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Pagar Segoro Shield Magickal Power  See Article
Code: Magick23

There are more than 10 familiars associated with this 4 piece-talisman! Programmed to guard User's home, office, factory, shop, warehouse, etc. Intruders to the premises will be confused and terrified--spirit familiars will cause them to hallucinate themselves to be in the middle of a storm at sea.
Kidang Kencono Magickal Power
Code: Magick33

Talismanic object comes with a powerful spirit familiar. Carried for protection from harm and slander; helps one to appear more attractive and radiate power; builds-up charisma, etc.
Sima Samboa Tiger Familiar   See Article
Code: Magick42

Acquire a tiger familiar! May be commanded to do certain things. The spirit will follow you wherever you go, acting as your bodyguard. The familiar increases charisma. Protects one from psychic attack, negative spirits and wild animals. May be programmed to guard one's home or office as a spirit gargoyle! Heals ailments! Stock limited!
Jaljalut Belt
Code: Magick47

Use this belt for protection while at home or during travelling; helps User to face adversaries; protection against sharp weapons and bullets; builds-up charisma, courage, fortitude and self-confidence; helps one to face superiors with confidence; protection against fire; promotes commerce and business affairs.
Al-Mujarobat Belt
Code: Magick48

This belt protects the User and his/her family from harm; wear it for safe traveling; it promotes business; wards-off psychic attack and natural disasters; wear it to acquire sympathy from superiors, inferiors, and associates; it builds-up courage and helps User to pay-off debts quickly.
Benteng Jagad Power
Code: Magick53

The Benteng Jagad Power builds an invisible fortress around the home. Place the talismans at the corners of your home to protect it from disturbances, intruders, thieves, robbers, and even evil spirit entities.
Mani Pendent
Code: Magick57

This pendent is to be worn to ward-off negative spirits from one's person.  It is especially suitable for children who display constant crankiness. If you have a child that fears the dark, the bogeyman, and seems to see something that you do not and wish to get rid of the haunting entities then just tie the talisman around the child's neck.
Sunan Ampel Mini Spear-Head
Code: Magick58

Carried for general protection against mishaps; helps to promote one's career and acquire sympathy and affection from others; attracts luck. Also worn for longevity and mental stability.
Slempang Ashabul Kahfi Talisman
Code: Magick60

This talisman is suitable for drivers, pilots, ship navigators and travelers as it protects one against mishaps. The talisman protects one from harm while traveling; it builds-up courage and fortitude. Lots of other virtues.
Rajawali Paku Bumi Tasbih
Code: Magick66

This empowered rosary is intended for the protection of one's boss and associates; it causes fire and riots to subside; it also protects one's business. This item has many virtues for improving and protecting one's business and the running of an office or work place.
Ilmu Hikmah Power Talisman
Code: Magick76

Similar to Ilmu Hikmah Power Belt (Magick46). Small and practical, the talisman may be carried in the pocket for convenience. Invulnerability during street fights (defensive purposes only); promotes business; protection against miscarriage; protection during travels against wild animals and malefactors; invisibility in the sight of mobs with evil intentions; promotes healing; charisma; helps tame wild animals; protection against mischievous spirits; easy labor for mothers-to-be; safe from tyranny; wards off psychic attack; causes attackers to be deflected by an invisible force; also used for acquiring sympathy from superiors; helps find soul-mate.
Sosro Bhirowo Power
Code: Magick99

Talisman made out of deer-skin and empowered ink. Magickal virtues among others: protection against all physical threats, witchcraft, black magic; invulnerability to fire arms, sharp weapons; charisma; love-facination; power punch; magickal punch; builds an invisible fortress around one's home; improves business; immobilizes enemies.
Pagar Loreng   See Article
Code: Magick135

This magical item will occultly protect your home from psychic and physical intrusion--from robbers, thieves, negative entities, etc. The magickal power builds up an invisible fortress. Those invading your home will see a tiger spirit stalking the grounds.
Pagar Geni   See Article
Code: Magick137

Protect your home, office, etc., from theft. Intruders will hallucinate and see flames all over the premises! This will scare the living daylights out of them!
Aji Rajah Kalachakra Power
Code: Magick148

Protect yourself from black magick, psychic attacks, hypnotism, wild animals, negative entities, etc., with this talismanic power that metaphysically radiates a whirling white-bluish light from your chest.
Payung Allah
Code: Magick151

