs easily or advance in one's career; business improvement; charisma; power-persuasion for salespersons; health/vitality; wards-off psychic attacks, black-magick, negative entities; off-springs for those with no children; safe-labor during birthing of a baby; improvement of mental faculties; increase in clients, etc. The power of this curio may be tapped for manifesting specific desires! The item can be slipped into your wallet or purse--no chanting or difficult rituals required.

Prosperity Power of the Turtle Khodamic Spirit
Code: Magick620
             Photos of Genies
With this magickal item and its associated khodam your life will gradually improve in a significant manner; you will prosper in all aspects of your life, be lucky in everything that you do, and progress in your worldly work and career. The metaphysical energies and khodam of this item will empower, strengthen and inspire you in many subtle ways, and influence all those around you to attend to your needs and requirements. This item may be carried around in one's pocket, purse, briefcase or bag. Some chanting is required to use this item but it is not too difficult to do--it is appropriate for novices and advanced practitioners alike. Stock is limited.

Prosperity Power of the Miniature Naga-Raja Keris
Code: Magick621              Photos of Genies
This unique occult item possesses metaphysical energies and a spirit intelligence that will help improve all aspects of your life; by being its Keeper you will attract luck and be successful in all of your endeavors; your business and career would improve; you will attain a high-office or rank in your work; you will attract a soul-mate if you are single. This occult Javanese Naga-Raja Keris is easy to use; a ritual is involved including some chanting. This item is to be installed in one's home, it comes with the name of its presiding spirit-intelligence. Stock is limited.

The Mystic-Luck Curio
Code: Magick624
If you have problems in any aspects of your life, this mystic-luck curio may aid you to become more fortunate in life. It helps remove the dark clouds of curses, mishaps, misfortune that besets your life. Use it to improve your domestic, business, and social, affairs. This Javanese occult item requires chanting and a simple cleansing self-empowerment ritual. Stock is limited.

The Merchant Stone of Business Success
Code: Magick631
The merchant of whatever trade or business will benefit from this magickally empowered curio as it will aid in improving his business affairs. It helps to attract luck from all points of the compass; improve sales of commodities; helps the Keeper to be successful in negotiations, transactions and deals; helps to beat competitors. This item requires some chanting but it is not too difficult to do. There are no observances, restrictions or negative side-effects.

Amulet of the Snake-Goddess
Code: Magick635
This unique magickal curio empowered with the blessings of the queen of the "blorong-spirits" (half-human, half-snake) helps its Keeper to be successful in all of his/her business/social endeavors; it helps improve one's financial affairs and status; the mystic curio confers attractive virtues upon its Keeper--all those around will have love and affection for the latter; helps one to have a successful courtship; people will regard the Keeper of this curio highly and give heed to his/her words. This item requires some chanting but it is not difficult to do. This is a Javanese occult item.

Luck of the Ancients--Occult Curio
Code: Magick640
The luck of the ancients empowered in this unique occult curio! Carry this magickal item for luck and for improving your finances; helps to increase sales, improve business, acquire abundance in all things; all of your monetary problems are solved easily. Some chanting required but it is not difficult. Both muslim and non-muslim versions given.

Amulet of Wish Fulfillment
Code: Magick645
Carry this small-sized empowered amulet in your wallet/purse, or store it in your home--it helps you to attain and fulfill positive wishes and desires; it can help protect you from all sorts of magickal/psychic attacks; it can improve your finances and aid you to progress in all sectors of your life; simple chanting required--both muslim and non-muslim versions..

The Mystic Amulet of the Occult Javanese Elders
Code: Magick646
Empowered by the Javanese Elders of Indonesian Occultism, and using the lineage-powers/ritual-formulas of past masters, this magickal curio is a great blessing to its Keeper; it helps to improve all aspects of the Keeper's life, whether this be social, business, domestic, romantic, or work-related. This Javanese curio is easy to use though requiring some simple chanting. Stock limited.

Mystic-Serpent Amulet
Code: Magick647
This Mystic-Serpent amulet, metaphysically empowered and ritually charged by an Elder of Javanese occultism, carries powerful forces and a jinn-khodam that can assist its Keeper with the following matters: prosperity; luck from all points of the compass; business success; career advancement; problem-solving; etc. This magickal item requires chanting but is easy to use.

Luck-Blessings Khodam
Code: Magick649
Acquire this magickal khodam to help you attract luck and blessings from the cosmos! It can aid you to improve your finances, career, business, social life, relationships, health, protection, etc. Some simple chanting required. The physical curio that has been empowered with metaphysical energies and khodam is small and unique--may be carried in the wallet, purse, bag, pocket, etc.

Sylphan Khodam Warrior of Riches
Code: Magick650             Photos of Genies
This genie native to high mountain peaks and tops, desire to assist you to solve the problems in life and to help fulfill your needs--with the permission and authority of Allah SWT, they will do so, and the positive effects and beneficial improvements in your life will be seen. This genie can help you in matters of prosperity, social/career advancement, romance, protection, charisma, artistic inspiration, etc.; Some chanting is required to direct the activities of this genie. This item is a blend of Javanese-al Hikmah occultism. Stock is limited.

Genie of Blessings
Code: Magick653         Photos of Genies
If you need that extra magickal assistance to help improve your life and to aid you in your magickal studies, this is the genie that can prove to be useful. The genie will administer to your needs, directly or indirectly, in various matters such as finances; prosperity; career; luck; romance; progress in military/governmental office; protection, etc. The genie can aid you in your magickal progress and in metaphysical matters; the genie can work independently without any personal direction on your part, or it can be directed to assist you in specific matters of which chanting is required. This item is limited in stock--only a few available.

Javanese Personal Khodam of Prosperity & Wealth
Code: Magick654        Photos of Genies
This empowered occult curio with a Javanese Spirit-Khodam associated with it, helps its Keeper to be lucky in his or her mundane endeavors; it attracts beneficial forces and luck from all points of the compass; the power and spirit-intelligence of this item helps promote one's social and financial standing; it helps to improve business, trade; commercial activities, etc. It attracts wealth, windfalls, advances one's career, and help to dissolve problems obstructing financial growth. This magickal item has many other virtues that the Keeper will personally discover in time. This item requires some chanting but it is not too difficult. The item is small and can be carried in the pocket, wallet, purse, etc.

Wealth Blessings of the Hidden Kingdoms
Code: Magick655
Empowered and charged by spirit-intelligences and Javanese adept-shamans/al-Hikmah practitioners, this curio with its associated khodam, blesses its Keeper with wealth, abundance, prosperity, riches, business success, etc. The item is to be kept in the home. This item creates a positive atmosphere wherever it is installed and attracts beneficial metaphysical forces. Some chanting is required but it is not too difficult. This item may be handed over to your children or descendant as a family heirloom. Stock is limited.

Dragon Blessings
Code: Magick656
This amulet has been empowered with occult forces and a spirit-intelligence associated with magickal dragons; it can be directed to help you in all aspects of your life; especially with the following: attracting luck; advancement in career/office/rank; winning business tenders; collecting debts/loans; attraction; developing a commanding presence; protection; victory and success in endeavors; healing, etc. Some chanting is required but it is not too difficult. This is a Javanese occult item.

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