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Cosmic Laws, Part 2


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The Law of Duality
Any concept or force may be divided into two totally opposite concepts or forces, each of which contain the essence of the other. This is symbolized by the Tai Chi symbol, the Yin and Yang. Opposites can be defined only in relation to each other.

Duality is the sense and perception of one's universe as other than oneself, the seperative "you and I" concept. It defines the world that we realize. Duality is an illusion of the senses, an illusion perceived by life-units of human and animal consciousness levels. The absolute state knows only oneness. In the state of samadhi the yogi transcends the state of duality to be aware solely of the oneness of the universe, commonly called "the Void," and of the emptiness of form of any inherent, independent existence.

Relativity has its birth in the state of duality. It is an expression of the Law of Duality and is the consequence of the motion and overload of power generated within the One, the Absolute, which subsequently gave rise to the projection of masculine and feminine energies or polarities. The interaction between the masculine and feminine energies created all of the beings and realms of the universe. Concerning creation, in the Book of Genesis, these energies are called, "Elohim," the meaning of which refers to a plurality of divine energies or Intelligences with both male and female polarities or genders. This word is often mistranslated as the singular male pronoun "God."

The Law of Opposites is related to the Law of Duality and also to the Law of Polarity. It represents the oppositional poles to be found in all planes of manifestation, all levels of becoming. For instance: attraction-repulsion; cold-hot; contraction-expansion; darkness-light; destruction-construction; evil-good; love-fear; night-day; nothing-everything; noumena-phenomena; spirit-matter, etc.

The Law of Trinity
This law is exemplified in the triads and trinities to be found in various religions and philosophies. In Hinduism we have the "Trimurti," the triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. In Christianity the Trinity is personified by "the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost." The Trinity is an expression of the Law of Creation. It also describes the triune aspects to be found in any life-unit, from man to God. For instance, God may be understood as Light, Life and Love. Energy or substance expresses through the triune qualities of stability, orderliness, and restlessness. In Sanskrit, these qualities, these "gunas," are termed tamas, sattva, and raja, respectively.

The Trinity symbolizes the triune functions and qualities of all creative energies in the Universe. These energies give birth to (Law of Formation), sustains (Law of Preservation), and transforms (Law of Disintegration) all manifestations, phenomena, conditions, circumstances, and experiences.

From the perspective of creation, the Law of Trinity functions in the following manner: for a manifestation to occur at any level, dimension, or realm, there must be two parts of different marriageable properties in complete unification. The result of the union is a new creation, alike in essence to its parents, but different as to its outward manifestation. As an example, the union of a man and woman produces a being which contains the genes or essences of each, though differing from both as to its appearance.

In the mental plane, as another instance, we have an idea, a thesis, and an opposing antithesis. The possible reconciliation of both may result as a synthesis, a dynamic new idea.

Every manifestation is an effect of two causes, one primary, the other secondary; one active, the other passive; one positive, the other negative, one electric, the other magnetic. In practical occultism this is symbolized by the triangle, with the points of the base representing the primary and secondary causes, while the apex representing the manifestation. When applied to creation the Law of Trinity is also referred to as the Law of the Triangle. In order to create anything in one's world this law must be applied. For instance, in magick, one would conduct a ritual to manifest one's desires, this is the first pole; for the manifestation to occur, the other pole should be added--direct influence physically upon the material plane.

The Law of Seven
For some unknown reason our solar system is structured according to the septenary law. This is evident in our scale of colors represented in the seven colors of the rainbow, and our musical octave of seven notes. Occultism also deals in the Seven Rays radiating from the spiritual aspect of the Sun.

It is probable that the septenary law is a development of the Law of Trinity which in turn results from the Law of Duality, which again, in turn, is the unfoldment of the Law of One. This would make the Law of Seven a manifestation of the Law of One in the lower planes, and concerns the flux, influx, and efflux of energy in a constant state of creation.

The Law of Seven is considered by some to be an exoteric law, for esoterically it is inherently twelve. Take for instance the five extra notes in an octave, and the five hidden rays of the seven Cosmic Rays taught in Occultism.