Protection against all forms of physical and psychic attack; for safe travelling, etc.
Ismul 'Azhom
Code: Magick155

Acquire blessings in life and angelic protection; attract luck from all compass points; protection against all sorts of calamities caused by man, nature, animals, and jinns. Helps materialize one's ambitions.
Jaga Totok Kerot Talisman
Code: Magick161

Excellent psychic protection for one's home, office, etc. against theft.
Gembong Wulung
Code: Magick166

Develop charm and an authoritative mien; just one look at the User and foes/aggressors would back-down; there is a talismanic capsule to be swallowed--with the power you will automatically acquire a tiger-familiar to act as body-guard. The power helps you make friends among the jinns. Rare power.
Getah Banyu Urip
Code: Magick168

The magick potion when drunk develops invulnerability against sharp weapons, black magick; develops a youthful appearance; charm; physical health; sexual prowess; anti-hypnotism; six-sense, etc.
Getah Kesambi
Code: Magick169

For protection against black-magick, psychic attacks; power voice; familiar bodyguard; malicious psychic implants are automatically removed. This is another potion--a more advanced version of Getah Banyu Urip or Magick168. It makes one invulnerable to bullets.
Rajjah Gaib 99 Asmaul Husna
Code: Magick186

If you desire promotions in rank, office, etc, this item is for you! Also attracts luck, to acquire male descendents; attraction; protection of one's home; protection against psychic attack and street accidents.
Magickal Banten Belt
Code: Magick199

This is a rare belt with extraordinary powers-it comes from the province of Banten, Java, Indonesia. The powers of this belt are palpable. Embedded within the belt is a powerful talisman. It gives charismatic powers to the user, including invulnerability against all sorts of weapons, punches, kicks, etc. It also protects one from a thousand catastrophes--figuratively speaking; protection is also provided against black magick, psychic attacks, negative entities, etc. The power of the belt helps you to attract luck; it advances your career, your punches will have more power. The belt comes with a khodamic spirit from koranic verses. The longer the belt is worn/used, the greater you and the khodamic spirit will attune to one another-the effects will be much stronger as a result. While using it and suddenly confronted with aggressors-strange things might occur that would fill you with wonder!
Invulnerability Stone
Code: Magick201

This stone makes one invulnerable against punches and all sorts of weapons. It improves the quality of one's aura and thus indirectly affects positively every facet of one's social and private life.
Wesi Kuning
Code: Magick202

This poweful amulet is a fine needle in a coocoon. It builds up a strong magickal shield around one's body and protects one against all sorts of weapons, including physical and occult attacks--even nightmares. It makes one invisible to enemies or aggressors. It also protects one during travelling by air, sea and land. This is a new version and requires no recitations and chanting at all!
Magickal Snake Talisman
Code: Magick208

Place this magickal mustika or talisman in your home for protection against evil entities of the human and non-humankind.
Badui Banten Keris
Code: Magick247
These kerises are heirlooms of the 3 current chieftians ("poohoon") of the Baduis that have been passed down for several generations--these were once owned by the Chieftians "Pana Nagarudin (Pun-ah Na-ga-roo-deen)" and "Panca warna (Pun-cha wahr-nah)."

These kerises are possessed with the virtues of protection and blessing--protection against negative forces in whatever form. The energies within them, as psychically detected, are amazingly powerful. The khodamic-spirits of these kerises are representatives of the 2 chieftians and were once their "bodyguards." We have several of these kerises in stock each of which have the same power.

The warangka and hulu or scabbard and hilt, are contemporary, but the blades are old. They are new acquisitions and were given-out by special dispensation--in the special month of Maulud (Islamic calendar).

Family heirlooms of the Poohoons are hardly ever given to anyone not of their community--especially to foreigners. Thus, it is a rare privilege and opportunity to possess these magickal blades or weapons.

These blades have either 11 or 13 luks (curves on the blades). All of these kerises are able to stand on the tip of its blade (on a rough surface).

