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Pemikat Sukma Talisman
Code: Magick01

For attracting love and affection--even from a specific person. Small and convenient. Simple rituals. Use with care--do not force love.
Sangkal Jodoh Talisman
Code: Magick04
This item improves the auric radiations of the User. It results in attractiveness and increased personal magnetism. It neutralizes negative energies in one's system and builds-up self-confidence. The talisman would cause others to respond positively and be sympathetic to the User. Carry this talisman for quickly acquiring a soul-mate.
Semar Mesem Keris (Small)
Code: Magick07
Attracts love, romance, affection, a soul-mate. Helps the user to acquire charisma, personal magnetism, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, sexual appeal.
Kijing Mas Magickal Power
Code: Magick18
This consecrated object is small and convenient enough to carry in the pocket or purse. Its function is to improve one's auric radiations so as to build-up one's potential for attracting a soul-mate; builds-up charisma; may be carried for general affection from others.
Mahabah Tembus Oil
Code: Magick32

Use this oil to soften the hearts of hard-hearted people; banishes feelings of vengeance; acquire sympathy from others; may be used as a love oil to arouse deep feelings in others; collect debts easily.
Asma Mahabbah Akbar Ring
Code: Magick40

This item is a semi-precious gem stone, consecrated for the purpose of general attraction; it builds up personal magnetism; helps to acquire sympathy and affection; attracts one's soul-mate. The power of the stone strengthens and purifies the auric radiance of the User's body--this auric improvement is essential for acquiring a positive response from those we interact in social and business affairs.
Godog Gadang
Code: Magick43

The Godag Gadang power increases the magnitude of one's penis to whatever size you desire through magickal and physical methods! (Obviously for men only).
Soul-Mate Attractor Talismanic Belt
Code: Magick51

Builds-up sex appeal and extraordinary attractiveness; when worn every day the power will help the User to widen his/her social circle and acquire sympathy from others. Helps to acquire respect from superiors, inferiors, peers and associates. When clearly exposed to enemies, the power will help transform them into friends; when worn by those who are single, the talismanic belt will attract a soul-mate to the User.
Celak Pengasihan
Code: Magick63

Substance for the eye-lids, for attracting the opposite sex; also builds-up charisma; suitable for public figures or preachers.
Chahaya Mustika Oil
Code: Magick90

Especially made, this magickal oil possesses amazing attractive powers. The opposite sex would be dynamically attracted to the User. The oil helps to build up charisma. Useful for speakers, those involved in PR work, celebrities, etc. The energies of anger and conflicts are discharged with the effluence of the oil. Good for attracting, building, and promoting business relations. Establish harmony in the home by constant use.
Srikandi Gandrung Chakra Oil
Code: Magick94

This occult oil is a compound of three different types of oil originating from Baghdad. It is magically prepared and consecrated by an expert in occultism. The oil awakens a high degree of charisma and attractiveness. Harmonize family and social relationships. Improve your business affairs!
Pikat Sukma Magickal Power
Code: Magick103

There are nine spirit familiars associated with this talisman. Use it to attract the opposite sex or one's soul-mate. Do not abuse this power. Not for frivolous use! For those who are 21 years or older.
Susuk Loloh
Code: Magick116

When this empowered item is consumed you will acquire a powerful auric radiance. You will look beautiful and attractive. Be loved by the opposite sex! You will become youthful--wrinkles will disappear. You will also become invulnerable to sharp weapons. Effects are permanent! This item is a different version, but more powerful, of a similar previous product no longer available! Ask for the price.
Sinyong-Nyong Love Oil   See Article
Code: Magick129
One of the most famous and rare love oils of the Indonesian occult community. Not easily acquired. Quite costly.
Aura Sukma
Code: Magick133

This item helps you to attract your soul-mate, even those you specifically desire-even from a distance!
Aura Srikandhi
Code: Magick134

This power creates a powerful radiance from your face that attracts and enchants men. They will find it hard to forget you. The power also provides one's husband with a reason not to seek pleasures elsewhere.
For women only!
Pupur Ken Dedes
Code: Magick163

Transform your ordinary face into a beauty queen! Powder contains powerful energies. Suitable for women in show-biz. Made from rare ingredients.
Pengasihan Permata Roh Tunggal
Code: Magick184

The power of this magickal item prevents one's spouse from having affairs with others. It may be used to handle difficult children; it helps cause difficult partners to realize their errors in the relationship.
99 Asmaul Husna Magickal Oil
Code: Magick189

Item for those who are impotent. Just anoint for instant reaction! Please your sexual partner!
Keris Sakti Klewer
Code: Magick205

Small talismanic keris for attracting the opposite sex. It mellows and warms the person with an aloof attitude.
Keris Klewer Urat Mas
Code: Magick206