The Law of Magnetism
Every object, whether physical or non-physical in the universe vibrates, and this vibration or the oscillation of the electronic particles composing it causes a magnetic field to surround it. This magnetic field is called "aura" by metaphysicians and occultists. Every organic and non-organic object has an aura surrounding it, although their quality, frequency, and nature may differ in many respects, and in different environmental conditions.

Every magnetic-field possesses a dual quality. We call these qualities, "polarity." In a general sense, polarity refers to positive and negative poles. In a specific sense polarity refers to the "frequency" of an object. These poles obey the Law of Attraction, of which the Law of Magnetism is but a subsidiary.

Magnetic fields are radiatory and influential in nature. They affect every object that comes within their field of influence. An object in close proximity to other objects have a non-physical impact upon these other objects that may result in tangible effects. This is called "induction," and the Law of Thermodynamics is closely related to it. Certain radioactive elements, such as uranium and plutonium, for instance, may cause cell mutation when brought into close proximity to organic matter. Human beings possess a magnetic field just like everything else, and unconsciously we affect everything that we touch or that comes close to us. The metaphysician, knowing this law, applies it consciously to affect his surroundings the way he desires. From the electron to the largest star, from an amoeba to a human being--all possess an auric field.

The Law of Attraction
At the atomic or electronic level the Law of Attraction is thusly stated: like attracts unlike, like repels like. Paradoxically, at the psychological level this is reversed: like attracts like, unlike repels unlike. The old-age adage expresses it thus: "birds of a feather flock together."

The laws of Magnetism and Attraction are closely related; one is a subsidiary law of the other. The nature of our magnetism attracts to us things that resonate with our radiation. For instance, if we fear a thing and radiate fear, that thing shall be part of our experience for we would attract it to us. The law may be usefully applied in such a manner: in order to be prosperous and wealthy, one has to create the condition within one's conscious and subconscious mind that would attract riches. This is done firstly, by removing any negative fixations and complexes that one may have of money or anything related to wealth. Next, the subconscious mind would have to be reprogrammed with a new pattern of thought. One's charisma and true attractiveness are derived mainly from the positive and spiritual quality of one's personal magnetism.

We can magnetize our field with the energies that we are lacking through induction or absorption, and by that energization acquire the thing that we desire. As an illustration, if we desire to be rich, we would socialize with rich people. If we desire to be pure and holy we would socialize with saints, yogis, etc. Some of the other sub-laws of the Law of Attraction are:

Law of Sex

This law applies generally to the physical plane. The attraction between the male and female aspects of life about sums up the law. However, on a higher level, the Law of Sex is also the sensitivity, the desire and will to respond to the pull of the Cosmic Divine Spark of God within the microcosm and to use the energies and forces available to lead the unfolding soul to its Divine Parent.

Law of Chemical Affinity

The Law of Chemical Affinity may also be termed the "Law of Cohesion." It is usually applied by the physicist in explaining the attractive forces between substances of a homogenous nature or substances that amalgamate well.

Law of Radiation

Every substance radiates energy to a lesser or a greater degree. Since nothing in the universe is ever still, energy in beings or substances is in a continuous motion, is in a compositional or in a de-compositional state. It is in the act of building or destroying. Radioactive substances represent energy in the state of dispersal. The point of attraction is now space itself. Radiation from various sources, of various qualities and nature may be directed by the mind of the metaphysician for spiritual purposes.

Law of Color

Vibrations may be sensed in various ways. It may be sensed as color, sound, scent, taste, etc. Colors among the other ways that vibrations may be perceived, are especially interesting when used as tools of attraction. Colors are centers of attraction. Colors and light may be seen from afar, and they intrigue the consciousness. It is no coincidence that flowers are colorful or that women are accustomed to wearing colorful apparel. One attracts the bees, while the other attracts men. Colors when arranged harmoniously are pleasing, when they clash they may cause irritation.