Batu Badar Besi
Code: Magick255
This magickal stone is especially useful to soldiers and martial artists. It protects the fighter in battle, in competition, in ambushes and attacks of aggressors. The user would be protected against sharp weapons, fire-arms and even mortar. The power of the stone even protects the user while journeying through jungles/forests--he or she would be safe from wild beasts. The magickal power also helps build self-confidence and bravery.
Tenaga Dalam Hizib Nashor
Code: Magick265
Empowerment item (something to consume) for physical protection against aggressors, accidents, psychic attack, black magick, etc.; power-punch; prosperity; fulfillment of goals, etc. Most of the powers function automatically.
Tenaga Dalam Senggoro Macan
Code: Magick266
Empowerment item (something to consume) for
physical protection against aggressors, accidents, psychic attack, black magick, etc.; a strong will; courage; power-shout; authoritative bearing; power of influence; Tenaga Dalam Senggoro Macan practice; invoking the Tenaga Dalam Senggor Macan self-defence power. There are no observances and restrictions.
Invulnerability Empowerment
Code: Magick269

Empowerment item for physical protection; invulnerability against sharp weapons; an authoritative bearing; courage; self-reliance; protection against black magick, psychic attack, etc.
Kalacakra Talisman
Code Magick270

Magickal talisman of Javanese occultism, suitable for hanging/framing : for the protection of one's home against black magick, psychic attack, negative spirits; thieves; intruders. Helps the user to appear charismatic with an authoritative bearing. Just display this object in your guest room or anywhere in your home. Approx. 19.5 cm in diameter. Made of brass/copper.
Tenaga Dalam Rajek Wesi
Code: Magick271
Empowerment item (something to consume) for physical protection against sharp blades, black magick, psychic attacks; courage, strength, and an authoritative bearing; protection against fire and the slander of enemies; power punch, strikes, and kicks; helps lock the movements of opponents and drains their energy; helps one to easily break objects with karate chops; power helps to strengthen the immune system.
Tenaga Dalam Pagar Segoro
Code: Magick272
With 9 special khodams (powers), this item
helps to protect one's home, office, store, warehouse, etc. The powers also protects one from mob attacks. Simple initiation-ritual--there is something to consume and chanting for 10 minutes. When you need to use the power simply recite the mantra and stomp on the ground to be protected.
Super Tenaga Dalam
Code: Magick273
ment item for a shield of protection against all sorts of attacks--black magick, fire and slander; invulnerability against sharp blades; stamina; immobilize aggressors; opponents would falter and weaken without even having to touch them; confers an authoritative bearing, etc.
Susuk Bumi Rahayu
Code: Magick279

This small empowered object when buried in an area (house, garden, field, land, etc) would cause the aura of the site to be blessed. It brings about the following effects all negative spirits in the area would be weakened, neutralized or flee--even the most negative jinn of high status would fear intrusion into the area; the power of the magickal object builds-up a protective holy, divine light aura so that any form of psychic attack and black magick would not penetrate through--even negative black magick implants in the area would be neutralized; all negative energies/radiations from sources such as residual gravesites, noxious gases, massacre sites, haunting energy-impressions of debased emotions--all are neutralized with the power of this item. With the magickal object installed, the people living in the area would prosper and have abundance--harmony and peace would occur as this magickal object emanates a strong, positive force.
Arjuna Power
Code: Magick281

A wonderful self-empowerment item for acquiring the "ksatria" powers /virtues of Arjuna. Package contains empowered edible powder--this has to be mixed with rose water and then consumed. There are no restrictions and anyone may use this item regardless of race, creed, religion, etc.--this item is more suitable for men though. The virtues of this item: the user would acquire attractive powers and charisma to a high degree; the user would overcome others easily in battles of will; people would respect and carry-out the desires of the user; the user would appear to be strong, handsome, and macho; the user would acquire physical and spiritual strength and have a healthy, strong defensive/immunity system; the user would automatically possess a magickal shield for protection against physical and psychic attacks--he would be safe from harm, accidents, and catastrophe--by the Grace of Allah; during competitions and work the user would acquire an unexpected boost in strength. As a result of the above powers, other blessings would follow in the natural course of events. The Arjuna Power requires a simple quranic verse to be chanted daily for maintenance and the building-up of the power.
Kujang/Keris Khodam Prabu Siliwangi
Code: Magick283