This keris with golden veins has powerful attractive virtues-it has the power to prevent one's partner from being tempted by others, aside from other virtues dealing with the heart.
Magickal Queen Talisman
Code: Magick209
Place this magickal talisman at your dressing table. It would cause your husband or your lover to constantly be affectionate towards you. The object also empowers your aura.
Nur Pamungkas Yusuf Mantis
Code: Magick221
Attraction and rare love power of Javanese magick; the crown of charisma; attract a soul-mate or companions; influence your superiors, personal magnetism, etc.
Gemerlap Ratu Bayu
Code: Magick228
The power of this talismanic capsule when swallowed produces a youthful mien and countenance. You will exude charm and inner beauty. Onlookers will be amazed at your beauty and auric radiance. This item is for women only. Most suitable for celebrities, performers, hostesses, models, etc.
Minyak Air Mata Duyung
Code: Magick234
A vial of the tears of the Dugong used in magickal spells of attraction--about 2cc/vial. Contains pheromone--an essential ingredient in sexual arousal. May be used as it is or mixed with other aromatic love-oils. For more information please refer to the article: Magickal Oils. Only a few bottles available--this item is not easy to acquire.
Bidadari Halwat Talisman
Code: Magick236

Especially empowered for women! The magickal power of this talisman makes the User appear young and attractive, and acquire self-confidence; it imbues the User with positive energies thus increasing personal magnetism; as a result of the metaphysical power within the talisman, the User's husband would not commit infidelity and domestic harmony would be established
. The talisman functions automatically. All that is needed is to carry it with you in your pocket, purse, etc.
Kamasutra Talisman
Code: Magick237

This talisman is empowered for sexual potency; for the prevention of premature-ejaculation; helps the User to reach orgasm. Just tie it around the arm or waist.
Sexual-Potency Empowerment
Code: Magick240

This magickal empowerment is for a single application. The simple ritual is to be done before engaging in sexual activity. It confers sexual potency.
No chanting required.
Attraction and Beauty Empowerment
Code: Magick268
This empowerment item is for acquiring beauty; good-appearance; attractiveness; the power to acquire sympathy; business prosperity; helps to acquire a soul-mate; youth, etc. May be used by anyone regardless of sex, age, race, religion, etc. There are no side-effects.
Chinta Kasih Love-Oil
Code: Magick274
Empowered love-oil from Kalimantan--formulated by the native Dayaks who are famous for their occult love-spells, oils and potions. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. Contains natural products of high pheromone content. An aromatic oil has been added to the neutral-scent power-base oil for fragrance. Only a few in stock.
Buluh Perindu Love Oil
Code: Magick275

This is the genuine Buluh Perindu oil-extract processed by Kalimantan (Borneo) natives--this is not a tincture from the grass as one of the other products that we carry (Oils10). This item is rare and costly. Anoint yourself with this oil to magickally attract the opposite sex or someone special. High pheromone content. Contents approximately 1cc/vial--add your favorite aromatic oil to it. Only a few in stock.
Jeweled-Aura Power
Code: Magick282

This item helps to develop in the user a powerful auric presence--an amazingly strong and high-frequency magnetic-field. The presence of the user would cause others to have respect and acquire their sympathy. One's inner potentials, talents, and creativity would come forth easily with the power of this item. The powers of fascination would also unfold; as a result of the conferment of the power, the user's life would be filled with abundance, prosperity, love, happiness, success, etc. This is a self-empowerment item where ritual-showers and prayers are conducted.
Joyo Kusumo Talisman
Code: Magick294

This item increases your personal magnetism and charisma--anyone looking at you would feel sympathetic and feel attracted. If you place the talisman beneath your pillow as you sleep and chant the name of a subject--s/he would have romantic/sexual dreams related to you. Warning: do not misuse this power--it is only for mature use and with the prior agreement of the subject for conducting telepathic experiments!
Magickal Love-Attraction Stone
Code:  Magick297
Just by eye-contact (staring) the opposite sex would feel attracted to you. They would go crazy over you and would respond positively to your suggestions--as a result of the power of this magickal stone. Bonus: "Ajian Jaran Goyang Spell"--arouse someone amorously in a remote manner.
Goddess of Love Talisman
Code:  Magick301
If your love is rejected or forgotten by someone, s/he will eventualy return to you with love and affection even if they be across the seas. Use only if the relationship has love as a basis and the subject still has certain feelings for you.
The Great Oil
Code: Magick307
Aroma and vibrations fascinated by angels and cosmic intelligences! This fully-empowered vial of oil of "master's-level" is a blend of certain ingredients consisting of an extract of special varieties of flowers: jasmine, amber, "1001 flowers," etc. This oil has many virtues--as an example, it helps one to penetrate psychically into the magickal realms! There are no restrictions in regards to sex, religion, etc., and no negative side-effects to this item--just anoint yourself with this oil and allow the power to work for you--simple chanting is required to command the powers. Other virtues includes attracting the opposite sex--just anoint the palms of your hand and touch the subject; invulnerability; improving business/sales in shops; advancing one's career; influence others by contact or remotely; conjure a khodamic-spirit guide/guardian; retrieve hidden occult objects from elementals/Nature; re-charge talismanic/power items; healing, etc.! Transfer powers to others! No fasting required!
Tantric Love-Talisman
Code: Magick309