Law of Schools

This law pertains to the evolutionary progress of a spiritual aspirant, disciple, or an initiate. This law comes into effect as the human consciousness expands to a certain degree. When this expansion occurs, the spiritually inclined may attract to him or herself the following:

a) The Higher Self
b) The Spiritual Guru or his representative
c) That which he or she seeks to know
d) That which may be utilized in the work of service
e) Other Souls with the same spiritual ideals and objectives
f) Information on spiritual organizations teaching the Ageless Wisdom

The Law of Repulsion
This is a law working in reversal of the Law of Attraction. In the Law of Attraction we have a point, a particle that pulls. In this law, one may say that the point of attraction is now space itself--this results in disintegration. Disintegration of forms is the result of the Law of Repulsion at work.

This particular law governs the relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotating at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity. For instance, the Law of Repulsion working in "opposition" to the Law of Attraction causes the moon to remain at a more or less constant distance away from the Earth.

The Law of Vibration
Nothing rests in the universe. Everything is in a state of motion, of movement. Everything vibrates, and at a certain frequency of its own. Objects not in motion at the form level are always in intense motion at the molecular and atomic level. It is because everything vibrates that we perceive images in our consciousness. For instance, sounds and colors do not exist in nature, they exist solely as vibrations. Sounds and colors only have a reality in our consciousness. What we call sounds and colors merely appear as such in our consciousness; in actuality, they are simply energies vibrating at a certain rate. The same thing goes with what we see, feel, smell and taste. Without consciousness to sense vibrations, sounds, colors, lights, etc., do not exist. Every life-unit of whatever kingdom of nature perceive vibratory waves in a different fashion. For instance, we interpret certain vibrations to be red in color, while certain animals may perceive the same vibrations to be a shade of gray. Amongst us humans, there are some that perceive colors differently, we call these individuals "color-blind."

Vibrations produce realities in our consciousness, though that which produce vibrations may not be at all like what we perceive. Thus, in metaphysics we often differentiate that which is actual and that which is real. That which is actual, or actuality, is related to the essence of the Cosmic, the absolute state of Being. What is real is what we realize, the picture we have in our consciousness of the actuality. Philosophically, Actuality is Truth, ever-constant, never-changing, and eternal. Truth Is. Reality is related to forms, to "illusions" that the actual state produces through its vibrations.

The Absolute state is immutable. Realities are transmutable. Change the vibrations of a thing and we change the manifestation of the thing. This is the basis of alchemy where through certain processes it is possible to change base metals into gold, or water into wine. The various manifestations of matter and spirit are the result of differences in their vibratory rate. From pure spirit to gross matter, all is energy in vibratory motion.

Vibrations are measured in numbers, in frequency. Each frequency emanating from an "object" or "substance" has a positive or negative polarity, that is they may vibrate in an even or an uneven number; and this determines its predisposition to be attracted to or repelled by other objects or substances with an opposing polarity. The octave in which an object vibrates also determines to a large degree whether it will be attracted to or repelled by another object. Every particle of energy vibrates with a certain motion, speed, and frequency. The combination of these factors determines the substance of any given object, whether it be physical or metaphysical.

The Law of Polarity
In Hermeticism, this law is expressed thus: "Everything is dual, everything has poles. Everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths, partial truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled." Polarity is to be found in everything. All forms of energies have their positive and negative aspects. A change in a person's mental, emotional and physical condition is a change in their polarity. The term "polarity" and its positive and negative aspects as used here do not carry any moral connotation. It is strictly an electronic issue and not a moralistic one.

"Positive" and "negative" are relative terms. As seen from a certain perspective a thing may be called positive; however, should it be viewed from a higher standpoint it could be labeled negative. To illustrate this, it is difficult to tell where "cold" ends, and "hot" begins, both opposites being really identical in nature, though different in degree. This principle also applies in the mental and desire realms.

The positive polarity is penetrative, electric, and active. The negative polarity is receptive, magnetic, and passive.

The Law of Rhythm
This law is sometimes called the Law of Cycles. Everything moves in cycles and at a certain rhythm. Everything is in a constant state of flux; everything has its tides, its ebb and flow, its rise and fall; the pendulum--swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.