This empowered miniature "kujang" or "keris" (depending on stock) possesses various powers formulated by local sufic saints of past centuries and transmitted by them to specially chosen disciples. This charm based on Allah's greatness, has several interesting properties or virtues, among which is the ability to attune and acquire the magickal force/power of Prabu Siliwangi (historical king and pendekar/martial artist) or other famous pendekars such as Si Pitung. The user of this item would automatically have 22 spirit-tigers of the Pakuan kingdom and they would protect the user against psychic attacks, black magick, and those that wish to harm the user physically--even disturbing them in their sleep. One would develop charisma by carrying this kujang charm and be overshadowed by the angelic khodam of Prabu Siliwangi thus acquiring the power punch, invulnerability, pencak silat movements, etc. Many blessing would be conferred upon the user and divine attributes would develop within the one in constant physical contact with the charm. All of the virtues and spirit intelligence of this charm derive their power from the Word of the Divine One as written in the Holy Quran--this is a pure al-Hikmah item. Most powers function automatically.
Manggala Shakti Oil
Code: Magick284

One of the most amazing and multi-purpose oil--the Manggala Shakti. This rare and costly formulated oil-blend has been empowered through strenuous rituals and disciplines. Its virtues: when ingested with rain water after being chanted over with a prayer-chant it confers protection, happiness, magickal powers/abilities, a holy aura, and angelic bodyguards--all with the permission and blessings of the Divine One. If you possess any talisman, keris or power-object that seems to have lost its power, just anoint the object with the oil and it will regain its former degree of force. The oil is also a good media for healing as it possesses tremendous pranic energies. Anoint some of the oil to the center of your forehead as you pray or metaphysically create your desire for manifestation--you will find, with Allah's permission,  that your prayers are answered dramatically or your mental creation would manifest successfully. Should you anoint yourself with the oil during exercises related to "Tenaga Dalam," "Chi-Kung," meditation, chanting, breathing, etc. you will find the outcome of these exercises in youself to improve in quality, power, and strength. Apply the oil to your clothings and the members of your body and invulnerability would be conferred upon you. You will be protected against black magick, psychic attacks, bombs, guns, blades, etc. You will possess charisma, an authoritative bearing, self-confidence, a powerful aura, attractiveness, etc. Just a drop of the oil in your bathtub or in a bucket of water for a shower would cleanse you of negative energies and "curses." Use this oil to make talismans--they would be extra powerful! Comes in a vial approx. 3 cc.
The Solar-Lion Power
Code: Magick288
This is a rare and wonderful power acquired from the beings of the magickal realms! Its purpose is to protect one against the physical attacks of riots, mobs and aggressors attacking in large groups--these may be from 10 to over 100 individuals! The power causes unusual occurences such as causing the aggressors to fight among themselves! The power may also immobilize leaders of aggressors remotely. Use the power wisely and responsibly. The initiation-ritual requires 7 consecutive days of chanting before the power blends with the user. The chanting might require about 1-2 hour's work. This is a self-empowerment item--there is a talismanic capsule to swallow.
Spirit-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick304

By the Grace of God, carrying/wearing this stone one would be safe from aggressors, molesters, bullies, etc. If they attack, they would be thrown aside by an invisible force as a result of the powerful khodamic energies within this magickal object.
Snake-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick305

This stone has been empowered with a magickal intelligence that protects the user/wearer against physical and psychic attacks; should the user be bothered by aggressors or molesters the power of the ring would appear to these trouble-makers in their vision as a menacing giant snake thus scaring them out of their wits and causing them to flee.
This stone may be set into a ring and worn--a unique item empowered by a local shaman.
Tiger-Bodyguard Stone
Code: Magick306

