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Magickal Oils

Money Attraction Hizib Oil
Code: Magick21

A very unique oil! Especially appropriate for traders, business and sales persons; attracts customers and clients; helps to bond business partners; attracts luck from the four points of the compass.
Puter Giling Oil
Code: Magick22

Helps to magickally call loved ones to return home; for acquiring affection from others, beauty and youth; builds-up attractiveness and enthusiasm; gets rid of frustration and sloth.
Mahabah Tembus Oil
Code: Magick32

Use this oil to soften the hearts of hard-hearted people; banishes feelings of vengeance; acquire sympathy from others; may be used as a love oil to arouse deep feelings in others; collect debts easily.
Chahaya Mustika Oil
Code: Magick90

Especially made, this magickal oil possesses amazing attractive powers. The opposite sex would be dynamically attracted to the User. The oil helps to build up charisma. Useful for speakers, those involved in PR work, celebrities, etc. The energies of anger and conflicts are discharged with the effluence of the oil. Good for attracting, building, and promoting business relations. Establish harmony in the home by constant use.
Srikandi Gandrung Chakra Oil
Code: Magick94

This occult oil is a compound of three different types of oil originating from Baghdad. It is magically prepared and consecrated by an expert in occultism. The oil awakens a high degree of charisma and attractiveness. Harmonize family and social relationships. Improve your business affairs!
Sinyong-Nyong Love Oil  See Article
Code: Magick129
One of the most famous and rare love oils of the Indonesian occult community. Not easily acquired. Quite costly. Comes in a vial of approx. 2-3cc.
Getah Banyu Urip
Code: Magick168

The magick potion when drunk develops invulnerability against sharp weapons, black magick; develops a youthful appearance; charm; physical health; sexual prowess; anti-hypnotism; six-sense, etc. 7 phials recommended by the producer. Approx. 2cc/phial.
Getah Kesambi
Code: Magick169

For protection against black-magick, psychic attacks; power voice; familiar bodyguard; malicious psychic implants are automatically removed. This is another potion--a more advanced version of Getah Banyu Urip or Magick168. It makes one invulnerable to bullets. 7 phials recommended by the producer. Approx. 2cc/phial.
99 Asmaul Husna Magickal Oil
Code: Magick189

Item for those who are impotent. Just anoint for instant reaction! Please your sexual partner!
Kleleng Oil
Code: Magick214

This oil has been empowered with energies that would help the User to attract the opposite sex. It enhances the quality and strength of the aura increasing the User's personal magnetism. This is an improvement of the Kleng-Kleng oil (magick125) which is no longer available.
Minyak Air Mata Duyung
Code: Magick234
A vial of the tears of the Dugong used in magickal spells of attraction--about 2cc/vial. Contains pheromone--an essential ingredient in sexual arousal. May be used as it is or mixed with other aromatic love-oils. For more information please refer to the article: Magickal Oils. Only a few bottles available--this item is not easy to acquire.
Al-Karomah Oil   Details
Code: Magick235
Magickal oil empowered for protection; prosperity; domestic harmony; healing (coughs, skin-diseases, fevers, poisons, stings, asthma, abdominal pains, etc); easy child-labor; helps to remove pests; exorcism; increase the catch during fishing, etc.
Haekal Tujuh Oil
Code: Magick253
This is a magickal money oil for promoting businesses and improving financial affairs. It also helps the user to achieve and to attaint that which is desired and to quickly advance his/her career or acquire promotion in rank. The divine power bestowed upon the oil, if it pleases God, protects the user from the attacks of human, animal and spirit agencies. It helps to ensure save traveling by land, sea, or air.
Chinta Kasih Love-Oil
Code: Magick274
Empowered love-oil from Kalimantan--formulated by the native Dayaks who are famous for their occult love-spells, oils and potions. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. Contains natural products of high pheromone content. An aromatic oil has been added to the neutral-scent power-base oil for fragrance. Only a few in stock.
Buluh Perindu Love Oil
Code: Magick275

