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Free magickal talismans and amulets of the Javanese, Balinese and Islamic traditions.

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Then print the talisman/amulet with a picture program.



This amulet protects the wearer from physical harm.
Draw the creature upon a piece of parchment and place
it somewhere in the bedroom as high upon the
wall as possible. Provide some simple offering
during the full and dark side of the moon.
This amulet possesses powerful magickal energies.
It protects one from psychic attacks. Draw it upon
a piece of white cloth and bury it or hide it somewhere
in one's home.



A Balinese amulet said to ward-off the black "Leaks,"--the vampiric shapeshifters. The Leak shamans are indigineous to Bali and are feared by the locals. It is said that they are able to dismember their heads from their bodies and navigate it aerially in search for victims. The Leaks are also able to transform their bodies protean-like, into various forms. Only recently has there been practitioners of the art who declared that their occult abilities are not solely "black" and not what the ignorant masses claim it to be. Needless to say, this shamanic tradition requires further investigation.

This Solomonic talisman has various virtues. Inscribe it upon a silver-colored ring at 6 in the morning on a Friday after a fast and you will find others being affectionate to you and sympathetic to your cause. If you inscribe it upon a piece of virgin parchment 35x and then hang it above the doorway of your store, you will find the number of your customers increasing. If you write it down on a piece of parchment with Zakfaron oil and then hang it around the neck of a rooster and let it go, where the fowl scratches or pecks on the ground and then crows, there you will find treasure buried beneath the ground. The talisman also protects one against lethal weapons and psychic attack.



Construct and carry this talisman and you will see your life's circumstances improving. The talisman above gets rid of annoying and mischievous spirits of the "Jin" variety. Simply construct it in accord with the appropriate rules and then place it somewhere in the house.

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