Magickal item to help the user to quickaly acquire a soul-mate--also helps to improve social and financial matters. It increases sales for those involved in businesses and strengthens business-relationships. Acquire sympathy and assistance easily.
Bondan Love-Talisman
Code: Magick310

Empowered talisman that confers to the user enormous attractive powers and personal magnetism appealing to the opposite sex. Those that are indifferent to the user would have a more affectionate and loving response--might cause them to fall madly in love!
Mountain-Princess Talisman
Code: Magick311

Once you acquire this item, you will instantly possess a unique attractiveness; your appearance would fascinate others--they will find you remarkably magnetic--your physical body would exude an incredible magickal magnetism. You will appear differently to others and everyone who look upon your face would be enchanted.
Tarub-Marriage Talisman
Code: Magick313

Acquire your ideal soul-mate with the help of this magickal item! It also helps the user to advance in career, improve business, prosper, etc. The power establishes domestic harmony between husband and wife.
Holy Oil of Love
Code: Magick314

This magickal item has the power of all the love-oils in the world! It aids the user to attract others, especially the opposite sex. Helps the user to be successful in courtship. If the power is directed to a spouse it would prevent illicit affairs and maintain domestic harmony--if an affair is ongoing the spouse would quickly sever the adulterous relationship and return to the waiting arms of the user.
Magickal Love-Fish
Code: Magick318
This is a magickal object traditionally used for attracting the opposite sex! Many Indonesian natives consider this as the "king" of love objects. The item is a certain fish from the South Java Sea; it lives about 600 meters deep. This fish live in darkness and never rises to the surface to be exposed to sunlight. Its eyes blinks like humans. It is said that whosoever carries this fish, the person acquires a magickal power--anyone he or she touches or call, that person will approach or turn to the user with interest, sympathy, love and desire. The fish comes in a dried, thin form in a pouch. It does not smell.
Mambang Hitam Mambang Putih Love Oil
Code: Magick319
This magickal love-oil can attract a subject without the need of touching him or her as required in most Indonesian love-oils.Whosoever you desire, the natural instincts of the subject will be aroused with this magickal oil so that you will be able to easily attract, sway and influence the subject.
Magickal Anti-Adultery Power I
Code: Magick320
Husbands who are concern that their wives might commit adultery or taken advantage of by other men may use this power to prevent unwanted situations. With this power the third party will magickally not be able to locate the genital of one's wife.
Magickal Anti-Adultery Power II
Code: Magick321
Wives who are concern that their husbands might commit adultery or taken advantage of by other women may use this power to prevent unwanted situations. With this power the third party will have no satisfaction as the genital of one's husband will not be able to function.
Projection of Dreams
Code: Magick325
Acquire the ability to send sensual dreams to the opposite sex whenever you want. The subject will dream of being amorous with you which in waking reality, will result in the subject longing for your presence. A Javanese magickal item.
Setan Kober Magickal Love Power
Code: Magick327
This is a powerful Javanese love empowerment and spell. After chainting a mantra 100x for attunement and energy-generation, chant the mantra for a further 7x with the name of the subject, and the subject will be in sympathy with you; chant 21x and the subject will be attracted to you; chant 41x and the subject will fall in love with you--during chanting the subject will feel uneasy and may have trouble sleeping. If the mantra is chanted 99x for three consecutive days, the subject will not desire anyone else but you. This spell must not be misused as the consequences are karmically severe. Play with fire and you will end-up being burnt.
Pepper Orgasm Power
Code: Magick330
You only need to focus on a female subject while playing with an enchanted pepper-seed and chanting a certain spell--not long after she will get sexually aroused and this can lead to her having an orgasm. Tease your lover. The pepper seed may be used repeatedly until it crumbles--several provided.
Hypnotizing Love-Power
Code: Magick331
This empowerment item is a combination of a love-spell with a hypnotizing power. A single touch will cause a positive reaction in the subject. The subject will be overwhelmed by your presence--s/he will do whatever is requested.
Big Guy Magickal Power
Code: Magick336
Let your lover "feel" your male organ to be whatever size you desire.  The change is metaphysically felt as "real." No therapy or application of herbal formulas required. Use the power right away just as soon as you undergo the initiation-ritual. This is a Javanese item and is similar to Magick43.
Fascination-Dispeller Power
Code: Magick340
This item breaks-up outworn and unwanted love-relationships without any pain for both parties. It also neutralizes malicious love-magick cast on oneself. Easy to use--the one that is involved in the relationship has to personally use this item--this is not a magickal spell to break up a couple.
Mermaid Amulet
Code: Magick343
This magickal item is especially designed for women who have trouble attracting men. The power-item makes you appear pretty, magnetic and desirable. Men would express their admiration for you. When they lay their eyes on you they would be charmed magickally and go crazy over you. This is a Javanese-occult item.
Semar Gandrung Talisman
Code: Magick345
This is a powerful talisman for enchanting others and making them fascinated with you. Whosoever possesses this talisman and power would be able to influence the heart of any person. With this item you will appear attractive, charismatic and full of personal magnetism. If you have been humiliated in your attempts in seeking a mate, this talisman and power may be your answer--even ex-lovers may return to you.
Arjuna Magickal Intimacy Power
Code: Magick346
This talisman is especially designed for men who desire to appear attractive, handsome, macho,  and self-confident as the legendary Arjuna. Be amazed by any woman! If you were jilted, betrayed and humiliated, your ex-lover may return to you with this power. This talisman, if it pleases Allah, is a powerful force in helping the user to conquer the hearts of women. Whoever she may be, she will submit herself willingly to you because this talisman contains high enchantment powers. She will feel uncomfortable even if she does not see you for a day.
Jaran Sembrani Love Power
Code: Magick347
Whosoever possesses this magickal object will attract a lover/soul-mate quickly as it is very potent in love-romantic affairs. Women offering escort services will acquire lots of clients. Anyone meeting you for the first time may want to be with you indefinitely and s/he will not leave you unless you desire it to be so--you will be constantly in the person's heart and s/he will love you deeply. The item may be used magickally to influence your heart's desire to come to you even if the subject be living at a distance. However, you should not play around with people's hearts--use this item only if you are serious in making a commitment in marriage--do not become arrogant as a result of possessing this power. This is a Javanese occult item.
Domestic Bliss Stone
Code: Magick362
The power of this stone establishes domestic bliss; it can help prevent adultery and neutralize psychic influences having the objective of destroying one's marriage. The power may be used to cause impotency or frigidity on the part of one's spouse when they are engaged in extra-marital affairs--marital relations with one's spouse will not be affected and functions as normal.