This is the genuine Buluh Perindu oil-extract processed by Kalimantan (Borneo) natives--this is not a simple tincture of the grass as one of the other products that we carry (Oils10). This item is rare and costly. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. High pheromone content. Contents approximately 1cc/vial--add your favorite aromatic oil to it. Only a few in stock. Contents may contain residue and a base-oil of the extraction-process.
Minyak Bintang--Star Oil
Code: Magick276

The Star Oil is one of the most famous legendary oils of the Dayaks of Kalimantan. Its powers of regeneration/resurrection may be read here. We offer this oil here not for its legendary powers of physical immortality but as a healer for serious wounds, cuts, etc.--and as a curio. It is made and formulated with natural products and empowered by a secret magickal process by Dayak shamans. The Minyak Bintang healing prayer is provided in its instruction-paper. This is a rare and costly oil--difficult to acquire.
Only a few in stock.
Manggala Shakti Oil
Code: Magick284

One of the most amazing and multi-purpose oil--the Manggala Shakti. This rare and costly formulated oil-blend has been empowered through strenuous rituals and disciplines. Its virtues: when ingested with rain water after being chanted over with a prayer-chant it confers protection, happiness, magickal powers/abilities, a holy aura, and angelic bodyguards--all with the permission and blessings of the Divine One. If you possess any talisman, keris or power-object that seems to have lost its power, just anoint the object with the oil and it will regain its former degree of force. The oil is also a good media for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. Anoint some of the oil to the center of your forehead as you pray or metaphysically create your desire for manifestation--you will find, with Allah's permission,  that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creation would manifest successfully. Should you anoint yourself with the oil during exercises related to "Tenaga Dalam," "Chi-Kung," meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. you will find the outcome of these exercises in youself to improve in quality, power, and strength. Apply the oil to your clothings and the members of your body and invulnerability would be conferred upon you. You will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, bombs, guns, blades, etc. You will possess charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, etc. Just a drop of the oil in your bathtub or in a bucket of water for a shower would cleanse you of negative energies and "curses." Use this oil to make talismans--they would be extra powerful! Comes in a vial approx. 3 cc.
Toloh Magickal Oil
Code: Magick285

Practically one of the many authentic magickal oils produced by the shaman Dayaks of Kalimantan (Borneo)! They call this "Minyak Toloh"-or "Toloh Oil." This oil, thick in consistency, is used for healing and protection against psychic attacks, black magick, and negative entities. It is especially useful in healing the type of psychic or magickal attacks involving malicious implants--organic/inorganic--transferred magickally by black occultists to their victims (such magickal attacks are called locally, "santet," "tenung" and "teluh."). Such harmful and negative implants may consist of etheric snakes, leeches, worms, maggots, rusty nails, needles, blades, etc. The method of healing is simple--just rub the oil on the affected area where an implant is suspected. This is a scarce and difficult item to acquire and our supply is limited. Comes in a vial 2-3 cc.
The Great Oil
Code: Magick307
Aroma and vibrations fascinated by angels and cosmic intelligences! This fully-empowered vial of oil of "master's-level" is a blend of certain ingredients consisting of an extract of special varieties of flowers: jasmine, amber, "1001 flowers," etc. This oil has many virtues--as an example, it helps one to penetrate psychically into the magickal realms! There are no restrictions in regards to sex, religion, etc., and no negative side-effects to this item--just anoint yourself with this oil and allow the power to work for you--simple chanting is required to command the powers. Other virtues includes attracting the opposite sex--just anoint the palms of your hand and touch the subject; invulnerability; improving business/sales in shops; advancing one's career; influence others by contact or remotely; conjure a khodamic-spirit guide/guardian; retrieve hidden occult objects from elementals/Nature; re-charge talismanic/power items; healing, etc.! Transfer powers to others! No fasting required!
Holy Oil of Love
Code: Magick314