Everything has its phases of action and rest; activity and passivity; its zenith and nadir. Nature has her seasons which are indicated by the equinoxes and solstices. There are certain things best done in a certain cycle rather than in another. In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon expresses it thus: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up . . . " The Law of Cycles may be a superstition to some; however, its reality is now being proven by Science.

It is well known that all organisms are governed by the Law of Rhythm or Cycles. For instance, the menstruation cycle of female mammals, the biorhythm governing man's physical, emotional and mental performance, etc.

Everything that has happened throughout the ages has happened in cycles--earthquakes, wars, the rise and fall of empires and nations--which some scientists have discovered to be related to the cyclic occurrence of solar flares and sun spots. Some prophecies may be accurate because they are based on the Law of Cycles. The cyclic law gave birth to the sayings, "history repeats itself," and that "there is nothing new under the sun."

The Law of Friction
This law governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of an atom, and the effect of that radiation on any other atom. Basically, friction occurs when two particles, substances, or bodies interact or collide. Kinetic energy is produced when this occurs and it may be harnessed to empower the building-up of thought-forms in magickal work.

The Law of Gender
Gender is in everything. It is related to form and characteristics. On the other hand, polarity is related to the frequency of an energy-structure. Everything in existence has its Masculine and Feminine Principles--one expressive, the other potential; gender manifests in all planes. Psychologically, in man we have the anima, or female aspect, and the animus, or male aspect; one is dominant in the female, the other dominant in the male, while the opposite gender of both usually lies dormant in the sub-consciousness.

The Law of Mentalism
All is Mind; the Universe is Mental. Whatever exist, exists as a thought in the Cosmic Mind. All thoughts in the Cosmic Mind are patterns of energies structured with the essence of God. All thoughts are realities that are transmutable. Man, like everything else, is a thought in the Cosmic Mind. Should the Cosmic Mind cease to think, everything would vanish, including man; realities would disappear. Everything in the universe is created by thought, and it is an occult axiom that "thoughts are things."

Paradoxically, although man is but a thought in the Cosmic Mind, he in turns produces thought; and whatever he produces in his world is a result of his thought. Through thought man produces his reality. When man functions from the human level, he produces human creations from the power of his mind, his thoughts and his creations are limited in scope; however, as man progresses and acquires a higher consciousness attuned with the Cosmic Mind, he may produce creations of cosmic proportions. Man is destined to be God's co-creator; for man's true being in actuality, is of God. Progression is not dependent upon space and time, it may occur here and now through proper oneness with the Cosmic.

Everything is basically energy--mind is likewise composed of energy in a certain structural pattern. When mind influences matter, in actual fact it is energy working upon itself in a certain way. Since energy is fluidic and kinetic in nature it flows where it is directed to by one's mental attention. The direction of energy is not limited by time or space, for these are simply illusions perceived by one's consciousness. The law of Mentalism is one of the keys to manifestation.

The Law of World-View/Perspective
The world we perceive is actually the interface or mixture of the noumenal world--the Tao, the objective actuality that is unknowable--and our selves (the subject). Our conception, interpretations and beliefs concerning outer reality plays a definite role in determining the reality that we experience. Changing our conceptions, our world view, does not change the eternal, actual world, but it does change the perceived world--the reality that we perceive. This is important because it is the world we touch, see, and act upon. This is how we create our own reality.

The world is what we think it is. If we want to change our reality, we should change what we think. If the reality is shared collectively by many individuals comprising a group-consciousness, then the whole group should agree to establish a new thought in order to create changes. It should be understood from the above that all systems instilling in us a certain world-view are arbitrary as they are all based on interpretation. Most of life's problems may be solved by simply changing our world view, our attitudes, perspectives, feelings, and beliefs. The power to transmute one's world-view is a part of the occult science called "mental alchemy."

Changing our world-view makes real changes in the world of our experiences. "Because there are an infinite number of ways to perceive the world, there are an infinite number of worlds we may assemble with our awareness." Struggles, suffering and strife in life are fundamentally expressions of our own reality that we create daily. We may run away from our problems by changing our environment, but our inner reality, our world-view, re-creates similar problems over and over again until we learn to transmute or transcend them.