Talisman of Sexual Power
Code: Magick390
A wonderful magickal talisman to aid you to have an improved sexual-life--strengthens your sexual prowess and prolongs the sexual experience. This item is easy to use--no chanting or rituals required.

Magickal Male Potency
Code: Magick395

Empowered with magickal forces using the rituals and secret mantras as transmitted by ancient occultists and mystics to a few selected practitioners, this talismanic consumable has proven itself time and time again to help the user solve domestic matters related to sex. With the grace of God, by being empowered with this item you will acquire sexual potency and be able to bring joy to your wife and fulfill her biological needs. This item helps you overcome premature ejaculation and impotency. Comes with a bonus section of secret methods for stregthening and increasing penis-size.

Magickal Power of Cupid
Code: Magick399

With this magickal empowerment you will quickly master the various traditional love-spells (called "pelet") of ancient Javanese shamanism. Some of these power chants require fasting. The love-spells includes enchanting the opposite sex through whistling, through touching,, through scent, through gazing, through the voice, through potions, through cigarette smoke, through the facial expression, through calling the subject's name out aloud, etc. Famous love-spells of fascination are revealed and explained such as "Kinjeng Mas," "Kencana Wungu," "Jaran Goyang," "Madu Selasih," etc. The love-spells although requiring a reasonable amount of effort in their application, they are powerful and well worth the trouble. Please do not abuse the privilege of wielding the power--use it with the intent of marriage.

Minyak Hadangan   Read Article
Code: Magick403
One of the most scarce magickal love-oils of the Pasir tribe of Kalimantan! This magickal oil is derived from the "Hadangan" buffalo--it is considered as the supreme love-oil and also as a rare curio by collectors of magickal items. The Hadangan oil is known as a powerful medium for attracting the opposite sex; for gaining the sympathy of others whether in a business or social context; for warding-off psychic attacks, black magick and negative forces. The oil is easy to use and its power can be increased by empowering it with the power of a certain traditional mantra. In the situation of influencing the opposite sex, after applying this oil the subject would have the user constantly in her/his thoughts and would strive as much as possible to be near the magical operator even if prior to its use the subject was aloof and inattentive. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.