This magickal item has the power of all the love-oils in the world! It aids the user to attract others, especially the opposite sex. Helps the user to be successful in courtship. If the power is directed to a spouse it would prevent illicit affairs and maintain domestic harmony--if an affair is ongoing the spouse would quickly sever the adulterous relationship and return to the waiting arms of the user.
Mambang Hitam Mambang Putih Love Oil
Code: Magick319
This magickal love-oil can attract a subject without the need of touching him or her as required in most Indonesian love-oils.Whosoever you desire, the natural instincts of the subject will be aroused with this magickal oil so that you will be able to easily attract, sway and influence the subject.
Magickal Fossilized Snake-Oil
Code: Magick357
Deep in the jungle of Kalimantan/Borneo may be found a huge snake species that has a long life span said to reach up to 100 years. Certain of these snakes when they feel that it is time for them to die they plunge their tail to the ground; a strange event occurs when the snakes do this--the oil from their body flows towards the bottom of their tail in the ground where a natural vessel is formed to collect the oil. The bodies of the snakes then ossifies. The Dayak shamans regard this oil highly for its magickal virtues, said to increase personal magnetism, a commanding presence, charisma, courage, self-confidence and strength.; the oil also attracts luck, prosperity, good fortune, windfalls and averts the evil-eye, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious implants. This oil is rare even among the Dayaks themselves--it is formulated with the oil from a one-eyed green coconut valued for its many occult and healing properties. Each vial contains approximately 3cc of the oil.
Embah Kahir's Hikmah Oil
Code: Magick386
Improve your Cimande Pencak-Silat martial-arts training with the power of this magickal Hikmah Oil! Invoke the style, movements and power of Embah Kahir (the founder of Cimande Silat) with the secret invocation and Hikmah Oil said to have been empowered by the great man himself. This is not a "Cimande" oil--it is regarded as the latter's precursor and much more powerful. Possess the magickal forces and powers of Embah Kahir (sometimes spelled "Khair")--he who is said to be a physical immortal. This magickal Hikmah Oil was acquired in a cave from a mysterious old man! Stock is limited--once gone this rare oil will no longer be available again. Approx. 100cc/bottle.

Minyak Bintang Biru
Code: Magick400

One of the most rare and powerful magickal oils of the Dayaks of Kalimantan! The Dayaks are well-known for their magick, especially the occult practices of the darker domain. The effects of their black magick/psychic attacks are not easily removed or warded-off except by their very own antidote and power. Dayak shamans aligned with the Positive Force offer this potent traditional oil to help heal and ward-off any forms and types of psychic attacks, black magick, voodoo, malicious implants, noxious psychic/etheric energies, hexes/curses, the evil-eye, etc. The magickally empowered oil is a blend of secret ingredients--it comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc. It is easy to use and can be carried in a white pouch as a talisman.

Minyak Tunggul Naga
Code: Magick401

A traditional love-power oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua. This empowered oil is a blend of magickal herbs and natural ingredients used for attracting members of the opposite sex and arousing their passion. The ingredients may contain pheromone which accounts for its power to arouse sexual instincts. It comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc. It is easy to use and does not require any chanting whatsoever. This is a rare item and difficult to acquire--stock is limited.

Minyak Tunggul Naga Raja
Code: Magick402
Another powerful magickal oil from the tribal shamans of Irian Jaya/Papua! It is a blend of natural, magickal ingredients and empowered through an occult process for the purpose of increasing your charisma, personal magnetism, authoritative bearing/commanding presence. The power of the oil attracts the opposite sex and gains the sympathy of peers, inferiors and superiors at the work place. When used regularly the occult properties of the oil build-up the magnetic-field surrounding the user making it positive and attractive. It attracts benevolent and beneficent spiritual forces that help the user to improve his/her life. The power of the item neutralizes negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, etc. It may be worn in a small pouch as an amulet--it is easy to use. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 3cc. Stock is limited.

Minyak Hadangan   Read Article
Code: Magick403
One of the most scarce magickal love-oils of the Pasir tribe of Kalimantan! This magickal oil is derived from the "Hadangan" buffalo--it is considered as the supreme love-oil and also as a rare curio by collectors of magickal items. The Hadangan oil is known as a powerful medium for attracting the opposite sex; for gaining the sympathy of others whether in a business or social context; for warding-off psychic attacks, black magick and negative forces. The oil is easy to use and its power can be increased by empowering it with the power of a certain traditional mantra. In the situation of influencing the opposite sex, after applying this oil the subject would have the user constantly in her/his thoughts and would strive as much as possible to be near the magical operator even if prior to its use the subject was aloof and inattentive. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.