The actual underlying state of the universe is unknowable to us as long as we retain the world-view of the separateness of self (the Law of Duality). "You can become one with the universe but you cannot step back and observe it, because you are in it. You cannot observe a phenomenon without altering it by your mode of perception. There is no such thing as an independent observer. You participate in creating the world by perceiving it." This is proven in laboratory experiments concerning the behavior of subatomic particles. Physicists have discovered that their own mental force or observations upon subatomic particles influences those particles greatly, causing them to act in an erratic and unpredictable manner.

The Law of Paradox
No world-view or belief framework may encompass the whole world. No world-view is universally valid. "Two models, or "laws" may conflict with each other and still be true in their proper context;" or on the other hand, they may be false. "Two people may experience the same event yet perceive entirely different occurrences." What is real to one may be unreal to another. Our nerve receptors or senses are limited in the scope of frequencies that they may receive. Our minds are restricted as to its faculties. Our interpretations of what we experience may be faulty. Our rationality is circumscribed by the intellect, the world out there is as it is. The world is not bound by the confines of our world-views. "The trick is to switch from one model to another as it becomes appropriate."

The Law of Pragmatism
"If it works, it is true," at least in a relative sense. "A world-view is only valid if it enables its perceivers to accomplish their goals," whatever that may be. "The more successful a world view is in fulfilling the goal structure that its viewers possess, the more valid it could be said to be." If a world view is practical and universally applicable it gradually acquires a collective reality status in the consciousness of humanity. It becomes a living entity in the mental world and influences men for good or for ill.

The Law of Attention
This is one of the laws of the mental plane. "The more evidence one looks for to support a given law, conclusion, or world-view the more one will find."

"Since we create our world each moment, we are constantly maintaining our world-view. This is done by means of a recursive internal dialogue of words and symbols with which we constantly edit our perceptions. By rearranging our attention, we arrange our world-view." In short, we perceive what we wish to perceive. We interpret things in accord with our beliefs. We change facts to fit our conceptions. Our behavior and reactions or responsive actions to the world are dependent upon what world-view we constantly keep alive in our minds by our conscious or subconscious attention.

The Law of Attention may also be called the "Law of Fixation." It pertains to energy transmission. Whatever and wherever we focus our attention, we send energy rays. By focusing our attention on an object with a certain thought or feeling, we impress our thought-feeling force upon the object, thus influencing it. Energy follows mental attention. As evolution progresses, the Soul will evolve the faculty of forming definite concrete thoughtforms, and through these stable products the Soul produces what it needs to evolve or subdue the fluctuations of the lower principles of the microcosm.

The Law of Synchronicity
"Synchronicity is a term coined by Dr. Carl Jung to describe the meaningful coincidences that seemingly cannot be described by the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). They are events connected by pattern or meaning rather than time. Some interpret this as a developing and ongoing dialogue between the perceiver and the consciousness of the universe. This dialogue is overt to the degree the perceiver is receptive to or aware of it." Communications between the consciousness of the universe and the perceiver usually comes in the form of symbols, or seemingly unrelated symbolic events with a similar import. These symbolic coincidences are a working code transmitted by higher intelligences to the human mind. They contain a special cryptic message that must be solved by the harmonious cooperation of both brain hemispheres and through soul-alignment. All forms of divination are based on the Law of Synchronicity.

In the writer's experience and understanding, the Cosmic does not cause a thing to occur solely for a single reason. It usually has several reasons for manifesting a certain condition or circumstance in a person's life. This is in fact an expression of the Law of Economics. Figuratively speaking, the Cosmic "kills several birds with a single stone."

The Law of Relative Truth
Every statement is true in one sense, false in another, and meaningless from the standpoint of the Tao. This is a function of one's vantage point (world-view). In the words of Hassan Ibn Sabbah, "Nothing is true. Everything is permissible."