This stone has been empowered with a magickal intelligence that protects the user/wearer against physical and psychic attacks; should the user be bothered by aggressors or molesters the power of the ring would appear to these trouble-makers in their vision as a menacing giant tiger thus scaring them out of their wits and causing them to flee.
This stone may be set into a ring and worn--a unique item empowered by a local shaman.
Ilmu Kontak--Student's Level
Code: Magick316
One of the famed metaphysical power applied in Pencak Silat or the martial-arts of Indonesia. The Ilmu Kontak power deflects any charging attacker/s--especially when they are fully emotional with just a hand motion of the user. Several attackers may also be deflected with a twist of the body/movement of the arms. This is a self-empowerment item-there are some items to swallow. In this student's package the power is for the user only and not transmittable to others
Rajek Wesi Talisman
Code: Magick349
Be protected against all malevolent entities and malicious human beings! Whosoever places a destructive magickal spell on you will be destroyed by his/her own offensive weapons. All magickal strikes will be deflected back! Simple to use--the magickal object may be carried wherever you go or installed in your home! Get two and be fully protected!
The Secret Magickal Home Protection
Code: Magick353
Protect your home with this magickal item--makes nocturnal intruders and robbers fall into a state of traumatic confusion. They will not be able to enter your home but will remain stuck in the premises as though trapped by an invisible force. The item also wards-off magickal sleep-hypnosis cast by robbers (who are versed in the occult) upon all those in your home.
Durga Balik Power
Code: Magick355
Protect your home and family against all forms of black magick and psychic attacks! The power of this item especially offers protection against the malicious sending and materializations of hard objects and live creatures (in the Javanese sorcery called "Santet" and "Teluh") in the victim's body by the sorceror, bokor, bomoh, dukun, etc. These attacks if untreated can cause intense pain and suffering and often lead to death. These intended implants will be returned to their sender!
Dayak Magickal Oil Amulet
Code: Magick356
This occult oil is a blend of over 50 different herbal substances held secret by a Dayak shaman and his family for generations. Collecting the items required for the oil-blend takes years of searching in the jungles for the scarce plants and roots. These herbs are considered magickal and filled with mystical powers. The oil may be used to heal wounds, bruises, and skin-related problems. It may also be applied in cases of possessions and to ward-off and neutralize the effects of black magick, psychic attacks, malicious implants, voodoo, the attacks of negative entities, etc. The vial of the oil may be carried as an amulet--as a magickal protection and also for prosperity, luck, abundance. This is a rare item and not easily acquired in and outside the community of the Dayaks. The item is easy to use without any fasting or chanting. Each vial contains approximately 3cc of the oil.
Magickal Fossilized Snake-Oil
Code: Magick357
Deep in the jungle of Kalimantan/Borneo may be found a huge snake species that has a long life span said to reach up to 100 years. Certain of these snakes when they feel that it is time for them to die they plunge their tail to the ground; a strange event occurs when the snakes do this--the oil from their body flows towards the bottom of their tail in the ground where a natural vessel is formed to collect the oil. The bodies of the snakes then ossifies. The Dayak shamans regard this oil highly for its magickal virtues, said to increase personal magnetism, a commanding presence, charisma, courage, self-confidence and strength.; the oil also attracts luck, prosperity, good fortune, windfalls and averts the evil-eye, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious implants. This oil is rare even among the Dayaks themselves--it is formulated with the oil from a one-eyed green coconut valued for its many occult and healing properties. Each vial contains approximately 3cc of the oil.
Magickal  Snake Fossil
Code: Magick358
This magickal snake-fossil piece comes from the depths of the Kalimantan/Borneo jungle. This rare item is carried and worn by the Dayaks as an amulet of power. It is said that oil exudes from this snake-fossil--this oil is available as Magick357. The virtues of this amulet is similar to the oil--it increases
personal magnetism, a commanding presence, charisma, courage, self-confidence and strength.; it also attracts luck, prosperity, good fortune, windfalls and averts the evil-eye, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious implants. This item is easy to use, no chanting or fasting required. Supply is limited--only a few in stock.
Solomon's Magickal Stone
Code: Magick363
A magickal stone that builds-up attractiveness, charm and a commanding presence. Protects the User against psychic attacks and black magick; safety during journeys. Helps the user to gain sympathy from superiors and peers. The stone may be used to heal tooth-ache, stomach pains, and bites of venomous creatures.
Shamanic Stone of Protection
Code: Magick364
Complete protection against psychic attacks, black magick, negative implants, and obnoxious entities--all metaphysical attacks will return to their sender. The stone also protects a site, whether this be a house, a shop, an office, a factory, a store room, etc., of thieves, intruders, and thieving fairies. The stone may be installed at the site to be protected or set onto a ring and worn.
The Sacred Khodamic Power
Code: Magick367
Talisman with powerful magickal virtues, empowered with the spiritual essence of Ilmu Hikmah and Koranic prayers. Among its occult benefits: power to attract others and gain sympathy; helps the user to be influential and acquire a commanding presence; success in endeavors; prosperity; business/financial improvement; safety during journeys on land, sea, and air; attracts blessings to the home, office, shop, etc.; inner-strength/chi; protection against molesters whether these be man, jinn or demon; protection against natural and man-made disasters/catastrophes; physical vitality, youth and health; invulnerability against sharp weapons; power-punch; invisible when in danger of pursuit of negative attackers; gargantuan strength; lightness of body (agility); auto self-defense ability during emergencies; successful business negotiations, helps to charm one's superiors and weaken oppositions/enemies; helps people to believe in you; self-confidence, charisma; wards-off negative astrological influences, psychic attacks, hexes, entities, etc.; luck, abundance, ease in earning a living; helps to improve one's intuition, psychic sensitivity; an angelic khodam would be your companion to protect you; banishes negative entities from a site. Simple daily chanting of prayer-verses required for optimal effects.
The Stone of the Prophet Khidir & Sunan Kalijaga
Code: Magick368
Magickal Stone embued with the powers of the famed Prophet Khidir and Kalijaga, the Javanese Muslim Saint. The user of this magickal item would be protected by thousands of angelic beings against any form of danger; the user would possess charisma and a commanding presence--will be respected by everyone. Opponents possessing whatever magickal power or force would weaken in the user's presence so long as the user is on the side of righteousness and Truth. Aggressors, enemies and molesters would be filled with anguish and pain--they will cease their attacks on the user. The user would possess invulnerability against all weapons in dire situations--user's body would emit sparks during the strikes of sharp weapons. The user would possess the magickal power of "Panchasona"--if killed in a fight, he would resurrect if it is not a righteous death. The power of the stone may be used for healing, for acquiring the power-punch, and for many other purposes. The blessings and aid of the Prophet Khidir and Sunan Kalijaga may also be invoked.
The Ring of Luna
Code: Magick371
Wear this ring for magickal protection and safety. It increases your commanding presence and makes you well-respected--it protects you of attacks and
vengeance by envious, jealous and misguided individuals. Its energies strengthen your body and increases the power of your punch--your punches will leave black marks on aggressors. It neutralizes the magickal powers of opponents during physical combat.