Minyak Kijang Kencana
Code: Magick408
Specially formulated, secret occult oil from the fat of the golden deer blended with aromatic oils of sacred, magickal woods. This oil empowers the aura of the user and helps to attract the opposite sex; it helps the user to acquire sympathy and to influence others easily, socially and in forming business relationships. The oil makes the user sexually magnetic and charismatic. The scent and metaphysical emanations of the oil is pleasing to spiritual, positive spirits--these would be attracted to the user of the oil assisting the latter to improve his/her life in various ways--use this oil when conducting angelic invocations and in prayers. The oil is perfect for anointing talismans and amulets recharging and vivifying them with renewed energy and power. This is a rare occult item that carries Nature's spiritual fire. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 3cc. Stock is limited.

Minyak Kelapa Mata-Satu
Code: Magick409
The famous one-eyed coconut (an anomaly) is traditionally known in Asian cultures as an occult object that attracts beneficent and positive forces and spirit-intelligences that blesses its Keeper. It is a rare and scarce item that only certain people are destined to find and possess. This present item is an oil-extract from the magickal one-eyed coconut. Its virtues are well-known in the occult tradition of Indonesia and one of the most important oils valued by Javanese shamans. Not only does it possess all of the virtues of the whole coconut itself when kept in its natural state, by virtue of its liquid form it can be used for many magickal applications as well. The one-eyed coconut and its oil are magickally empowered by Nature's forces and Spirit Intelligence-the present oil-extract comes ready to use in a vial of approx. 3cc. It may be applied for certain purposes or just carried as an amulet-its vibrations functions mystically to bless its Keeper in all aspects of life. The power of the oil may be used for healing, for attracting luck and blessings, for protection, etc. This is one type of oil that shamans often appropriate for any magickal purpose-it is one useful tool for spiritual and metaphysical practitioners. Its uses are countless and the practitioner will discover many ways how its power can be tapped and applied. Because of its high vibrations it is suitable for temple rites, initiations and meditations. This occult oil comes with various mantras and methods for the following: for preventing nightmares; for protection against evil/accidents; for general attraction; for attracting a noble soul to be one's child; for neutralizing poison; for increasing sales; for spiritual blessings and cleansing; for acquiring psychic energy/power; for safety from shots of firearms; for a youthful complexion; for healing black magick/psychic attacks/possessions; for a healthy long life; for healing depression/anxiety/psychological problems; for removing entities from a site. This oil is the genuine article--do not be fooled by products sold in the wide-market purporting to be the one-eyed coconut oil.

Minyak Bulu Perindu Kekuatan 40
Code: Magick417
This is a special oil-formula with essences traditionally used for attracting the opposite sex. It is tinctured and empowered with the "Bulu Perindu," a grass from the depths of the Kaliman forests and well known for its "pheremone" content. The oil has the strength of "40" which refers to the many Bulu Perindu grass steeped in it, making the fluid of concentrated power. This potent oil helps you to attract the man or the woman you desire! Attract the opposite sex with ease. Large vial--contents approximately 25cc. Only a few in stock--once this item runs out it may not be available again. A real magickal, collector's item.

Minyak Bambu Perindu
Code: Magick418
Another spectacular oil from the Dayaks of Kalimantan! This oil is an extraction from a certain bamboo-variety traditional known for its magickal powers of attraction. Many local Dayak men and women use this oil to fascinate and appeal to the opposite sex--especially in their courtship rituals and customs. The oil's magnetic life-force and provocative subtle scent stimulates the sexual instincts, and they work wonders to captivate the subject that the user of the oil wishes to attract. The power of the oil is well attested by countless native users throughout the centuries. Like most magickal oils, the Minyak Bulu Perindu is easy to use regardless of your religious persuasion. This is a scarce item and long sought-after by occultists and shamans. Contents approximately 2cc.