Minyak Kijang Kencana
Code: Magick408
Specially formulated, secret occult oil from the fat of the golden deer blended with aromatic oils of sacred, magickal woods. This oil empowers the aura of the user and helps to attract the opposite sex; it helps the user to acquire sympathy and to influence others easily, socially and in forming business relationships. The oil makes the user sexually magnetic and charismatic. The scent and metaphysical emanations of the oil is pleasing to spiritual, positive spirits--these would be attracted to the user of the oil assisting the latter to improve his/her life in various ways--use this oil when conducting angelic invocations and in prayers. The oil is perfect for anointing talismans and amulets recharging and vivifying them with renewed energy and power. This is a rare occult item that carries Nature's spiritual fire. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 3cc. Stock is limited.

Minyak Bulu Perindu Kekuatan 40
Code: Magick417
This is a special oil-formula with essences traditionally used for attracting the opposite sex. It is tinctured and empowered with the "Bulu Perindu," a grass from the depths of the Kaliman forests and well known for its "pheremone" content. The oil has the strength of "40" which refers to the many Bulu Perindu grass steeped in it, making the fluid of concentrated power. This potent oil helps you to attract the man or the woman you desire! Attract the opposite sex with ease. Large vial--contents approximately 25cc. Only a few in stock--once this item runs out it may not be available again. A real magickal, collector's item.

Minyak Bambu Perindu
Code: Magick418
Another spectacular oil from the Dayaks of Kalimantan! This oil is an extraction from a certain bamboo-variety traditional known for its magickal powers of attraction. Many local Dayak men and women use this oil to fascinate and appeal to the opposite sex--especially in their courtship rituals and customs. The oil's magnetic life-force and provocative subtle scent stimulates the sexual instincts, and they work wonders to captivate the subject that the user of the oil wishes to attract. The power of the oil is well attested by countless native users throughout the centuries. Like most magickal oils, the Minyak Bulu Perindu is easy to use regardless of your religious persuasion. This is a scarce item and long sought-after by occultists and shamans. Contents approximately 2cc.

Minyak Kerbau Bule
Code: Magick419
A magickal oil from the sacred albino buffalo of the "keraton" of East Java--very much related to the Hadangan-oil buffalos of Kalimantan. Like the latter, the Minyak Kerbau Bule is a powerful love-oil with high spiritual vibrations that wards-off negative energies, psychic attacks, black magick, and malicious entities. It neutralizes hexes, curses, emanations of the "evil-eye" borne by the user. It helps the user to gain sympathy from others. It increases the user's charisma and personal magnetism. This oil is a curio and is scarce as the albino buffalo of the keraton is religiously sacrificed only once in several years. The reddish-hued love-oil comes with a powerful traditional mantra and when applied, can cause the subject of one's desire to yearn constantly for one's presence. The oil comes in a vial of approximately 2cc.

The Magickal Macho Tool
Code: Magick422

A magickal power sought for by many men. In a magickal manner of just minutes it transforms the male vital organ into something that one would be proud of--huge, long, and the ability to prolong coitus. The effects are permanent--those suffering from impotency are healed almost instantly. No need to wait for days for the healing process--it works in minutes!

The Flower Fairy
Code: Magick425

A high-class fairy of joy, love, abundance, success, creativity, healing, and popularity! This fairy can be your daily companion to assist you with the foregoing--allow it to be your muse, your guide and helper! Special ritual prayer to the Supreme Being for assistance in any matter--the fairy will function and aid you under the command and authority of the Supreme Intelligence--the fairy works best if your problem or need is in its field of expertise. The fairy can follow you around to do its work. The name of the fairy is given with the occult object that it associates with. If you are psychically sensitive and are clairvoyant you may see the fairy and converse directly with it. The item is easy to use even for the novice in occult matters. Stock is limited.

Wings of Love Oil
Code: Magick435
Magickal-blend of empowered and naturally powerful occult items: water from 5 sacred springs, buluh perindu grass, talisman, and occult oil. Using long and difficult rituals, this item has been consecrated and charged with cosmic power, with the energies of famous Javanese spells of affection and the archetypal forces of Love. Be loved by many; acquire the affection of the opposite sex; increase your personal magnetism and charm; win the heart of your soul-mate; establish domestic and romantic bliss; acquire the sympathy and respect of your peers, inferiors, and superiors; maintain and improve the relationship that you presently have with the person you love. The oil is easy to use with simple chanting.

Anti-Cupid Stone
Code: Magick440
If you are aware of being involved in an unnatural relationship such as a nefarious love-spell cast over you, or if you know someone close to you who is under such a spell and wish to dispel the harmful influences and break the relationship, you may apply the power of this stone to sever the relationship between the two parties involved in the romantic tie. Also works if your spouse is involved with a third-party but feels it difficult to break-up the relationship yet wishes to do so. The effects of this stone with its accompanying ritual and metaphysically empowered items will not result in any emotional pain. Easy to use.