Serpentine Stone of the 5 Elements
Code: Magick374
Be empowered with the power of the 5 quintessential cosmic principles/forces imbued upon a snake-stone. When carried, the stone will emanate these 5 cosmic energies through your aura making it powerful, magnetic, attractive, vital, and positive. Your thoughts and words are made potent and creative. The basic energies of the snake-stone and the penta-cosmic forces will protect you against mishaps, negative forces/entities, psychic attacks, black magick, molesters, trouble-makers, etc. The power builds-up your power to influence others and gain popularity. It increases your luck and improves every aspect of your life. When carried or worn during magickal operation and rituals it helps you to overcome chaotic forces, command spirit entities and to add to the effectiveness of your occult spells. The stone is produced from a snake and is called a "mustika" among local shamans in Indonesia. It has various magickal virtues that can benefit its Keeper. It attracts luck and spiritual forces/intelligences that will bless its Keeper. It helps to build positive power in your presence and empowers your aura with personal magnetism making it easy for you to gain popularity and to acquire sympathy/influence over others. Its natural energies wards-off negative forces and entities, psychic attacks and black magick-to this the stone has additionally been empowered with the cosmic essence of the 5 elements to further reinforce its protective virtue in both the physical and non-physical realms. This empowerment also animates and vitalizes the stone's innate fairy-intelligence and will offer you intuitive warnings should there be any impending danger. The protective power of the 5 elements can have unusual effects upon the subconscious minds of those that intend to do you harm compelling them to back-down and withdraw from their intended negative act.

The Ancient Power of the Pendekars
Code: Magick375
The power of magickal defence! This is an empowerment for Pendekars--master martial artists! Add a magickal dimension of ancient power to your moves, strikes, blows and to your very presence. The power long kept secret by local Javanese occult Pencak Silat practitioners. You may use the power for various mundane purposes such as magickally protecting someone or a site against harm; increasing luck; healing; purification, etc. This is a Javanese occult item.

Talisman of Power
Code: Magick383

Here is your chance to become a person of power, someone with a commanding presence and possessing the power of the spoken word (directed to aggressors; unrighteous, evil, and tyrannical persons) to help avoid fights and unwanted circumstances. Your words and voice would cause them to tremble. When the item is installed in the home it protects the inhabitants against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants and other metaphysical influences that are destructive in nature. When carried it makes the user invulnerable against sharp and magickal weapons and punches. It causes robbers, aggressors, and molesters to fail in their intent of harm.