Minyak Kerbau Bule
Code: Magick419
A magickal oil from the sacred albino buffalo of the "keraton" of East Java--very much related to the Hadangan-oil buffalos of Kalimantan. Like the latter, the Minyak Kerbau Bule is a powerful love-oil with high spiritual vibrations that wards-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, and malicious entities. It neutralizes hexes, curses, emanations of the "evil-eye" borne by the user. It helps the user to gain sympathy from others. It increases the user's charisma and personal magnetism. This oil is a curio and is scarce as the albino buffalo of the keraton is religiously sacrificed only once in several years. The reddish-hued love-oil comes with a powerful traditional mantra and when applied, can cause the subject of one's desire to yearn constantly for one's presence. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.

Minyak Kerbau Dablang
Code: Magick420

The two sacred buffalos of the Keraton in East Java are the "Kerbau Bule" and the "Kerbau Dablang." These two buffalos are "anomalies" or "freaks" as their appearances differ from the norm. The Kerbau Bule is an albino buffalo whereas the Kerbau Dablang has its horns growing at an angle that do not conform to the positioning of the horns of regular buffalos. Not only are these buffalos considered sacred by the natives, they are also regarded by the local shamans as magickal cause they possess strong pranic life-force and vital magnetism which are especially abundant in their oil-extracts. Like the oil of the Kerbau Bule, the Kerbau Dabalang oil wards-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, and malicious entities. It neutralizes hexes, curses, emanations of the "evil-eye" borne by the user. It helps the user to gain sympathy from others and builds-up the user's charisma and personal magntism--when one views these buffalos in ceremonial procession one cannot help but feel drawn to them--such is their magnetic appeal. As a scarce item and because of its occult virtues and power, the Kerbau Dablang oil is sought-after by many shamans, metaphysical practitioners, and psychic practitioners. Contents approximately 3cc.

Wings of Love Oil
Code: Magick435
Magickal-blend of empowered and naturally powerful occult items: water from 5 sacred springs, buluh perindu grass, talisman, and occult oil. Using long and difficult rituals, this item has been consecrated and charged with cosmic power, with the energies of famous Javanese spells of affection and the archetypal forces of Love. Be loved by many; acquire the affection of the opposite sex; increase your personal magnetism and charm; win the heart of your soul-mate; establish domestic and romantic bliss; acquire the sympathy and respect of your peers, inferiors, and superiors; maintain and improve the relationship that you presently have with the person you love. The oil is easy to use with simple chanting.

Oil of Purity
Code: Magick439
The power of this oil helps to remove and neutralize bad/negative energies, psychic toxins, negative effects of astrological influences, the effects of the evil-eye ("jettatore," "ayin"), etc. If you are struggling through life without lucky breaks or opportunities of advancement, if you find people reacting to you in negative ways or constantly oppressing you, if circumstances in your life always seems to be against you, etc.--it may be because of the negativity within your energy-body and force-field. Generate and maintain a positive frame of mind now while applying this purifying oil--this combined effort will neutralize the "bad star" hanging over you and help your life to improve in every way. The oil is approx.3cc in volume-for a single application in a shower-ritual.

Psychic Vision Oil
Code: Magick442
A third-eye oil that helps unfold clairvoyant ability, helps the occult practitioner to see etheric/astral beings, human spirits, jinns, elementals, and nature-spirits that are hidden to physical perception. With the help of this especially prepared oil the practitioner would acquire the ability to perceive psychically with ease so long as the approach and usage are done correctly and during the appropriate hours. Chanting is required. Oil approx. 2cc

Love-Oil and Spell of the Green Frog
Code: Magick444
A traditional talismanic love-oil formula and spell with amazing attractive powers! Whosoever uses this would surely attract the opposite sex. If used to attract a specific person, the subject would go "crazy" if his/her love is not reciprocated--for this reason use only if marriage is intended. Do not misuse or abuse this item as this would eventually cause self-suffering. Oil approx. 3cc.

Gay-Lesbian Love Oil
Code: Magick464
This item is especially designed for homosexuals and lesbian desiring to attract those of the same gender with the same sexual preference. The power of this Love Oil helps you to influence others of your gender to agree to your desires and demands. This Javanese magickal item is easy to use. Attract someone specific with the power of this oil or use it for general attraction. Use it to influence others remotely or through physical contact. Contents of oil approx. 3cc.