Love-Oil and Spell of the Green Frog
Code: Magick444
A traditional talismanic love-oil formula and spell with amazing attractive powers! Whosoever uses this would surely attract the opposite sex. If used to attract a specific person, the subject would go "crazy" if his/her love is not reciprocated--for this reason use only if marriage is intended. Do not misuse or abuse this item as this would eventually cause self-suffering. Oil approx. 3cc.

Virginity Restored
Code: Magick448
This empowered consumable helps women to return to their original purity, their virginal-state--physically speaking. The "hymen" would re-form and sexual intimacy could cause the usual virgin's bleeding. Easy to use.

The Semar Amulet
Code: Magick458
Carry this magickal item in your pocket/wallet as you go courting, propose for marriage, and request permission/blessings (hand in marriage) from your beloved's parents. The power of this item will ensure that all goes well and that your beloved's family will accept and love you as their own son. This Javanese magickal item is easy to use.

Magickal Potion of the Troll
Code: Magick459
Couples wishing to have children will find some help with this magickal item as it aids barren wombs to be fertile. This item also amazingly help women impregnated by violence and through unethical means to abort their pregnancy. The embryo or fetus (of an early stage) would stall in its growth and the pregnancy end in a miscarriage. This item is not to be abused. It is easy to use. This is a scarce Javanese-power magickal item.

Magickal Spouse
Code: Magick460
Conjure and "marry" an attractive genie with this magickal formula! Once successful with the conjuration the genie will be by your side and may aid you in any aspect of your life; it may help fulfill your needs, to fulfill any purpose so long as it is selfless and does not harm others-it can aid in such matters as improving finances, protecting a place, increasing one's charisma/personal magnetism, etc. The genie may even grant sexual favors! Be sexually intimate with the genie!--this may occur during dreams while one is asleep. A special room is required for the conjuration-ritual which may require up to 7 days of work. Intensive chanting is required. Some items are needed for this ritual that can easily be acquired from around the house, garden or store. Certain empowered consumables are included in this package. Please note that this magickal item is not for the novice practitioner, those who are simply intellectually curious, or for those who simply wish to acquire power for self-centered purposes-it is for those who wish to tread this path to better serve humanity. Contains complete occult instructions for the ritual-ceremony. This is a Javanese occult item.

Gay-Lesbian Love Oil
Code: Magick464
This item is especially designed for homosexuals and lesbian desiring to attract those of the same gender with the same sexual preference. The power of this Love Oil helps you to influence others of your gender to agree to your desires and demands. This Javanese magickal item is easy to use. Attract someone specific with the power of this oil or use it for general attraction. Use it to influence others remotely or through physical contact. Contents of oil approx. 3cc.

Empowered Dayak's Bulu Perindu
Code: Magick467
A magickal empowered item and mantra for influencing and attracting through remote means a female subject whom you wish to attract. With this item you will not have to meet the subject in order to influence magickally, the item will assist you to contact the person whom you wish to attract in a telepathic manner and on a subconscious level. Knowledge of the subject's name is of little importance with this spell of influence--with the power of this item it suffices to know just the appearance of the subject (the subject must also have seen you previously). Lick the magickal item 3 times at night and the subject would find you agreeable; lick it 9 times and the subject will have a sexual dream related to you. Lick the item 12x and conduct the ritual twice a day and the subject would feel anxious and have the desire to meet you--s/he will think of you constantly. Simple chanting is required. The Bulu Perindu reacts to moisture and heat--it moves and wriggles on its own. Working with this item is easy--chanting is required but it is not complicated. This is a Javanese occult item.

Magickal Ring of the Princess
Code: Magick468       Photos of Genies
Especially designed for women (though men with slender fingers may use it as well), this magickal ring has a couple of genies associated with it. By wearing the magickal ring of the Princess you will appear highly attractive and charming. People would be attracted to you--especially those of the opposite sex. The item helps to improve every aspect of your life--social, business, career, domestic, etc. You would be successful in all of your endeavors. The item confers protection and lots of luck, blessings, etc. All of your problems would easily be solved and you will have the courage and strength to face them. This magickal item is a blend of Javanese occultism and Islamic ah-Hikmah. The spirit-intelligences work under divine command as you submit your prayers to Heaven. The genies may be seen if you have your clairvoyant faculty functioning, otherwise, you may just sense its presence every now and then. The ritual requires some simple chanting. Most virtues function automatically.

Sexually Bound!
Code: Magick473
This item prevents and hinders your husband from committing infidelity or adultery. It will cause sexual impotency on his part should he try to be unfaithful, but conjugal relations and intimacy with you would still be as normal. This is a potent al-Hikmah occult method used in conjunction with a shamanic Javanese spell and empowered object. It is easy to use.