There are two kinds of Truth in the cosmos, one Absolute, the other Relative. The Absolute Truth is unchanging and eternal. What it is in actuality cannot be described with positive statements but with negative pronouncements, such as the famous yogic expression; "neti, neti," or "not this, not this." Positive statements simply circumscribe and limit the nature of Absolute Truth. We may, for instance, describe the Absolute as being pure; instantly, the question comes up, "how pure?" By such inquiries we fall back into the conceptual world, into the world of relativity with which we customarily feel comfortable.

Relative truth has many facets and is ever changing. It is illusory in one sense, and in another real only to those who have conscious awareness of it or give it credence. For instance, certain forms of black magic are based upon the fear principle as transmitted through suggestions. Should one accept and believe in the nefarious suggestions one gives them power over oneself. If their illusory power is seen for what it is and negated through right understanding, then the suggestions have no affect on one's being.

The Law of Connection
Every action between two psycho-organisms is an energy exchange, and connection between them remains even after separation. Every transmission of energy causes a link to be formed between the giver and the receiver. Unless severed by metaphysical means, this link created by the processes described above remains indefinitely; and this linkage may cause some problems to both parties. In the Huna teachings of Polynesia this link is called the "aka thread."

To oppose something with force, whether physical, emotional or mental, is to maintain its psychic connection and power over us. "Two opposites each contain the essence of the other." This law is the basis of karmic relationships between life-units and is far reaching in its effects.

The Law of Synthesis
"Any two opposing forces or concepts may be unified in a (single) force which will contain both the original opposites." This is the Law of Creation. By unifying two different energies we create something new which has something of each of its parent and yet, different from the energies that produced it. Take for instance hydrogen and oxygen. Both are different manifestations which may be isolated in the laboratory. By combining these gases, we produce water, H2O. We use this illustration as an example of the application of the law in a physical sense. This law is not confined to the physical, however. It may be applied to the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the micro- and macrocosm. This Law of Synthesis is a sub-law of the Law of Trinity.

The Law of Personification
"Any concept, force, object, or phenomena may be considered to be alive, to have a personality, to be an entity." Corollary to this law are the sub-laws of Invocation and Evocation: "any concepts, forces, or objects which manifest as entities can and should be treated as real beings. These beings, (or patterns of conscious energy), can also be viewed as objectified aspects of ourselves, but it is useless, perhaps even dangerous, to take this attitude while actually dealing with them. Do not be fooled just because something is only the personification of a pattern of energies. You can be described this way, too."

It should be stressed that this universe is a living organism. This universe is made up of patterns of energies of different structures and frequencies. There is nothing dead in the universe, and energy is the basis of life. Patterns of energies possesses intelligence, each with its own degree of awareness. Humans, like everything else are composed of energies. Interaction or intercourse with energies may be beneficial or harmful-not because of any inherent goodness or evil, but because the energies are inharmonious or harmonious with one's energy-structure and system.

The Law of Interfaces
"Power exists in the interfaces of things. These are the "between" places that are not entirely one thing or another. Traditionally, these places include caves, grottoes, towers, mountains, beaches, wells, crossroads, and cliffs."

"All the chief times of change of the day are also considered to be powerful (as interfaces). These are dawn, noon, twilight (sunset), and midnight." Dawn is neither morning nor night, twilight is neither night nor day, etc. Also, the solstices and equinoxes, the seasonal changes of the year, have always been thought very important for the same reason.

During the "between" time and places the interface between the third dimension and the fourth or higher are thinned; it is also a condition where cosmic energies are increased. At the various interfaces, human consciousness, vibrations and energies are raised, while the consciousness, vibrations and energies of fourth-dimensional beings are lowered causing a possible interaction between both. Magical rituals and mystical practices are more potent when carried-out according to the Law of Interfaces.

There are also energy points located geographically on the planet that function as interfaces between dimensions. They may be located anywhere at all, even in one's own living room. These power points are located on energy channels called in Chinese Occultism, "dragon lines." They correspond to the Ley lines of Western occultism, and microcosmically, to the meridian channels within the human body. These dragon lines and their power points are electromagnetic in nature, and though they may have a geographical location they may change their position when caused by disruptive environmental conditions or disturbed by geo-terrestrial movements. Power points may radiate beneficial or harmful energies--the "good and bad" chi of Feng Shui. Ancient temples and sites of worship were normally built upon the earth's power points. The sacred feeling that ancient temples may arouse in one is derived from the presence of the magnetism of the location's interface. Conversely, a feeling of eeriness of a certain place may also be the result of a power point radiating negative energy, or bad Chi. These energies attract spirits--whether nature or human-vibrating at similar frequencies.