Oil of Raja Kumala
Code: Magick484
A powerful empowered oil to be used when your love-relationship is already progressing. It helps to maintain and stabilize the relationship; it empowers you so that your mate would find it difficult to forget you. It causes longing and desire in your mate during your absence and physical separation. The package comes with empowered salt for a ritual-shower and an empowered vial of oil--approximately 3cc. This item is easy to use.

Oil of Golden Radiance
Code: Magick494
Acquire an attractive and magnetic-aura with this easy to use empowered-oil containing high metaphysical energies/vibrations that would be transferred to your force-field/energy-body via a ritual-shower. The oil itself is a traditional formula containing natural ingredients highly regarded by shamans for their magickal qualities. Attract the opposite sex; influence others easily; gain sympathy from superiors and peers; improve your life in every way. Chanting is required but it is not too difficult--the mantras are ancient and powerful! Your body and face would eventually glow with beauty and magnetic power as you practice chanting the mantra on a routine basis. This is a Javanese occult item.

Dayak Chieftain Oil of Wealth
Code: Magick495
From the depth of the Kalimantan jungle, the natural habitat of the Dayak tribe, comes this rare occult oil for luck, prosperity, abundance, good trade, success in business/negotiations, etc. Once guarded jealously by the chiefs and elders of the Dayaks, it is now made available only on a temporary basis. Stock is therefore, limited. The secret formula of this oil is traditional and made out of natural organic ingredients. This magickal oil is easy to use without requiring any chanting or rituals. Contents of vial approximately 2cc.

Dayak Banishing Oil
Code: Magick496
A rare Dayak oil used for protection against psychic-attacks and for banishing malicious, obnoxious, and malevolent entities. May be applied in conjuration-rituals when stubborn entities are reluctant to depart or protect a home from a haunting. Dayak men use this powerful oil while hunting in the jungles to protect themselves against spirits with harmful intent; it may help heal cases of spirit-possessions--this is a helpful empowered consumable to any would-be ghost-hunter and occult/shamanic practitioner! Made with natural hard-to-find organic ingredients from Kalimantan's rain-forest. This item is easy to use without requiring any chanting or rituals. Contents of vial approx. 1cc. Stock is limited.

Dayak Regal Oil
Code: Magick497
For a strong commanding presence or an authoritative bearing like royalty, apply this amazing empowered-oil of the Dayaks, who are famed for their unusual magickal items and occult powers. The power of the Regal Oil helps you to influence people, to be accepted socially, to rise above your station, to acquire the sympathy of the masses and to sway them; helps you to gain the respect of friend and foe--quite suitable for those running for political offices or those who are in need of greater mundane power. The item is easy to use without any necessary chanting or working of rituals. The Dayak Regal Oil is made out of natural and rare ingredients. Contents of vial approximately 5cc. Only a few vials available!

Dayak Oil of Protection
Code: Magick498
Traditionally carried and applied by Dayak warriors of Kalimantan for protection during hazardous journeys and battles--the vibrational and metaphysical power of the oil ensures safety no matter what events transpire. This powerful occult, empowered oil has not lost its purpose in today's world--carry the vial of magickal oil for protection against accidents during long travels and journeys; carry it to protect yourself from the chaotic forces of Nature (disasters) and from the machinations of aggressors, molesters, bullies, etc. Protect yourself from wild beasts as you go trekking into the wilds. This rare item is limited so acquire yours now. Vial contains oil (approximately 1cc) and secret natural ingredients.

Dayak Oil of Romance
Code: Magick502
One of the scarce, occult love-oils of the Dayak people of Kalimantan. It has a natural subtle scent emanating from its organic ingredients--and high in pheromonal content. Use this oil to woo and court the person that you are interested in. Magickally arouse the passion of the subject whom you desire--the item is so easy to use without any chanting required. Stock is limited. Oil approximately 2 cc.

Dayak Magickal Oil-Blend of Attraction
Code: Magick503
Another powerful occult oil-blend from the Dayaks of Kalimantan! Use this for attracting others--especially the opposite sex. You will exude personal magnetism and people will find themselves being drawn to you. You will have charm and a presence that people would not forget. This oil-blend formula made out of natural ingredients and empowered with magickal force will help you establish that first big impression that opens up doors of opportunities and success. This consumable-item is easy to use without any chanting, rituals, or fasting. Stock is limited. The volume of the oil-blend is approximately 10cc.