Oil of Golden Radiance
Code: Magick494
Acquire an attractive and magnetic-aura with this easy to use empowered-oil containing high metaphysical energies/vibrations that would be transferred to your force-field/energy-body via a ritual-shower. The oil itself is a traditional formula containing natural ingredients highly regarded by shamans for their magickal qualities. Attract the opposite sex; influence others easily; gain sympathy from superiors and peers; improve your life in every way. Chanting is required but it is not too difficult--the mantras are ancient and powerful! Your body and face would eventually glow with beauty and magnetic power as you practice chanting the mantra on a routine basis. This is a Javanese occult item.

The Devastating Love-Oil Spell
Code: Magick507
This love-oil and its spell possess tremendous powers! Those affected by this oil-spell would constantly think of the user and feel uneasy until his or her heart's yearning have been fulfilled. Be warned, this item is powerful and is not to be fooled around with as it can rebound upon the user and cause future karmic problems--only use if one is sincere and has marriage in mind. The avoidance of marriage and lack of commitment can cause the subject to undergo psychological problems and the user to undergo severe retribution. The power of this oil can also remotely influence runaways to return home. This is a Javanese magickal item--contents of vial approx. 2-3cc.

Magickal Sexual Talisman
Code: Magick508
With the help of this magickal item you will acquire sexual-potency and be able to carry-out your conjugal duties and please your beloved as a husband and as a man. The item is easy to use and can be applied immediately. The occult-formula of this small, talismanic item comes from the old al-Hikmah tradition.

Fascination Power
Code: Magick513
An ancient love-spell amulet from the old Mataram kingdom of Java! It can be used by both men or women to affect and influence the opposite sex--the subject would constantly have you in mind, in his/her thoughts and imagination. The desire to be with the user of this item would grow within the subject and would "beg" for love. Usage though easy, takes some effort. Do not misuse this item--use it only for the intention of marriage. There are two powerful ways of using this item--remotely and through personal contact.

Domestic Harmony and Bliss
Code: Magick514
This magickal item radiates peace and harmony to the home. There will be less fights, quarrels, and conflicts between members of the family--especially between husband and wife. The power of this item neutralizes negative energies in the premises and causes a soothing power to pervade the home. The installation of this Javanese item is easy--does not require any difficult maintenance.

Magickal Adultery Obstructor
Code: Magick520

With this item you may obstruct and hinder your spouse from having illicit sexual relationships with others and thus ending extra-marital affairs and not causing domestic problems, pain and suffering. The item causes the sexual organ of your spouse to malfunction, become impotent, suffer rashes or swell when being unfaithful or engaged in adultery. The negative symptoms do not arise during normal husband-wife intimacy. This Javanese occult item is easy and safe to use--simple chanting required.

Love-Oil of Semar
Code: Magick524
One of the most favorite love-oil/spell of the Javanese occultists! Use this oil and spell to fascinate the person whom you love--be the one in your beloved's constant thoughts, heart and dreams. You may use it to attract the opposite sex or have people sympathize with your cause. Use it no matter what your profession and you will find your career advancing. Persuade others easily; makes women go crazy over you. The power works very subtly in a subconscious and psychic manner. Persons affected by this power are not easily cured--the power does not fade away easily. The item is easy to use--simple chanting required. Contents of vial--approximately 2cc. Be sure to acquire this authentic item here as there are many fakes or unempowered love-oils around.

Face of Enchantment
Code: Magick541

Just swallow this magickally empowered item and acquire facial radiance and attractiveness. You will always look young and exude extraordinary personal magnetism. You will find yourself gaining popularity as people find you desirable as a friend, associate, companion, lover, etc. The item is easy to use--no negative side effect whatsoever.

The Love Mustika
Code: Magick555
If it pleases Allah, with the power of this empowered mustika-stone you will attract the person whom you desire--s/he will offer his or her heart to you and be your devoted mate. This item is easy to use with simple activation-chanting. Do not misuse this item or you will create negative karma that manifests as suffering in your personal life. Use only with the intention of marriage or healing a relationship.

Cupid's Arrow
Code: Magick556
The arrow of love!--made out of brass. This empowered item of the Javanese occult tradition helps the user to heal his/her broken love-relationship. All negative emotions on the part of the subject are transmuted into love and affection: previously you were hated, now you are loved; before you were rejected, now you are accepted. This item is easy to use--simple chanting required.

The Ring of Lady Venus
Code: Magick583

If you have problems with personal relationships or trouble finding a companion, soul-mate, etc., then this ring is for you. This magickally-charged ring helps its user to attract an appropriate soul-mate; it confers personal magnetism and charm; anyone in contact with the user would feel attracted and feel admiration for the latter; the power helps the user to be successful in all sorts of relationships; helps attract customers and potential clients. This magickally-charged stone-ring may be used/worn by men and women. Wear it on your finger or carry it in your pocket, or hang it on a chain as a pendant. This item is easy to use.