The Law of Words of Power
"There are words (symbols) that are able to change the inner and/or outer realities of those using/perceiving them. These words do not necessarily need to be consciously understood by those using/perceiving them in order to have their effect." The basis of these words of power, or mantras lie in their vibrational value, in the structural energy-pattern that they form through the enunciation of them, and the way that these vibrations and energy-pattern affect our bio-field, internal organs, and environment.

That sound vibrations may form into patterns may be demonstrated by placing a plate of glass on a pedestal and sprinkling fine sand on the glass, one can manifest the patterns of the vibrations by drawing a violin bow on the edge of the glass plate and cause the vibrations to flow across the surface of the glass thereby arranging the sand in various forms and patterns. The formation of intricate patterns of snow flakes are also the result of "sound," or vibration.

The vibrational value is just one aspect of the power of mantras; another view is that these words have accumulated power through their use and attention over thousands of years. From this perspective, mantras through their constant use, are imbued with a certain consciousness and acquire a certain existence in the higher dimensions. The use of them puts one into contact with their intrinsic mother-power bestowed upon them by the mind of beings who have used them throughout the ages. Through its use mantras become more and more powerful.

One of the notions concerning words of power is that there is an intrinsic primordial connection, a resonance, between these words and the forces or concepts they represent that goes beyond human design. "Many people believe this about Sanskrit, claiming that it is the original root language of humanity." The same principle applies to the Arabic alphabet where each character is supposed to represent a khodam, or angelic spirit being and its power. Repeated enunciation, or chanting of the characters of the alphabet supposedly evokes the spirit beings which resonates with them.

From the above we can see that in some ancient traditions and languages, the occult power and value of sounds were embodied in or represented by the characters of their alphabet. The knowledgeable one would know how to arrange these characters/sounds to manipulate nature's forces for the desired effects.

The Law of Magical Names
In magical systems of symbolism, "a name is the thing named." "This is to say that, in some way, there is an analogical correspondence between the name and the thing named. There is a connection created by shared structure," a certain resonance.

"To know the true name of a person, place, or thing is to have complete control over it. Of course, you could never command something to do anything which was not in its nature. To know a thing's true name is to know its nature. What most people consider to be a name is really, in the magical sense, only a label." One's true name is related to the vibrational value, or the frequency of one's Soul-Self.

The Law of Group-Consciousness
An individual has power to transform his personal reality, but a group of individuals possess the power to transform a collective reality by working together for a common purpose. There is more power working in numbers than when working solitarily. Reality may be shared with others--one's experiences, circumstances, and conditions may be adopted by others as their own. A single person may fail to save his nation from catastrophe, but by working with others the impending catastrophe may be eradicated. For instance, in the Old Testament there is this story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The inhabitants of these twin cities were degenerated. One day God visited Abraham and expressed his intention of destroying them. Abraham then started bargaining on their behalf. The bargain ended by God acquiescing to Abraham's plea that if 10 good men were found He would not destroy those cities.

This tale demonstrates the law that if a group of men were to gather together for a common purpose and work some changes, whether physically or metaphysically, dire predictions of calamities may be withheld from manifestation and destroyed before they outpicture in the physical world. The prayer of a single person may have the power to affect two persons, the prayers of two individuals may affect 4 people, the prayers of three individuals affect 8, and so on. Each time the power is multiplied by two and grows in momentum. Dispensations from the Lords of Karma may give our prayers the power of 4, 8, 10 or more.


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Pronunciation Guide to the Mantras/Prayers/Chants
A = Ah as in father
C = Ch as in choose
E = a as in pay
G = Gh as in grape
I = ee as in tree
U = oo as in tool

Letters not mentioned are pronounced as in the English language.

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