The Devastating Love-Oil Spell
Code: Magick507
This love-oil and its spell possess tremendous powers! Those affected by this oil-spell would constantly think of the user and feel uneasy until his or her heart's yearning have been fulfilled. Be warned, this item is powerful and is not to be fooled around with as it can rebound upon the user and cause future karmic problems--only use if one is sincere and has marriage in mind. The avoidance of marriage and lack of commitment can cause the subject to undergo psychological problems and the user to undergo severe retribution. The power of this oil can also remotely influence runaways to return home. This is a Javanese magickal item--contents of vial approx. 2-3cc.

Love-Oil of Semar
Code: Magick524
One of the most favorite love-oil/spell of the Javanese occultists! Use this oil and spell to fascinate the person whom you love--be the one in your beloved's constant thoughts, heart and dreams. You may use it to attract the opposite sex or have people sympathize with your cause. Use it no matter what your profession and you will find your career advancing. Persuade others easily; makes women go crazy over you. The power works very subtly in a subconscious and psychic manner. Persons affected by this power are not easily cured--the power does not fade away easily. The item is easy to use--simple chanting required. Contents of vial--approximately 2cc. Be sure to acquire this authentic item here as there are many fakes or unempowered love-oils around.

Magickal Prosperity Oil
Code: Magick540

An easy to use magickal item for prosperity, improving finances/business/sales, winning tenders, luck, acquire a job, career advancement. Just carry the item in your pocket or install it in your shop, office, store, kiosk, etc. Simple chanting required.

Sultan's Oil of Magnificence
Code: Magick542

A magickal item for men having problems with their sexual tool. The Sultan's Oil of Magnificence is an empowered vial of oil which works in conjunction with a shamanic mantra to help cure impotence in all of its manifold expression. If you seek to increase the size, strength, power and prowess of your manhood in just a matter of days, this magickal item is certainly for you. The item is easy to apply. Contents of vial approx. 10cc.

Shamanic Practitioner's Oil
Code: Magick560

This occultly and highly-charged shamanic magickal oil has the power to assist you to acquire psychic powers and abilities rapidly. It helps to open the Third-Eye and empower your being so that you may be an effective healer and metaphysical/shamanic practitioner. Usage is easy even for a novice, though some chanting and concentration/meditation is required. Contents of the oil approx. 3cc.

Shopkeeper's Prosperity Oil
Code: Magick561

Magickally empowered oil programmed to help businesses attract customers and clients from all points of the compass! Whatever your business may be, whatever commodities or goods you sell, whatever service you offer, this magickal oil will help you to prosper and your business to grow. The power of the oil also protects your business or shop from black magick, psychic attacks and negative people such as troublesome clients/customers, thieves, etc. The power of the oil is easy to apply and is suitable for physical shops, kiosks, stalls, restaurants, etc. Contents of the oil approx. 3cc.

The Mystic-Power Oil
Code: Magick567
This Mystic-Power Oil helps the user to acquire extraordinary powers, protection, spirit-aid/guidance, occult success, ESP, etc. This easy to use item is applied as an empowerment and as a training aid. Some simple chanting required. This is a Javanese magickal item, the product of an advanced occult adept.

Healer's Magickal Oil
Code: Magick570

This magickal oil will aid the user to be a metaphysical healer. By the grace of God, with the application of this Healer's Magickal Oil those suffering from ailments would recover quickly. Using this item is easy with a minimum amount of chanting. Approximate amount: 3cc.

Occult Power Oil of Bhima
Code: Magick617 
Especially formulated and empowered through long rituals, chanting, and meditations, this power oil of the legendary Bhima confers high charisma and a commanding presence/authoritative bearing. Your presence, movements and gestures can weaken your opponents in sports, debates or fights. Be careful when fighting as you would have the power-punch--this could be fatal to the one receiving your blows, punches and strikes. The oil also makes you attractive and desirable. Easy to use with a short prayer to memorize. Approx. 3cc.

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