Spirit Mystic Love-Stone of the Indian Ocean
Code: Magick591   

The power of this magickally empowered stone with the blessings of the spirits of the Indian Ocean is a great aid in the matters of love/romance. The person that you wish to enchant and attract will fall in love with you and desire only to be devoted to you. Do not abuse the power of this mystic-stone--do not use it to fool around, break hearts or exploit people as it carries karmic consequences. This mystic stone also wards-off psychic attacks, attracts luck, vitalizes the body, and protects one from mishaps. This mystic love-stone is easy to use--it may be set into a ring. Chanting required to attract specific persons, otherwise, the virtues function automatically.

Javanese Love Charm
Code: Magick599

Carry this magickally empowered item with its khodam-spirit on your person to attract the opposite sex--if it pleases Allah, with just one look the subject would be intensely attracted to you. The power of this charm causes people to like you and be sympathetic to your cause; you will have many friends and have good relationships with those who are close to you. This item is easy to use--no chanting required.

The Scented Fairy
Code: Magick600             
Photos of Genies
This fairy comes from a power-spot, a sacred-site in East Java along the coast. This fairy-spirit carries a sweet aroma with her everywhere she goes. She may be commanded for various purposes related to domestic issues; love; attraction; health; career; prosperity; luck; psychic development; magickal knowledge, etc. Chanting is required to command the fairy for specific purposes/desires, with the will and permission of Allah, the chanting is a little intense. The fairy may follow you wherever you go and will be at hand to wave her magick wand or sprinkle fairy dust whenever she deems it necessary to help improve your life. Stock is limited.

The Flower Charm
Code: Magick611

One of the more powerful love charms--this item is to be used for attracting specific persons, but only with marriage in mind--it is not to be used for frivolous pursuits or casual sexual/romantic relationships. The power of this item can cause the subject to think constantly of you--your image will haunt the subject with desire for you. Misuse of this item can cause psychological harm to the subject whom you wish to attract and consequently, plant the seeds of negative karma that you will reap. Again, use this item only for a pure relationship with marriage in mind. The item can also be used to call runaways to return home. Usage is easy, requires simple chanting of a powerful Javanese spell.

Dragon Bone of Cupid
Code: Magick629
This mystic "dragon bone" (earth-stone), is permeated with dragon-force/energies; it has also been empowered with metaphysical energies to aid its Keeper in matters of attraction, love, and romance. Subjects influenced by the person wielding this stone would be most attracted to the latter and will constantly have his/her mind filled with romantic desires and expectations. Please note that this Dragon Bone of Cupid can drive the subject influenced by its power to have psychological problems if left unattended with love and affection. Use with care and only if marriage is intended. This item is easy to apply and its power can also be used to call those who have spurned your love.

The Semar Mesem Curio
Code: Magick637
Carry this item on your person for increasing your personal magnetism and charm; attract the opposite sex easily with your smile; influence others and gain social popularity. This item is easy to use--no chanting or rituals required. Suitable for beginners and experts in magick and the occult.

The Fairy Goddess of the Moon
Code: Magick638                Photos of Genies
This deva or fairy-goddess spirit, originates from a very sacred site in the island of Java; she is associated with the qualities and hidden forces of the moon; she is very congenial, humble, and powerful. She can help its Keeper in matters of love; romance; attraction; luck; personal magnetism; charm; youth; beauty; healing feminine problems of the body; ease in child-labor; enhance one's psychic faculties; abundance; protection; personal empowerment; etc. This item requires some intensive chanting--not for occult novices or beginners in the practice of magick.

Lord of Love Khodam
Code: Magick644         Photos of Genies
This khodam has an expertise in romance/love matters and can help you acquire an appropriate soul-mate; he can help calm down fiery situations in the home and establish domestic harmony; he also aids in the following matters: getting a job, a raise, promotions; gain respect from inferiors, peers, and superiors in the work environment; acquire lots of clients and an increase in sales of goods and commodities for shop owners and traders; helps one to be an efficient salesperson--sell things easily; the item can help heal ailments of a physical or non-physical origin; helps to heal possessions and those influenced by black-magick/psychic attacks or malicious entities; helps one to have children and an easy labor during giving birth; helps to improve one's mental faculties; aids in one's metaphysical practice and attracting lots of clients. This item is easy to use without any chanting required.

Khodam-Curio of Attraction & Sympathy
Code: Magick658
Metaphysically empowered
through difficult rituals at power-spots and sacred sites, this occult curio with a khodam-servitor, helps its Keeper to improve aspects of life related to romance, general attraction, seeking-out a soul-mate, sympathy from the boss (for promotions and bonuses), etc. This powerful curio also helps to improve one's psychic sensitivity, to gradually know the thoughts and feelings of others. Some simple chanting required. Stock is limited--only a few available.

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