Magickal Steel Bracelet
Code: Magick388
A magickal steel bracelet with engraved inscription empowered to confer upon the user the following virtues: protection from enemies/aggressors/molesters; power-punch; weakens opponents in fights; protection against black magick, psychic attacks, negative implants; charisma, courage and a commanding presence; protection/invulnerability against sharp weapons; healing. May be worn or carried in the pocket.

The Sapujagad Tasbih
Code: Magick392

The power of this islamic rosary helps the user in the following matters: it protects the user against slander and thefts; it protects the user against black magick, psychic attacks and negative implants; it establishes domestic harmony; it improves sales/trade/business negotiations; it builds-up charisma and a commanding presence; it protects the user against tyrannical/negative/obnoxious characters; it confers the power-punch when used as a weapon against an aggressor--the latter would fall unconscious instantly. The item also helps to cure poisonous bites and may be used for general healing. The tasbih may be used as a counter for chanting purposes--it helps to empower your prayers and recitations and bring you closer to God.

The Saint's Blessing-Nail
Code: Magick396

A magickal nail that protects a house, building, site, etc. from obnoxious spirits while simultaneously blessing the area with positive vibes that improves the lives of those within its field of influence. It helps to save those afflicted with illnesses, poverty, debts, tyranny, threats from enemies, physical intruders/attackers, burglars, deceivers, psychic attacks, black magick, and obnoxious entities. It helps those living under its influence to gain sympathy from others. Those of evil intent that seek to break into the premises will hallucinate and see the area as a vast forest and would get lost or flee. It protects the area where it is installed from the outbreaks of fire.

Ring of Solomon
Code: Magick397

Empowered stone-ring with talismanic inscriptions for invulnerability against sharp weapons wielded by aggressors; the power builds up courage, charisma, a commanding presence and self-confidence; it confers the power-punch that causes opponents to faint or tremble in fear; it protects the user in accidents and physical threats; it blesses merchants and traders with prosperity. There is a slit at the bottom of the ring that may be extended to fit large sized fingers.

Minyak Bintang Biru
Code: Magick400

One of the most rare and powerful magickal oils of the Dayaks of Kalimantan! The Dayaks are well-known for their magick, especially the occult practices of the darker domain. The effects of their black magick/psychic attacks are not easily removed or warded-off except by their very own antidote and power. Dayak shamans aligned with the Positive Force offer this potent traditional oil to help heal and ward-off any forms and types of psychic attacks, black magick, voodoo, malicious implants, noxious psychic/etheric energies, hexes/curses, the evil-eye, etc. The magickally empowered oil is a blend of secret ingredients--it comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc. It is easy to use and can be carried in a white pouch as a talisman.

Amulet of Magickal Woods
Code: Magick404
This small, unique amulet is hand-crafted and is composed of several magickal woods such as Galih Kelor, Sechang, Stigi, Nagasari, Akar Bahar Putih, Liwung, etc. It can be made into a pendant or simply carried in a pocket/pouch. The overall power of the amulet protects one from negative forces, psychic attacks, black magick, maleficent entities, etc. It attracts luck and helps the user to build-up self-confidence, charisma, an authoritative bearing, etc. No two pieces are alike. Simple chanting recommended.

Magickal Talisman of Protection
Code: Magick436

This talisman possesses incredible powers. Aggressors with malicious intent towards the user may suddenly collapse, cough-up blood and weaken during a confrontation. The user of this item is cautioned not to hit, strike or punch anyone unless forced to for self-defensive purposes as the results can be fatal to the one receiving the blow. With this item you would be respected by friend and foe. Malicious and obnoxious spirits would make a point of avoiding you; you would be protected against black magick and all forms of psychic attacks. The user is not to brag of his invulnerability and power and be humble in the presence of the Omnipresent God who alone wields True Power. The talisman functions as a channel for God's power and one must maintain humility for God's blessings, grace and protection. Usage of this item is simple.

Stone of the Wali Qutub
Code: Magick445
A high-class metaphysically empowered stone!. If it pleases Allah this stone is almost comparable to the magickal ring of King Solomon (Nabi Sulaiman). Though not as potent as the latter, this stone is empowered with various blessings and virtues requested of Allah accessed through the mystical prayers of Syed Abdul Qodir Jaelani--the master of all of the walis (saints). When worn or carried with faith in the Supreme Being, if it pleases Heaven, the stone confers the following upon its user: protection on land, sea and air; courage; the power to overcome adversaries; a commanding presence, charisma, personal magnetism; luck; ease in solving problems and overcoming grave situations; physical-invulnerability to weapons during threats; spiritual/pranic powers; prosperity, abundance, financial stability, advancement in business matters, finances and career; spiritual progress--aid is given by the khodam of this stone for the user to thread the path of purity and righteousness; protection against all forms of black magick, psychic attacks, negative and maleficent spirit entities; helps the user to recover from illnesses and to attain health and vitality; helps the user to be respected and honored in society; opens doorways to opportunities for mundane and spiritual progress, etc. Recitation of certain simple prayers required on a regular basis.

Aji Joyo Bromo
Code: Magick452
With this ancient Javanese spell and empowerment you will gain the power to lick hot iron without any pain! This item is offered as an occult curio, for educational purposes only and with no guarantees. Stock is limited.

The Power of Saints
Code: Magick454
A rare power-tradition conveyed over the centuries to our modern generation via a series of masters and saints--the occult current/tradition and power of this item is said to have been applied by the early muslim teachers and leaders of Java to overcome the magickal power of those of other traditions and belief-systems who opposed and made themselves the enemies of Islam--it is for this reason that this power is regarded highly by the muslim occult practitioner--even more so than the other magickal occult-currents. Ritual-shower required in the Initiation. This is an empowerment--something to swallow. Maintenance of the power is through regular chanting. Among its virtues: the neutralization of the magickal powers and abilities of enemies and tyrants; enemies or those who are hostile and attack the user of this item in any way will quickly experience the effects of their own "poison"; safety during travels on land, sea, and air; khodamic (spirit) bodyguards that will, with the grace of God, protect the user against all sorts of danger, weapons, and attacks; the ability to display the same sort of magickal powers as one's enemies; helps to strengthen will-power and to fulfill prayers; charisma, an attractive mien, a commanding presence; luck and spiritual aid in daily life; helps the user to acquire courage, calmness, and to be influential; the ability to gain sympathy from superiors, business associates, the opposite sex; overcome bad-luck, negative karmic effects, ancestral family curses; acquire abilities to heal and to ameliorate sicknesses; prosperity, business success, improvement in financial status; acquire the power of the spoken word--whatever you say can come true; helps the user to acquire clairvoyance--just chant the mantra and focus the mind on the subject/object that you wish knowledge of. This item is a blend of Islamic and Javanese occultism.

Dakini's Power Stone--Small
Code: Magick462
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now.

Dakini's Power Stone--Large
Code: Magick463
A rare power-stone acquired from the kingdom and "palace" of the Dakinis in the astral world of Java. This power-stone is one among several given to the occult-adept with the blessings of the Queen--he was requested to offer these stone to aid those in need, especially to spiritual devotees who wish to attune to the magickal currents of the Dakinis and Devas. This stone attract luck, prosperity and good fortune; it confers personal magnetism, high attractive-powers, and charm. It wards-off negative forces, black magick, psychic attacks, and malicious entities. It protects one from mishaps while travelling; its power helps to advance one's career and furthers one's political and business ambitions and aspirations. Spiritual practitioners of meditation and other spiritual training will find this stone of great aid in helping one overcome obstacles and hindrances in the astral and physical planes. Those involved in psychic development practices will find this stone to be of great assistance in accelerating their growth. Each stone is unique and differs from package to package. This magickal shamanic Javanese item is easy to use--chanting and maintenance required though. Stock is limited--get this unusual artifact now. Larger and more powerful than Magick462.

Skin of Steel
Code: Magick465
Acquire complete invulnerability powers with this empowerment and the power of the Javanese mantra of this package--invulnerability against strikes of blades, cuts, stabs, bullets, and hot water. The empowerment requires a complete fast and retreat in darkness for 24 hours, and without sleeping as well. This item is not for the novice considering the discipline and endurance required. After the empowerment one may test the power. It might take up to 60 days for the power to fully integrate with the body of the practitioner. This package differs from most magickal items of invulnerability in that it is the result of psychic energy-empowerment and not that of the assistance of spirits or talismans-the power remains in the practitioner's body permanently. This power is normally attained through daily chanting for countless hours and for many days-the adept has done most of the work here and conveys the power to the recipient through the empowerment-only some slight effort is required on the part of the practitioner to fully acquire this power.

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